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An afternoon in the Atrio shopping center in Villach: a sports paradise.



Simone and I are very sporty people  and for this reason we hardly spend time at the malls.

Twice a year, however, we get in the car and leave for the Atrio shopping center in Villach, Austria.



Because there are brands that I can’t find in Italy, because I find a great choice of mueasli and exceptional BIO products, for the quality-price on trekking equipment and clothing during the sales the Atrio shopping center is unbeatable. 




If you are a sportsman like us there are 3 stores that I think you can’t miss. 


  • Hervis sports it is a large shop with all kinds of clothing or sports equipment. We always go for a ride in the mountain boots department because here there is always a large assortment, various prices and in our opinion the colors of men’s boots are much more varied than in Friuli.
  • Blue Tomato is a shop with snowboard, skate and surf clothing. Here you can find sportswear but with style. Get ready for a lot of latest model sneakers, beautiful snow sweatshirts, skater style dresses and every type of t-shirt on the market. Unmissable!
  • Northland professionalis a small shop for hiking and high quality sportswear. We bought a suit in ultra technical material for Simone while in the women’s department there were long trekking pants of all colors. One more beautiful than the other. 



During our shopping morning, I couldn’t do anything else than to drop by the beautiful Depot store.

This is one of the most beautiful home accessory stores I know.

From small accessories such as garlands, decorations, sets of sailor style dishes, to outdoor tables, designer wood holders, beautiful puppets for the children’s room. You cannot leave the shop without having taken a look at all the part of glasses and jugs with a unique and impactful design for a perfect table.

I would have bought everything! 





The Atrio shopping center with more than 10 gastronomic points meets everyone’s tastes.

We, after having a wild shopping all morning, stopped to eat a pizza at “al dente”.


We wanted to eat something simple and not too heavy since, in the afternoon, we had already planned to go boating on Lake Fusine and the choice was spot on.

Fast service, delicious staff and super pizza.






The Atrio shopping center is located in a strategic point between Italy, Carinthia and Slovenia and for this reason their slogan is “shopping without borders”.


The structure is made of eco-compatible materials together with the geothermal energy system, making this a Green shopping center in the name of the environment and low energy impact.


With over 2000 car parks you will have no problem finding a place and on the third floor, thanks to Planet Lollipop, you can go shopping while your children have fun in total safety in the funniest Baby Club in Villach!


To be updated on all the promotions and events of the Atrio shopping center do not miss their Facebook page – Official Facebook ATRIO. 







INSTAGRAM: @atrio_villachit


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This post is also available in: Italiano

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