Trekking Loop from Casera Ramaz to Casera Lodin, Zollnersee lake, Rifugio Fabiani in Paularo | Holidays in Carnia ep. 6

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Beautiful walk in the heart of Carnia through the breathtaking landscapes of the Carnic Alps along huts, pastures, lakes and refuges.

^^^ It starts from Ramaz hut which we find closed. This dairy is located by taking the Cason di Lanza pass from the center of Paularo  ^^^

^^^ Now we take path 457 and go up 2 hours in the woods. A little effort but then the walk becomes beautiful and worth the initial effort  ^^^

^^^ Finally we leave the forest and the panorama opens up around us  ^^^

^^^Look at the view!^^^

^^^ Now we pass Casera Lodin and approach the border ^^^

^^^ Casera Lodin and the enchanting view all around  ^^^

^^^Now we follow the 403 to the Zollnersee lake ^^^

^^^Here is the panorama on the Austrian side ^^^

^^^The last climb among the grazing cows and here we are at the lake ^^^

^^^ But how beautiful is Lake Zollnersee?  ^^^

^^^ All around dozens of people pick blueberries ^^^

^^^ From here we follow the Zollnersee Geotrail where many explanatory tables explain the history of this area  ^^^

^^^ Zellner Hutte ^^^

^^^ This is a large peat bog and the kids are playing fishing ^^^

^^^Now we stop to drink an apple juice  ^^^

^^^It starts along the 423 direction Passo Pecol di Chiaula where we will return to Italy  ^^^

^^^ Hello! ^^^

^^^Stunning views and meadows have a unique green in this area  ^^^

^^^We take the CAI 454 and along the path of the Silences we reach the Fabiani refuge  ^^^

^^^ Turn a curve and we hear drums and trumpets sound as loud as I can. At the Fabiani refuge there is a party going on! ^^^

^^^ We met very few people during the whole walk but dozens of people are coming down from Fabiani now. ^^^

^^^ Here is Casera Ramaz and our car on the right. Tour done in 4 and a half hours including two breaks  ^^^


Yesterday we did the trekking of the “Creta di Timau” today for our sixth day of vacation in Carnia in Friuli Venezia Giulia,  we decided to go for a walk that has been recommended to us several times.




This walk is quite easy but not the beginning. 


The first two hours (and I’m not the only one to say it) are definitely hard.

Put your soul in peace and consider two hours of climbing in the woods. End.


But wait for the show!

We pass from the 991 m of Casera Ramaz to 1817 of the Lodinut Pass and we cross into Austria.

Around meadows and breathtaking views.




Here, after a few steps, we find a cell phone and ask two rather old gentlemen if it was them. Fortunately it was theirs and they think they can pay us back by putting the doubt on the path to follow.


There is a nice yellow sign that shows us the way but the old man goes on to say that he went up years ago and it is certain that the path was to the left and not to the right, where it leads to that of the yellow sign – perfectly marked – with up written ZOLNERSEE HUTTE !!!

We idiots listened to him! 


In short, we follow his directions and actually find another path that makes us go down in the midst of brambles and bushes and then join ..the path of the yellow sign !!!




We go up the last hill and here start the show: the Zollnersee lake.


Sorry for the other lakes but, I have decreed the Zollnersee as the most beautiful alpine lake I have ever seen.

It must have been the light, the color of the grass around it, the way it is nestled between hillocks of grass and blueberry bushes, the fact remains that it is beautiful.


All around there are numerous didactic tables that tell you about the flora, fauna and history of this area. In fact, this path is part of the beautiful Zollnersee Geotreail to do with children too.


We pause in front of this enchantment and we notice dozens of people with bags and baskets who came here only to collect blueberries, there are thousands of them.

We continue to the Zolnersee Hutte where we are served by a pack of children who I hope are the owners’ children because they are very young.


After an excellent apple juice we continue towards the Passo Pecol di Chiaula which makes us return to Italy and begin the descent into the woods to the beautiful Fabiani refuge where the party goes crazy.

There are Austrian songs, there are trombones, there are drums and obviously a lot of people and a lot of beer. A great party!

We take a coke and continue the walk, there is still an hour of descent for the car.

The last part of the descent is along a very wide dirt road, perfect to do with kids because is short and easy.


The views in this hike are lovely and the lake is truly magical. I highly recommend this walk to everyone. 



Departure: Casera Ramaz, Paularo, Friuli Venezia Giulia

Arrival: Casera Ramaz alta, Casera Lodin, Zollnersee lake, Zolnersee hutte, Pecol di Chiaula pass, Fabiani hut

Time: 4.30 hours

Path: CAI457, CAI 403, CAI 423, CAI454

Difficulty: medium

Suitable for: adults or big kids.





The MAP for this hike:

My backpack:

Light backpack:

Hook for reflex for backpack:

Simone backpack:

Man hiking boots:

Woman hiking boots:

Baby carrier backpack:

GPS watch:

My camera:

My Power bank:




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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