15 days in Mexico Itinerary | From Mexico city to Tulum

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Undecided about what to visit in Mexico, in which cities to stay and which hotel to choose? Do not know whether to take the guide in archaeological sites or how to move from one city to another?

All the answers in this guide.





I could take some merit but no, I did not do the planning. It is all thanks to my sister Erica.

I had an event in Mexico City and after that 3 weeks off so my sister Erica proposed a nice trip to discover Mexico, including beaches, sea, surf, archaeological sites and many tacos. How to refuse ?!


Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world. It borders to the north with the United States of America, to be exact, Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona and to the south with Guatemala and Belize.

The easiest and most economical way to get around is through the long distance tourist buses and the Pesero, the minibuses that make various routes and are used by the entire Mexican population to move around. The railway line is the least recommended as it is not very widespread and with delays and frequent problems.

We traveled by tourist bus and when we arrived in a city we booked the trip to go to the next city directly at the station. If you are traveling in high season, you should book some buses in advance. But otherwise traveling in this way we found ourselves very well never any problem.

In terms of security. We have taken care not to go into isolated neighborhoods or at night alone and to take only official type of transport. We have avoided the areas of northern Mexico famous for the drugs, the shootings and the seizures but also the area of ​​Guerrero. Also, in areas where we did not feel 100% safe, we would go around only with some money in our pockets without a phone, purse, necklaces, watches and anything else that could attract attention. Easy clothing.

I loved the west coast much less traveled by the American crowd but only by lovers of the waves, surfers and people looking for tranquility. We found the central area of ​​Chiapas very quiet with lovely people. San Cristobal della Casas a daydream. Tulum pretty and from here you can easily visit the entire Yucatan peninsula.



Mexico City is a huge and also very dangerous city.

And ‘the only city of my entire journey in which I would put a little warning.

Come out with money in your pocket without wallet, necklaces, watches (not even plastic). I went out without a purse and a camera. Unfortunately, it is a very poor city and even the kids make robberies and muggings. Beware of taxis, you have to take the official ones, otherwise they risk rob you there too. In short, pay close attention.

Personally I have not had any problems, I have turned a little by myself and if I have to tell you the truth I have also had a lot of fun. There are hundreds of locals one more beautiful than the other and the party is everywhere. You can eat very well even in kiosks or in small bars along the streets. I also found many vegetarian variations in the various places.

There are many places that deserve to be visited.

Things you can not miss in Mexico City are: Frida Kahlo’s house, the Plaza de la Constitution with the Zocalo, the cathedral and the presidential palace, the palace of the fine arts, the Casa de los Azulejos, the Palacio Postal and the Teotihuacan Pyramids outside the city of Mexico.


We took a direct flight to Puerto Escondido to do some sea and relax. Puerto Escondido is a seaside village with little to visit but many activities for the whole family, very low prices and dream beaches.

We stayed in a lovely hostel with bungalows surrounded by greenery and palm trees everywhere.

A jacuzzi in the center of the garden and hammocks where to sleep hung on each terrace. A dream a few steps from the sea.

During our day in Puerto Escondido we took surf lessons, we witnessed the release of turtles in the sea after having hatched in the night, we  relaxed drinking coconuts on the beach and also you can do boat rides or just have fun in one of the beautiful beaches of Puerto Escondido.


I particularly recommend San Cristobal. It is the most enchanting city I have seen in Mexico.

So characteristic, sunny and colorful. At every corner of every street you will find something beautiful that will catch your eye.

Things you absolutely can not miss are: The Cathedral of San Cristobal de las Casas, Templo de Santo Domingo, The Church of Guadalupe, Mirador de la Escuela SolMaya from which to look at the city from above, Iglesia del Cerrito also here a nice point panoramic. As a day trip we did the boat ride in the Sumidero canyon and I loved it.

I especially recommend you enjoy the city, the excellent restaurants and shop in local markets and on the street. Here the prices are unbeatable.


We arrived in Palenque obviously to visit the archaeological site and the museum of Palenque. I recommend you do as we do and take a Maya guide who speaks Italian. It costs very little and you will discover the true history of Palenque and if you are lucky you will also go walking in the Jungle where you will discover other buildings still buried and you can also swing like Tarzan on lianas. An unforgettable visit.

Attention to what hotel you take. Here in the village there is not much to do so take a hotel to spend time pleasantly waiting for your next bus.


We stayed in one of the beautiful hotels along the Tulum beach for these days. Here the various hotels are wonderful so it is useless to advise one over another. The only problem is that you will often need to use a taxi or bus to get around as you are out of the center.

Prices in this area of Mexico, being overrun with Americans, are very high. In this area it is very nice to swim in the Cenote (there are many), go to visit the island of Cozumel and take boat trips and snorkel in the coral reef (go very early), swim with the turtles, take a trip to Cancun and feel in Miami (seeing the clubs all made in the USA and also the prices).


I hope this itinerary will be useful for organizing your next vacation in Mexico. If you have any other questions please email me at alessiamorello85@gmail.com or on facebook @the italian smoothie


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This post is also available in: Italiano

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