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Some tips on what to visit with your dog, where to go and advice on treks to do in Sudtirol.



This is the second year in a row that we do the August holidays in Trentino Alto Adige, to be exact in Sudtirol.

While last year we stayed at Tires this year due to logistical problems ( Simone had a mtb race and did not know exactly when he was back) we booked at the last minute (at 1am and we left the next day).

All this led us to book 3 different hotels / gasthof in 3 different locations. I will say ‘it was not bad at all, we always trek in different areas and saw some places that we lacked.


August we know is the worst time to go on vacation, high prices and full of people everywhere but here the first TIP .

If you love walk, since the first day you will realize that most of the people are walking in shelters half an hour / 1 hour walk far. 

In our hikes from 2 to 4 hours on average we met 10 people.

So what I’m telling you is: do not stop at the lower treks, push yourself a little higher and in addition to enjoying a better view you will enjoy the walk much more and even stop at the shelter.


In Sudtirol the CAI trail signs are everywhere and there is always marked the travel time of that stretch. Get the maps from the INFOPOINT that are really spread everywhere and if you go to very touristy areas arrive very soon.

^^^ Here during our trek above the Plose Mount (Bressanone) ^^^




I have never had problems with our dog in any hotel in Trentino Alto Adige.

When I book (usually with booking) I select the facilities where pets are allowed and in the message that can be sent to the hotel I write that we have a dog and that I would prefer a room on the ground floor or with a terrace. Sometimes they sometimes have it but, better always ask.

In some facilities they charge 5/10 euros for the dog and we could take it with us anywhere even in the breakfast room. Also at dinner in restaurants and shelters we often found bowls for dogs at the entrance and super pet-friendly staff.


^^^ Cows above the Tre Cime di Lavaredo ^^^

Here’s what I liked and what advice to do and see in Sudtirol during a summer vacation



First advice I can give you is … wake up at dawn to go see the lake of Braies. At 9 in the morning it seems to be on the beach in Ibiza, in the early afternoon I will not even tell you.

We arrived at Lake Braies around 7 and in hindsight it would have been better to arrive an hour earlier. There were already a lot of people. But there is good that at that time the light is fantastic, the water perfectly reflects the surrounding mountains and the photos are a splendor. Making the round of the lake you find the various walks towards huts, mountain pastures or panoramic points.


I would advise you to walk CAI 19 towards the Hochalmhutten hut which can be reached in 2.30 hours. The walk is a bit tiring but the view is especially beautiful to go down where you realize much better than the beauty of the mountains that surround us. The hut seems to have come out of a movie. In a valley various stone and wood houses and a series of free animals that roam everywhere. There are goats, cows, chickens and even a pig!

We ate delicious dishes, cheeses made from delicious malga, polenta, gnocchi with red turnips and sour cream and a nice Tyrolean beer. The bread is produced in a wood oven and it is also possible to buy it. While they are dining, the hens sleep and run under the tables. Sitting in that valley with such an incredible panorama around us we felt like we were in a fairy tale. Superb.




Another tour a bit touristy but if you go to Trentino Alto Adige you can not miss the visit to the symbol of the Dolomites. The three peaks of Lavaredo are part of the Sesto Dolomites and are located in the Tre Cime natural park. Since 2009 they have become part of the Natural Heritage of UNESCO.

There are many trails to go from below and reach the Three Peaks, the day we visited, we got into the car to the parking lot close to the Auronzo refuge (30 euros per car) and we went around the Tre Cime di Lavaredo following the 3 refuges or Rif. Auronzo, ref. Lavaredo, ref. Locatelli, Langalm Malga in 4 hours.

The path is almost completely flat so it is suitable for everyone. Obviously it is a bit long but taking it easy you spend a wonderful day immersed in nature and in the presence of one of the shows of our Dolomites. Absolutely to see.



The Alpe di Siusi is a charm. I would stay there again and again if I could. When you see those stupendous photos on instagram and you wonder if it is just so ‘the Alpe di Siusi … well it really is!

You go up in a lift and even dogs are allowed only if they wear a muzzle. Arrived on the largest plateau in Europe you will have dozens and dozens of walks of varying duration and difficulty. The Alpe di Siusi is so big that people scatter and you never get the feeling that there are too many people.

There are plenty of shelters and restaurants to eat all day so any treks you have decided you will not have trouble finding a spot for a good meal. You can not not go for a walk here.



A wonderful park that will allow you to see up close the Sciliar massif and the beautiful Sassolungo and Sassopiatto. Sassolungo is part of the Sassopiatto group and you will often find it for its particular and easily recognizable shape. Inside this park there are many walks even at high altitude accessible by cable cars. Highly recommended.

We hiked from Tires to the long but beautiful Rifugio Bolzano. Even the ride around the top of the Catinaccio is beautiful. Below I leave the link of the park in order to find the most suitable walk for you.




The Plose is “THE” mountain of Bressanone. In a flash from the city you can get here and ski along 40 km of incredible slopes. But even in the summer it has its own reason. Trails for families and expert hikers. Breathtaking descents with mountain bike or go-kart without motor and shelters at 2500 meters from which you can have a breathtaking view of Bressanone and the surrounding valley.

We made a ring going up to the Plose CAI shelter 2447 m, continued up to the Ochsenalm 2085m and descended until the arrival of the gondola lift. Giro nice and not exaggeratedly tiring in addition to the Ochsenalm I ate the best dumplings of my life (and I have eaten so many!).



A walk that can not be avoided if you are in the Merano area. Obviously also around this city there are hundreds of beautiful walks but one that I particularly liked is that starting from the arrival of the Texelbahn cable car in the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park up to the Hochforch cross, then following Orenalm and returning along the Alta Via of Merano. Medium difficulty with a breathtaking view of Merano and Val Venosta. Enchanting.

Recovered the car you can go for a drink and eat something at the factory of the FORST or go downtown and have dinner at the Kallmünz a great restaurant with excellent wines and that obviously accepts the animals.



Do not forget to  visit to the city of Merano. The historic center is beautiful, the walks along the river Passirio are a delight at sunset and if you can take a trip to the magnificent spa.


OLD TRAIN OF RENON + VISIT BOLZANOBolzano is a beautiful city and certainly worth a visit, but what I liked the most is to do the ancient train that takes you to the plateau of the Renon. First you take the Renon cableway to reach Soprabolzano and then the retro-style train to Collalbo. Once in Collalbo you can choose between many walks, the best known is the one towards the earth pyramids. I admit that I preferred more the train ride and lunch than the earth pyramids, but a ride up there is worth it.

RESIA LAKE– If you are in Val Venosta and you want to do a bit of road go and see this characteristic lake famous for having a bell tower that stands at the center of its waters. During the war it was decided to create a basin just where the village of Resia was located, was bombed and then filled with water. Families were left homeless and no compensation. This is the sad story of the bell tower in the lake, the only survivor of those terrible days.

CAREZZA LAKE – You can not not visit this enchanting lake. A mirror to say the least in a magical location.

VIPITENO – This enchanting village of 6000 inhabitants is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Its colorful buildings make the city center quaint and always full of life. There are many restaurants in which to stop and the typical shops are enchanting.

INNSBRUCK – The Austrian city of Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, is worth a day trip. A city with a long history thanks to the Habsburg family. The city center is enchanting, full of palaces to see and visit. The riverfront is often animated by flea markets and events and just outside the city there are many castles to visit.


I love holidays in Sudtirol, I love going there with my dog Giorgino and I love to death the many trekking opportunities they have. Whether you want to walk a month or an hour they have trails for everyone.

They also have a maniacal care for the order and cleanliness, which means you can also choose hotels with less stars and feel great.

If you are wondering “ok, but where do we stay?” well it depends! You want a bit of “nightlife” then in Merano, Bressanone or Bolzano.


Do you want to walk and stay in the middle of nature and do not care where to stay? Well then choose a hotel near a natural park, there you will find dozens of wonderful walks suitable for everyone, cable cars and shelters open all day.

Have you not found a hotel in the area you wanted? Go to another place! Trust Sudtirol is beautiful everywhere and since the car or public transport is used every day it is worth not to become crazy to look for the ideal place to sleep.

If you want some advice on what to bring for your dog in the mountains, have a look at my POST about it CLICK HERE. 


^^^ Braies lake at 7 a.m. ^^^

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This post is also available in: Italiano

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