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Just 30 minutes from Tarvisio (UD) we find the high thermal valley of Bad Bleiberg in Bleibergerhof hotel, a dreamy four-star structure with indoor and outdoor heated swimming pool, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath and large relax areas close to Villach and the Gerlitzen ski area.


On New Year’s Eve me, Simone and a couple of friends spent 4 days in Austria between SPA, relax and skiing days.


We opted for the Bleibergerhof wellness hotel for various reasons: it was close to Friuli Venezia Giulia, it had the SPA inside the hotel, it was close to two beautiful ski areas or Nassfeld and Gerlitzen, it was also close to Villach,, New Year’s Eve dinner was also included .. what more do you want from life ?! 




The Bleibergerhof wellness hotel is located 30 minutes from Tarvisio and boasts a SPA on the ground floor fed by real thermal water that flows at 27 ° from the source which is 3600 meters deep.


First day we going down to the SPA directly with the bathrobe from the rooms, we are welcomed at the reception where the staff give us the towels to use in the pool and saunas.

All around the pool there are numerous deck chairs perfect to relax and chat, other deck chairs and even double beds are located in the steam room and in the room of silence, in short, there is no risk of being without a deck chair: D.


The sauna area consists of a Finnish sauna, Swiss stone pine sauna, herbal sauna, Turkish bath, outdoor sauna and infrared cabin.

At the reception you can prepare tea, herbal teas and taste small snacks.

We mainly took advantage of the swimming pools and made great swims before taking big naps: D.

The water, compared to other spas, I found it less hot.


Overall, we enjoyed the SPA. Especially after the skiing days, going back and jumping into the pool is cool.


^^^ The outdoor swimming pool looks out towards Dobrash Mountain  ^^^



The Bleibergerhof wellness hotel is a 4-star hotel with huge rooms.


Each room has a mountain view terrace (located just behind the mount  Dobrash) or valley view, huge and comfortable bed, television with Italian programs, sofa and armchair (never used: D), bathroom with tub and separate toilet room (yuppie!).


Upon our arrival we also found the snack, the bag with everything needed for the SPA and a gift each.

They gave us a green warm neck bandana which we all used when we went skiing so we were matchy-matchy!


^^^ My room ^^^

^^^  The view from the room ^^^

^^^ The view from the terrace of our room. Below you can also see the summer pools and the sun terrace and restaurant terrace ^^^



The only slightly painful note of the hotel is the kitchen.


Let’s say that we don’t eat badly, the meat was very good and between salads, soups and appetizers you didn’t go without dinner ..

If we really want to say the problem is that .. you eat very Austrian style!


Breakfast is the centerpiece of the kitchen.

Between sweet, salty, omelettes prepare you at the moment every day we ate even more than we had to (as always).


At lunch there is always a light lunch that can be eaten directly in a bathrobe (that’s cool !!).


For dinner it’s another story.

On the first night they forgot about us.


On the contrary, as soon as we arrived as we are Italian, they immediately informed us that we should have dinner early and not to arrive late.

Very nice.


The next day we have an unidentified soup with pieces of nuts and raisins inside.Very very strange.

Another time a fish was covered with cream and zucchini with a turmeric mousse.


Overall 6 rating, I’m sorry.


^^^ Some examples of the dishes and I am not very convinced of Sabrina and Federico while they eat their soup with raisins: D  ^^^




Finally the holidays !!

Even if only for 4 days.


Me, Simone and our friends Sabrina and Federico had an appointment at 10.30 in Tarvisio.

We obviously managed to delay.

Arrived at the height of Moggio Udinese we realize that we have left the boots at home … go back to the house.


After an aperitif and a gorgonzola tart (pure love) I make a quick call to the Meshnik refuge that is my favorite refuge on the Mount of Lussari and we manage to book a table for 1 a.m.

We take the cable car for the Lussari Mount. 

Among tagliatelle with wild boar, ravioloni al frant, pasta with ragu ‘, goulash and frico we go out as full as ever.


When we got off the mountain we put the gps and in 30 minutes from Tarvisio we reach the hotel with the most complicated name in the universe, the “HUMANOMED BLEIBERGERHOF hotel” in Bad Bleiberg in Carinthia, Austria.


After 15 minutes we were already beached on the deck chairs of the SPA.

What a wellness guys !! 


^^^ Here we are on the Lussari mount yuppie ! ^^^

^^^ Here at rifugio Meshnik, il mio rifugio preferito sul monte Lussari ^^^



Since Sabri was not in a good shape, we decide to go skiing tomorrow and instead take a nice walk in Villach.

There are still xmas markets and kiosks in the city center so it was not difficult to pass the morning and then we had lunch at the Villacher brewery.

If you love beer, shin and wiener schnitzel this is the place!


We had an excellent beer soup, the mega pretzel with a super good creamy cheese, potatoes and Cordon Bleu.

We had a great lunch and after a mega slice of cake in the center we returned to the hotel for our usual session of SPA and relaxation before dinner. 


^^^ Walk in Villach ^^^

^^^ Ready for the afternoon session of saunas and swimming pools ^^^



Hey wait .. but today is the new year eve !!!


The New Year’s menu (in the room from the first day) said triumphantly “PLEASE PUNCTUALITY”, New Year’s Eve dinner start time ?!

AT 6 p.m. !!!


Feel free to draw your conclusions but imagine getting midnight if you start a dinner at 18.00. 

It was basically the longest New Year’s Eve in my life.


We were tempted over and over again to go to sleep but in the end between a glass of here, a game of cards over there, we pulled at midnight, opened the bottle of Franciacorta and seen fireworks.


^^^ It’s midnight (finally) 😀 ^^^

^^^ There was also a camera for taking photos. We made 200 of them since we had to make it through midnight ^^^




On the third day we went skiing on the Gerlitzen 45 minutes from our hotel.


The Gerlitzen is an area with 60 km of slopes and is located above the town of Villach in Carinthia.


We drove to Treffen and went up to the P5 parking lot following the signs from the town square.


I had never been skiing on the Gerlitzen and I loved it.

The slopes are very wide, easy and funny.


Gerlitzen promoted! 




Unfortunately last day of this beautiful vacation.

Our friends left this morning and we, left alone, decided to go skiing in Nassfeld and then go home to our Giorgino.


I know the Nassfeld area well, I’ve been going there since I was a child and with its 110 km of slopes I find it perfect even on the weekend when there are many people.

Most of the slopes are of medium difficulty but are wide and varied.


Simone and I stopped here all day.

After finishing skiing we stopped to eat at Baita Kofel Alm which is a certainty if you are looking for great food, nice staff (even if very busy) and delicious grappas.

With a full belly and tired legs we had to face the last descent, find the car and say goodbye to the holidays for at least a few months.




At the end these holidays, even if only a few days long, were fun and regenerating at the same time.

The hotel is truly gorgeous and the alternation between spa and skiing is always pleasant.


I recommend this hotel for a couple for a weekend and also with friends. 


^^^ Our lunch Yuum!!! ^^^

^^^  BBQ ribs for Simone 😀 al Kofer Alm ^^^

^^^ We close this wonderful holiday with a pear Schnapps. Cin to us and .. to the next adventure! ^^^




Hotel: Humanomed Bleibergerhof Gesundheits- & Wellnesshotel, Bleiberg-Nötsch 150, 9530 Bad Bleiberg, Austria

Website hotel:


Website Gerlitzen:

Website Nassfeld:









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This post is also available in: Italiano

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