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A week-long road trip through the most beautiful and famous west national parks.

All the info, the itinerary and the unmissable places between Utah, Arizona and Nevada. You are ready?



Here is the second part of my trip to the USA. In the first part –  you can read HERE – I told you about my itinerary of 15 days and the various unmissable stages through the Deep South of the United States and Mississippi, while now here is the itinerary of our last week through the famous national parks of the west .

Basically we traveled late in the afternoon and in the evening, we arrived at the hotel, went out for dinner and the next day he was already there to visit the park. Consider that the average is 3 hours (even more) between park and park so it will be quite a tour de force.

We had no other days available if not obviously I would have stopped a few more days for example in the Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon and of course I wanted to visit other parks that were very close as the Zion who all say that it is beautiful.

In the end you had to choose and I’m happy with the ride we did.



Las Vegas

We landed in Las Vegas and we immediately left for the Bryce Canyon which is 4 hours far. What I can tell you is that the roads and the journey are as spectacular as the parks. Relax and enjoy the road trip.

Bryce Canyon

It was absolutely the park that I liked more. The layered colors are a marvel, the endless panorama that opens up from the various scenic spots but also the trek that we have made inside the canyon gorges. Crazy! Here I wanted to spend at least 3 days to go mountain biking, sleeping in a tent in the park and do other trekking. If you have the chance, stop a day longer.

Distance Bryce Canyon - Moab: 4.22 hours


After more than 4 hours of car night in Moab. The most famous city for lovers of outdoor sports such as climbing, hiking, mountain biking and for jeep rides and motorbikes for off-road lovers. An unmissable spot where you can do some activities like rafting in the colorado or a ride in the canyonland park where you will feel like you are on the set of the old west. Do not forget to go eat at the Moab Diner, a dip in the 50s where pancakes are as big as a pizza and the banana split … it’s a must try!

Arches Park

Of course you could not miss the park with the most incredible and most photographed rock arches in the world. It is located right near Moab. Entering the park they give you a map, take it with you when you get off the car to always know which route you are doing and how long it is. I recommend bringing a lot of water during the hikes and even after, you have just another 3 hours to go by car before arriving at the next park!

Distance  Arches Park - Monument Valley: 3.10 hours

Monument Valley

We had advised against visiting the monument valley with the tour that comes up under the rocks, so we decided to go to sleep directly inside the park and wake up when the sun rises illuminating the famous rocks. We stayed at Goulding’s Lodge. I also recommend it for the wonderful breakfast! Huge and delicious omelettes! Obviously it was a show as well the road that winds through the park.  The problem was to don’t stop every 10 meters to take pictures of the road.

Distance Monument Valley - Antelope Canyon: 2.10 hours

Antelope Canyon

Here you can choose between the Lower tour and the Upper tour. Obviously the most famous is the lower tour which is best to book in advance in the middle of the season. Here with the Navajo guides you will be able to enter several meters underground and enjoy the spectacle of the rock formations which, thanks to the filtering light, take on a particular color. Unmissable.


Horseshoe Bend

Not far from the Antelope Canyon you can go for a walk to see the famous horseshoe bend, the famous curve where the Colorado River flows. Very beautifull.

Distance Horseshoe Bend - Grand Canyon: 2.22 hours

Grand Canyon

Night in the Grand Canyon park. Pay attention to the animals when you drive inside the park, they are everywhere and sprout in the roadway suddenly. Here you have a lot of place where to stop and see the view. To solve the problem we went to get the helicopter. It’s $ 300 a person for half an hour of flight over and inside the Grand Canyon. I can assure you that it is worth every penny. There have not been any better spent money than these throughout the holiday.

Distance Grand canyon - Las Vegas: 4.25 hours

Las Vegas

We drove a bit of the route 66 where we visit this amazing vintage petrol station. Incredible! Last two days in Las Vegas to relax in the pool, watch a few shows, walk around and visit the strangest hotels in America and rethink about the best trip of your life.




We have rented the car with Alamo directly from Italy. In this way you save a little money. We did driving insurance on 2 of us so we could swap driving and be covered by insurance.

Health insurance

I always tend to make health insurance during my travels. There are many to choose from like Allianz or interMundial. The important thing is that everything is included from the rescue, repatriation, care, reimbursement. Pay attention and evaluate well which one to choose.

Food and petrol

Finding places to eat in America is never a problem, even the gas pumps are always well supplied with hot and cold food. Gasoline costs very little and allows you not to weigh too much on your budget. Remember that gasoline is paid first and if you are not all back from the cashier, you will return the money in the surplus. Since the distances are huge I recommend you fill up often, especially if you do not know where the next petrol pump is.

GPS navigator and Internet

We had the GPS included with the car and we used a lot especially in areas where the phone did not take. Even an American SIM card is very useful so you can search for sights, motels or restaurants in a snap. You can do it at any mall or phone shop.


Respect speed limits because they are very strict. Make a photocopy of each of your documents, you never know. Shop for clothes, they cost very little compared to Europe. Do not carry alcohol and drink only inside the bars.





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This post is also available in: Italiano

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