Trekking of the Mount Matajur above a sea of clouds

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A classic winter walk in Friuli is the ring on the Matajur starting from Montemaggiore.

This time it was more beautiful than ever, because a sea of clouds filled the horizon.

^^^ The start following the path CAI 749 ^^^

^^^ The day does not promise anything good but we went anyway ^^^

^^^ Family portrait  😀 ^^^

^^^ Arrived at the old hut now closed  ^^^

^^^ We are slowly raising above the clouds ^^^

^^^ The spectacle of the clouds below us, very exciting. ^^^

^^^ Here I am along the path and behind me you can see the Stol (just behind my head) and the snow-covered mountains are the Peak of Mezzodì, Canin, the Baba Grande and many others ^^^


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^^^ Insane! ^^^

^^^ Here we are at the little church of Christ the Redeemer ^^^

^^^ Also Giorgino is so happy ^^^

^^^ Cuddles ^^^

^^^ Surreal landscape in front of our eyes, in that sea of clouds hides also the Joanaz mountain^^^


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^^^ At the top there was a lot of snow ^^^

^^^ Pure show ^^^

^^^ Me very happy in front of this beauty ^^^

^^^ It’s time to warm up with Simone’s famous The with rum^^^

^^^ It begins to set the sun and here you can see 2 fairly known figures, sharing a sandwich 😀 ^^^

^^^ It comes down fast before the last rays of light leave us, we still have to get to Montemaggiore ^^^



Hi guys, today I want to tell you about the incredible walk we did on Matajur.
It was not the first time we had walked there, but it was the first time I had seen this amount of clouds beneath us.
A real show!

But let’s go with the story of our day.



But how strange, it’s Sunday and the weather is disgusting.
Now we are getting used to it, this year it goes like this.
I’m unlucky, every time I have a free Sunday it’s raining or there’s an epic fog.

Oh well, we took the stuff and we leave the same.

We decide to go on the Matajur because we know the walk and even if the weather worsens we know the way.


We park in Montemaggiore. It ‘a very cold day and at the bar in the village, we were told that it rained 3 days in a row so there will be a lot of mud.

We take the asphalt road that leads us to the Passo di Glevizza where we immediately attack the climb along the CAI 749 path.
The fog envelops us and  we begin to get up in altitude.
We are at an altitude of 1200/1300 and slowly the fog is leaving. The sky is clean and the compact clouds cover everything to the horizon.

I’m impatient to go up again to enjoy this crazy sight more, it had never happened to me before.


We reach the junction where we decide to stretch a bit ‘up the hill by taking the path that goes up “behind” the church then follow the 725 and we get up again.

Finally we overcome a beautiful climb that covered with snow was not so pleasant to do and here is the show. In any direction I look I see only clouds and far enough peaks much higher than us covered with snow. The famous white sea has decided to be seen by me too.

In front of us the Stol is the perfect profile of its other ridges, behind the Canin, the big Baba and many other snowy peaks of the Julian Alps. Under only clouds.

An incredible show, to take your breath away. After at least 3500 photos we continue until we reach the church of Christ the Redeemer and we also enjoy the view from the other side.


There are a lot of people so we decide to eat out pretty quickly. We drink hot tea, take some pictures and as soon as the sky begins to dye red and pink, we decide that it is time to move and descend towards the Pelizzo refuge.

The trail is muddy, wet and with snow here and there. The result is that on the grass it slips that it seems to have been sprinkled with oil, the path is full of snow or if there is no snow there are 10 centimeters of mud. I finished down at least 5 times.
My pants had gone from a nice dark blue to every shade of brown imaginable.


It ‘s late so we do not stop at the hut, we take the 750 that takes us back to the path.
We follow it in the opposite direction for a piece and after reaching that kind of closed shelter, we turn left and descend towards Montemaggiore.

We reach a nice group of well-kept and very nice huts  and continue our marathon downhill until we see the lights of the bar of the village lit and our car in front.


We decide to stop somewhere and have a beer.
During the way I had spotted a super cute bar that had to go over a bridge of ropes and wood to reach it.




Coming down from the Matajur by car you will probably pass by Savogna.

Beyond Savogna there is the small town of Cedron.

At the end (or at the beginning, depending on the obvious direction) of the village there is a beautiful little place that also serves as food and is located on the banks of the Alberone Torrent, is the Pestrofa agriturismo.


Behind the restaurant there is also a pond with trout, in fact one of the specialties is the trout.
We have taken a platter of sliced,  fries and beers because it was afternoon but the place is super cute with large windows to look out and the staff was really nice and friendly (even with giorgino: D).

If you have to stop for a drink, I recommend this place and in summer it is possible to sit outside where there are also games to entertain the children.


I hope you enjoyed this our adventure.
See you next time.









Start: left the car at Montemaggiore di Savogna (Friuli) we walk along the asphalt road to the Passo di Glevizza and take the CAI path 749

Arrive: arrival at Montemaggiore following the CAI path 751 then paved road to the square where we left the car.

Trails: CAI 749, CAI 725, CAI 736, CAI 750, CAI 749, CAI 751

Time: 4 hours

Suitable for who: There are many paths on the Matajur, if you have children or you are not used to walking I suggest you park at Rifugio Pelizzo and simply climb along the 736 on the top of Matajur (1 hour to arrive calmly).

Difficulty: easy






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This post is also available in: Italiano

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