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Here are some easy and enchanting itineraries for snowshoeing in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


Ahhh the snow, there is nothing more beautiful than going out on fresh snow.


Whether you go on skis, snowboard or simply snowshoes, fresh snow is one of those things that makes you say goodbye to the duvet and leave the house at 7 in the morning.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, in addition to skiing, there are many activities that can be done on the snow such as horseback riding, sled dog and of course snowshoeing.


If you don’t want to buy snowshoes you can rent them in the various mountain shops that rent skis and snowboards or directly to the nearest decathlon.

Here you can find some easy excursions to start. 







Certainly one of the most famous snowshoe hikes in Friuli Venezia Giulia is the one towards the Zacchi refuge in the Tarvisio area.


It starts from the parking lot of the upper lake of Fusine and following the CAI 512 and the forest track will lead you through an enchanted forest to the beautiful Zacchi mountain hut in 2 hours.


The path to reach the refuge is well signposted and with a difference in altitude of 400 m it is truly suitable for everyone.

The Zacchi hut is also open in winter so if you want to dine or stay overnight it is better to book.


Where to start: Parking at Lago di Fusine Superiore

Time:  4 hours 

Tel. 0428 786064




The lakes of Fusine are one of the major attractions of Friuli Venezia Giulia in summer and winter.


These two alpine lakes are located in the municipality of Tarvisio and boast a series of paths that wind around them.

I advise you to park at the parking of Lake Superior of Fusine, put on snowshoes, reach the lake and follow the signs to the lower lake.

The paths are different but they all lead from one lake to another so there is no danger of getting lost.


Where to start: Parking at Lago Superiore di Fusine (Tarvisio, UD)

Time: 2 hours 




This is the snowshoe hike that I recommend to everyone to get started.

It is simple, very beautiful, very straight : D and when you are tired you go back and you can stop to eat in many nice mountain hut not far away.


The Val Saisera Wild Track is an 11 km route that winds along the enchanting Val Saisera in the Julian Alps.

During the 3-hour ring, you will snowshoe in the presence of the beautiful Jof Fuart and you can reach the base of the north face of the Jof di Montasio.


A snowshoe hike not to be missed if you love historical paths immersed in the woods but not the climbs.


Where to start: Saisera Hutte refuge parking – Via Saisera, 33010 Malborghetto Valbruna UD

Time: 3 hours 




This snowshoe hike is also located in Val Saisera in the enchanting Julian Alps of Tarvisiano and the starting point is the former Polveriera della Val Saisera.

In two hours following the CAI 611 path you will reach the hut (closed in winter) Grego at 1389 m from which you can enjoy a crazy view of the Jof di Montasio, Jof Fuart and Jof di Miezegnot.


Where to start: former powder magazine of the Val Saisera

Time: total trip 4 hours 


RIFUGIO NORDIO – TARVISIANO – Read all the post here – 


The Nordio refuge is located in the Upper Uqua Valley above Ugovizza (close to Tarvisio) and is part of the “Puanina Tour” a series of tracks and get to know the ancient Ugovizza Valley.


It starts from the parking lot of the Locanda al Camoscio (closed), you can put on snowshoes and you can reach the beautiful Nordio refuge in 1 hour, also open in winter.

If you are not tired yet, you can continue snowshoeing to the Sella di Lom.


Where to start: Parking at Locanda al Camoscio

Time: total trip 1.30 hours 




Snowshoeing to the famous “pine cones” of Malga Priu is one of the most fascinating thighs to visit in Friuli.


You can walk for an hour and a half immersed in the woods and then come out and find the long-haired highlander cows on the left, the pine cones hung in midair on the right and the refuge of Malga Priu (closed in winter) .

This is a walk suitable for everyone and perfect for beginners as it is well signposted, not dangerous and not too tiring (I said not too much !!).


Where to start: Parking lot located before the Gortani mountain hut (highly recommended for eating)

Time: 4 hours 





Another easy and beautiful snowshoe hike where it is impossible to get lost is that from Sella Nevea to the malghe of Montasio.


You park just ahead of the road that goes up to the Montasio plateau, closed in winter due to snow.

To climb up to the Montasio huts, the easiest way is the one along the asphalted road that climbs to the plateau. Follow it with snowshoes on your feet is very easy and there are always many people who go up and down every day.


Where to start: Start of the road to go up to the Montasio plateau 

Time: 4 hours 




A nice and easy excursion in Sauris di Sopra is the one towards Monte Ruke and its famous farmhouse Ruke which stands in a perfectly restored barn with a spectacular view.

Before tackling any excursion, enter the info point or any restaurant in Sauris and ask for their map of the paths, you will find all the itineraries with also the times.


This snowshoe hike starts at the slopes of the Sauris di Sopra ski slopes and follows first the road and then the forest track to the agriturismo Ruke.

It is always very crowded so if you want to eat it is better to book.


Where to start: Sauris di Sopra ski fields

Time: 1.30 hours 




Another very nice itinerary is the one that starts from the center of Sauris di Sotto (in front of the Wolf ham factory) and along path 2A leads to the panoramic Einblateribn refuge, also open in winter.

In two hours you will reach the Einblateribn mountain hut at an altitude of 1441, you will eat an excellent frico  in front of a breathtaking panorama.


Where to start: Sauris di Sotto, Path 2A that climbs in front of the Wolf ham factory next to the ski fields

Time:  4 hours 




Forni di Sopra is located in the heart of the Friulian Dolomites and, around the city center, has created a beautiful ring route perfect for exploring with snowshoes.

If you are a beginner I recommend that you do only the first piece and go back on the same path.


Be careful because this path is sometimes not very well signposted, you will have to cross a downhill ski slope and in case you decide to do the complete ring NEVER and I say NEVER go over the ski track.

The hike is not difficult and the view of the Dolomites is breathtaking, I liked it a lot even if we didn’t find a lot of snow.


Where to start: via Stalas, Vico locality in Forni di Sopra

Time: the whole ring 4 hours but consider yourself to do only one piece and go back. 




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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