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A beautiful and long circular walk that in 7 and a half hours allows you to go around the Crete of Timau following the CAI 402 and starting from the center of Timau,  Paluzza in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

^^^ The start of the path is located near the Mexican restaurant exiting Timau center on the right.  ^^^

^^^ The departure of the path  ^^^

^^^ Come on Simone, how did you decide to complicate life today? Ah you want to lengthen the tour by going to the lakes where there is nothing to see! Of course why not!  😀 ^^^

^^^ Remnants of the First World War ^^^

^^^ Here is Casera Pal Grande di Sotto with a nice surprise for us.  ^^^

^^^When I took the photo I had to understand that this cow was pissed off ?! Well I didn’t understand it .. ^^^

^^^I continue regardless of his angry face to take some pictures before being half chased by the aforementioned cow who does not tolerate strangers much ^^^

^^^ Fortunately, the dairy is closed with the cows outside so we go in and manage to pass the “block”  ^^^

^^^ Notice how the cows look at us angry .. what a fear !! ^^^

^^^And as we leave, the angry cow continues to keep an eye on us. ^^^

^^^ and again! ^^^

^^^ After an hour we reach the first crossroads and we continue on 402 ^^^

^^^ After an hour we reach the first crossroads and we continue on 402 ^^^

^^^ We arrived after another hour at the CaseraPal Grande di Sopra ^^^

^^^ The hut is very well kept, you can also sleep inside ^^^

^^^ The walk continues and here is the Creta di Timau on the right  ^^^

^^^ What a view guys! ^^^

^^^ WOW! ^^^

^^^ The pond on the Austrian side ^^^

^^^ The Creta of Timau and the path that climbs along the ridge, beautiful!  ^^^

^^^ Now get off! See how you can clearly see the path from here! ^^^

^^^Here is Lake Avostanis!^^^

^^^ Go down! We have just 1000 meters of altitude difference still to be done.  ^^^

^^^The road that descends from Avostanis lake towards Malga Pramosio is easy and wide and suitable also for children ^^^

^^^ Simone and Giorgino 😀 ^^^

^^^ In this frame taken at random you can see a dog launching into the fountain thinking that it is not so tall and Simone yelling at him  😀 hahahah ^^^

^^^The church and the Gamspitz in the background^^^

^^^Arrived at Malga Pramosio which is full of people so we run away quickly ^^^

^^^ A cow with an earth on its head ^^^

^^^ We take the path of the shepherds where we don’t meet anyone  ^^^

^^^ From Malga Pramosio it takes an hour and a half to get to Timau ^^^

^^^Do you want not to ring the bell?  😀 ^^^

^^^ Almost arrived at our destination, the Gamspitz above us  ^^^

^^^ Here is Timau and the Valle del But ^^^

^^^We have arrived! ^^^


Another day of vacation, another day of trekking.


Today we plan to do the whole ring of Crete of Timau along the CAI 402 which starts from the center of Timau 802 m, passes through the Casera Pal Grande di Sotto, the Casera Pal Grande hut above at 1705 m, along the Italian-Austrian border line, descends to Avostanis lake 1936 m, Malga Pramosio 1521 m and through the shepherds’ path takes us back to Timau.


This walk will have a leitmotiv: aggressive cows.




We leave the car in front of the central church of Timau and walk to the Mexican restaurant. Before the restaurant on the right you can see the beginning of the path.

Because we want to complicate our lives, instead of simply going up along the 402, we decide to go down to the lakes and go up the historic path on our map marked path n. 100 while on the spot we do not find any signs with this number, cool.


Difficult to get lost here but in the meantime we lost an hour to see nothing historical but rather get stung by a thousand thousand nettles.

We reconnect to the first path by taking the 401.




As you have seen from the photos above, we had a real problem with this cow that didn’t want to let us pass. And the path passed right next to the hut where the cows were scattered.

This cow had a threatening attitude from afar, we looked at it but we would never have imagined such aggression.

Simone who walked in front of me stops because the cow is just pissed and he has Giorgino attached with a leash to his belt.

I pass quietly, sure that it would do nothing to me.

Nothing more wrong.


I go to the left the cow moves to the left, I move back and she moves forward, I try to dribble and she snort … it’s not really a good situation ..

I go back and with Simone we decide to get around the obstacle, also because there are really too many cows and starting to run in the middle of the pack doesn’t seem like a great idea.


All around the casera the grass is very high and it is not clear what is under it.

I make the sign of the cross, I hope there is not a meter of manure and leftover immersed in the plants trying to gain the back of the dairy.

The center of the dairy is closed and the cows are all outside, I call Simone and we walk undisturbed “inside their house”.


The aggressive cow do you know what it does ??

Try to load us on the opposite side of the drinking trough! 

We leave finally  the dairy.




Having faced the danger, we continue our walk and in an hour we reach the remains of a military building.

After another hour we reach the beautiful shelter of Casera Pal Grande di Sopra equipped with benches, chairs, fireplace and beds with mattresses for sleeping.


We pass quickly past this beautiful structure and after meeting cows, cows and cows again we find ourselves right under the Crete of Timau, face to face with the toughest climb of the day.


The walk is made more pleasant by the fact that behind us the view is breathtaking and the path is lined with small multicolored flowers.

The view is so beautiful that as soon as we reach a place at the top, we decide to eat a sandwich and relax.




Today’s walk is quite long so when we pass along the border under the top of Avostanis mount and we decide not to climb up there but to continue along the 402 and reach the lake.

Avostanis lake is a sight.


Today it is full of people because it is mid-August.

Many families came up here to have a picnic while many adults climb the rock walls around the lake.




For our tastes there are too many people so we decide to go down without stopping anywhere.

The dirt road that descends from the lake is wide and simple, even a little boring if we want to say it all but in the chaos of people who go up, probably after having swallowed appetizer-first and second in Malga Pramosio, we manage to have some laughter among ladies who go up in slippers and children who scream that “the mountain sucks”: D




We reach the Pramosio hut which is full of people.

We speed away and launch down the Shepherds’ Path.

A path through the woods lined with pine needles where we risk slipping several times.

Finally, a nice stretch full of stones just because after 7 and a half hours of walking the knees could not wait to be solicited.

And finally Timau (and a well-deserved beer)!




This walk is very very long but really pleasant.

The climbs are fairly gentle and the views very varied and beautiful.

In short, a walk that is not boring and with a nice refreshment point 3/4 of the way to stop for a bite to eat and rest (if you don’t go like us on August 15th, of course 😀 ).


Departure: parked in Timau in front of the church but the start of the path is on the right leaving the village and going to the Mexican restaurant, Timau, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Arrival: Casera Pal Grande, Avostanis Lake, Malga Pramosio, Timau.

Time: 7.30 hours

Path: CAI 402

Difficulty: medium

Suitable for: long walk but easy and suitable for everyone.




The MAP for this hike: 

My backpack:

Light backpack:

Hook for reflex for backpack:

Simone backpack:

Man hiking boots:

Woman hiking boots:

Baby carrier backpack:

GPS watch:

My camera:

My Power bank:




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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