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A long and beautiful circular walk that starts from the Locanda al Camoscio (closed) above Ugovizza, goes up along the Sentiero Italia, reaches Cima Bella in 1911 and then the summit of Monte Sagran 1931 m, and then descends along the border line to to reach the Refuge Nordio.


A beautiful trek that will allow you to see close many beautiful private chalets, free grazing cows and horses, many marmots and breathtaking views both on the Italian and Austrian sides. 


^^^ The view from the Mount Sagran  ^^^

^^^ We park in front of the Locanda al Chamois above Ugovizza (now closed) and continue along the paved road that goes up behind the restaurant ^^^

^^^ First stop at the agriturismo Rosic for a coffee. The very nice owner is an extra!!  ^^^

^^^ The departure is very tough. 400 meters in altitude climbing on this paved road and a steep slope. ^^^

^^^ You will meet the road that leads to the Cocco mining village. Here we continue towards the saddle between the Cocco mountain and Cima Bella. Attention the path now you can see little, however you go up the meadow (photo below) and arrived at altitude you will find the track ^^^

^^^ find Giorgino ^^^

^^^ Here you can see very well (the 3 highest behind) from the left the Cavallo mountain of Pontebba, the Creta of Aip and the Gartnerkofel  ^^^

^^^ We continue, we have gone to the left of the hill that you will find in front. In reality it is better to follow the uphill path that branches off to the right  ^^^

^^^ This is the path we made ^^^

^^^ Climbing to the top we meet the first boundary stone  ^^^

^^^ First peak conquered. Cima Bella 1911 meters  ^^^

^^^ Selfie  ^^^

^^^ Now go down and continue towards Mount Sagran ^^^

^^^ Take the clearly visible path in front of the horses in this photo ^^^

^^^ We go down from 1911 meters to 1691 m of the Fontana Fredda crossroad  ^^^

^^^ And we go up along the path that you see in this photo to the right of the dirt road ^^^

^^^ Cristian points to the Cima Bella where we were before ^^^

^^^ The top of the Mount Sagran! ^^^

^^^ Sisters ♡ ^^^

^^^ It starts again following the ridge and then the boundary stones up to the Lom saddle ^^^

^^^ The boundary line on the crest of Mount Sagran ^^^

^^^ The Lom saddle and its chalets from above ^^^

^^^ We took the wrong road … instead of following the boundary stones we went straight. No fear just a little more effort … ^^^

^^^We arrived at the beer … oh no! Sorry .. to the Rifugio Nordio  😀 ^^^

^^^ Last stop, much appreciated by Giorgino as you can see,  the Gortani hut (SUPER RECOMMENDED !!!!!) ^^^

^^^ XXL dishes ^^^


Sunny Sunday.

It’s summer.


What else do you want?

Last Sunday we had my cousin from Verona visiting and we wanted to take him for a walk.




We were very well informed about this walk because this hike is not marked with CAI flags in fact on the Tobacco map you will see that the paths are dashed black and not red.

Do this hike only if you are able to read the maps.




We park in front of the Locanda al camoscio but it is closed.

Our coffee break has to wait until the Rosic farmhouse where a woman who is hanging out the clothes on the line welcomes us.

Surely we have disturbed her but she does not make a turn indeed, with a vocation that cannot be ignored she makes us sit on the wooden table in the middle of the courtyard and runs to prepare us the “big moka”.


There is also a puppy that runs in the garden that enters with Giorgino and follows him everywhere.

Giorgi doesn’t seem very happy so he hides under the table but the little one follows him there too. A funny altercation is born between little dogs where the smallest one seems to be ticking, who continues to touch with the little foot Giorgino as if to say “come on, play with me”.


We drink the coffee that is served to us along with a nice bottle of homemade grappa.

I was not so brave.

I preferred coffee with milk.




We follow the asphalt road with which we also arrived at the Rosic farm and begin the climb.


We walk next to the Tamer stream and at the first bridge we pass on the other side.

We arrive in “a moment” at the first junction where we have to consult the map.


We finally come out on a dirt road where dozens of small beautiful huts are here and there.

It seems to be in Heidi’s film.


We pass the barrier for the cows and we find the signs of the path for the Villaggio Cocco.

We follow it for very little and then bend uphill among the grazing cows looking towards the top of the hill.




We pass the grazing cows and arrive at the top where a beautiful green grass appears in front of us.

Looking from the side from which we have just climbed we can see the grassy dome of Mount Osternig on the left while in front of us the massive Jôf Fuart – Montasio.

Let’s take a break for a moment. The hike today is quite hard.


But at least the worst is over.

We go up this grassy hill and in a moment we reach the top and I have to admit beyond the 360 ​​panorama around us, even the path to get here was pure emotion.




We go down from the top of Cima Bella leaving the stone behind us and Mount Sagran in front  (which seems very close, I know: D).

Descending from the hill we meet the horses right in front of the path that we must take, they seem to want to show us the way.

Giorgino is not at all happy. He hates these giant animals so he cuts the curve and hurries off first, following the grassy path.


After passing the part inside the forest we finally come out onto the wide lawns of the Forcella di Fontana Fredda.

What a beauty this area is!


Meadows, paths, dirt roads perfect to do both on foot and by mountain bike.

We take directly the small road that goes up along the slopes of Mount Sagran.


We make this last climb all together and here is finally the cross, the Madonna and the summit of Mount Sagran.


Let’s say I let the pictures above speak for themselves.

There are no words to describe the view.




Below us we could clearly see all the walk we had just taken, the huts, the pastures and the paths.

In front of us the top of the Cacciatore, the Jôf Fuart, the Montasio, the Triglav and the Mangart, the peaks of Pontebbano area and the Austrian peaks.

Truly a nice roundup of peaks all to be found.




Relaxed and happy after having taken 1000 pictures we decide to leave.

We all want to have a beer at Nordio hut.




In other words, do not do as we do, we have gone the wrong way in a hurry to get off the road!


Descending from the top of Mount Sagran, the path can be guessed.

First follow the ridge overtaking a stretch of rocks where it is better to pay attention and then continue downhill along the ridge of the mountain following the boundary stones going up to the Sella di Lom.




At some point we no longer found them, in fact at a certain point we must bend to the left and continue to follow them.

We went straight down right in front of the Nordio hut doing a lot of falls in the woods.


You, if you do not miss the boundary stones, you will arrive safely up to the Sella di Lom where a comfortable narrow road will lead you to beer at the Nordio refuge.

After 20 minutes of dismal descent into the woods we arrived right behind the alpine hut, settled in the outdoor tables and in a minute the radler was on the table.


What a beauty !!!

In short, a long but beautiful day for everybody.





Start: Parking  Locanda al Camoscio (closed) close to Ugovizza

Goal: Cima Bella, Monte Sagran, rifugio Nordio

Time: 5 hours

Path: to do this walk, I advise you to know how to read the maps as it is not a walk marked with CAI flags.

Difficulty: Medium.




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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