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If you are also planning a trip to the USA and more precisely to California, here are some “hot spots” that you absolutely cannot miss.


^^^ Me and  Simone in the Yosemite National Park ^^^


In April 2019, Simone and our 2 friends left for California.

To be exact, they left and I joined them days later.


In the days that I skipped my friends visited Los Angeles (I had already been there) and San Diego which, they told me, be gorgeous and strongly recommend that they be included in the itinerary.

If you still don’t know, I’m madly in love with the USA.


Their national parks are crazy, spectacular, breathtaking.

And I want to see them all 🙂


^^^ Io nel Joshua Tree National Park ^^^



During my first trip I went to New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

On the second trip we made a road trip through the “deep South” of the United States and we went up along the Mississippi river to Nashville.


We also made the tour of the “most famous” parks in the West.

While this year we decided on a California Road Trip.


What’s next !? 


^^^ Sonja e Simone nel Sequoia National Park ^^^




DAY 1 | Flight Venice -> Los Angeles


Rented the car from Alamo, Simone, Sonja and Franz went immediately to the famous Randy Donuts or the donut shop with the mega donut on the roof and which is located a stone’s throw from the airport.


After filling up on coffee and donuts they went to the hotel, took a shower and immediately left to enter the right time zone and above all not to miss a minute of these holidays.

The first day they parked in Venice Beach, rented a bike and visited Santa Monica, Venice, the canals of Venice, Marina del Rey, the fishermen’s village and the Marina del Rey lighthouse.


In the evening they spent it between the Santa Monica Pier, Third Street, Santa Monica Boulevard and Ocean Avenue. 


DAY 2 | Los Angeles


They spent the second day at Universal Studios and visited Hollywood Boulevard when they left. 


DAY 3| Los Angeles


On the third day they woke up very early and made the walk to the Hollywood sign and then reserve the rest of the day to visit Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue where there are beautiful murals, vintage shops and the famous “wings” drawn on the walls and the LACMA.

In the evening they drove to San Diego. 


DAY 4 | San Diego


In 3 hours by road (attention to traffic because leaving Los Angeles is hell) you can arrive in the beautiful and sunny San Diego.

In one day, with the bikes made available by the hotel “Staypineapple at Hotel Z” where my friends stayed, they visit the whole city from the center to the beach.

I also advise you to save time to find a hotel with free parking and rental bikes.

In the evening they came to pick me up at the airport and we leave together for Palm Springs. 

DAY 5 | Palm Springs


We slept in the classic Palm Springs motel with pool that you see in all American movies.

The Vagabond Inn is nothing cool but perfect for sleeping, swimming at night, having breakfast by the pool and leaving for the adventure of the day.


In the morning we visited the beautiful Indian Canyon park where we did several trekking and visited California’s largest palm oasis while in the afternoon we headed to Salvation Mountain.

On the way back we took a tour of Palm Springs, had an aperitif and had dinner downtown. 


^^^ Pictured above Salvation Mountain and under Cabezon Dinosaurs ^^^


DAY 6| Joshua Tree and Cabazon Dinosaurs


Today we headed early to Joshua Tree, a gigantic park famous for its monoliths and Yucca trees.

We did several trails and around 4 pm we started towards Sequoia national park passing through Cabazon to see these two giant dinosaur-shaped sculptures that were built in the 60s by the owner of the Diner alongside to attract customers.

Only in America! 


DAY 7| Sequoia National Park


One of the most beautiful parks ever seen is certainly the Sequoia National Park.


Impossible to describe the beauty of all these giant sequoias.

Here we have made various trails including the one for General Sherman, the largest tree and one of the highest in the world.

During the congress trail we also met the snow, wonderful!


^^^ General Sherman at Sequoia (above) and “El Cap” in Yosemite National Park  ^^^


DAY 8| Yosemite National Park


Yosemite is crazy, beautiful, breathtaking.

The mountains have an incredible color and the waterfalls are so powerful.


It is certainly one of the parks that I liked the most so far, I would go back immediately!

Here we made several walks but due to snow we could not go up to Glacier Point.



DAY 9 | Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe was one of the things I wanted to see in life and finally sleep managed to tick it off the list.

I had seen dozens of photos of this lake so blue, surrounded by dozens of mountains covered in snow during winter and with green grass in the summer. And it was all exactly like that.

Beautiful and a blinding blue.

Turning everything around was really impossible and we also happened on a windy day and it was very cold so after a morning wandering between the beaches and the piers, we stopped at a hot table we had lunch and we left for San Francisco. 


^^^ Us at lake Tahoe ^^^

DAY 10| San Francisco


The first day in San Francisco we started it in a great coffee to stuff ourselves with pancakes, fresh fruit, eggs benedict and American coffee.

After that, we rented the bikes from Bay City Bike and cycled to Sausalito across the Golden Gate Bridge.



Sausalito is a very nice town where we also took the ferry (we took the ticket directly to the bike shop) and went back to San Francisco.

In the late afternoon we wandered between Pier 39 and the other piers. 


DAY 11 | San Francisco


Second day in San Francisco where with a good pair of sneakers we toured the city far and wide visiting the most famous and characteristic areas of the city.


We saw the famous Lombard Street, the trams, Union Square (nothing special), Alamo square, the Painted Ladies, the Haight Ashbury neighborhood (very nice), Chinatown and the pier area.

We also went to watch the Dodgers Baseball game at Oracle Park, gorgeous! 



DAY 12| Santa Cruz


The last two days we have dedicated them to visit the coast, the wooden piers, to eat excellent fish dishes and basically to stop at each pitch to take photos.

The Pacific coast is truly beautiful.


The landscapes on the coast are all different and even more spectacular. The color of the sea is breathtaking and the mist that rises in the morning creates an atmosphere that is impossible to explain.

We stopped to sleep in Santa Cruz and we also got on one of the oldest piers in America.


DAY 13| Big Sur and Pacific Coast


For our last day we simply followed the famous Highway 1 or the Pacific Coast Highway.


I also advise you to stop where you want, to visit towns in the hinterland and to eat there because they are beautiful and if you can, go down to the beach and wait for the sunset watching the surfers limestone the waves.

For me it was the second time along this beautiful road and every time I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this land.



An unforgettable journey full of emotions that I will never forget.








We rented the car online from Italy with Alamo, even with the Gps. We also added 2 extra drivers. In California there is no need for an international driving license.


I always make an average travel insurance on the 100 euros per person covering medical expenses, return flight, etc. Also on airline tickets I take out insurance in case of unexpected events and I have to cancel the flight.


I always book with edreams and in case of problems you can fix them quickly and the customer service is excellent.


Pay attention to speed limits and to park exactly “in the lines” because the American police are very picky about this.










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This post is also available in: Italiano

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