A perfect day | Walk in the scenic Rilke trail, aperitif at the fisherman port and fish dinner in Sistiana

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Every person is different and loves different things. For me, on this rainy afternoon, many of the things I love have joined. I, Simon and our dog Giorgino, walking around, on a path that I had never done before, aperitif looking at the sea and to close with a flourish, dinner in a really good restaurant. What do you say you want to try too?




Well, if you live in Friuli Venezia Giulia it’s hard not to have ever heard of the Rilke trail. A simple walk and suitable for everyone, to be tackled on foot or by bicycle with breathtaking views, cliffs overlooking the sea, panoramic points built over the watchtowers of the Second World War and especially not to much effort but a lot of beauty.

The gaze can be lost as far as the eye can see along the Gulf of Trieste, from the Castle of Duino to the bay of Sistiana. Nearly 2 kilometers of trek where you can see the cliffs of the karst plateau that plunge into the sea, a beauty.


It had to rain and instead seems to hold up for a few hours. I finished work, took a shower, ate a canapé with the caponata of the day before (also Simon) and so on. We leave for Trieste. Time will not waste, a whole Sunday afternoon that we can stay together.

We park in Duino and immediately begin our walk along the Rilke trail, after not even a few minutes here it is open in front of us, the sea. It was just 6 months that we did not see him and what to say, he always makes a great pleasure. There is no wind, finally the temperatures have risen, it is fine and the view is breathtaking as always.

The walk is simple and pleasant, occasionally check out some adventurer like us who did not get hit by bad weather and decided to go out anyway. It starts to drizzle but we are not in a hurry, indeed. Thanks to this time the path is almost deserted, Giorgino sniffs here and there and we read all the explanatory tables and we do not even miss a lookout point.



In an hour or so we arrive at Sistiana. Time worsens suddenly, now drops not indifferent drops, we slip under our transparent umbrella bought in Japan and talking about this and that we return to the car.

A walk in Duino  to the entrance of the castle is a must (where we do not enter because of the dog but we mark it as something to do) drink a coffee there in front, look all the original houses in the area and start again vault of the port of Sistiana to make an aperitif.

The kiosks along the port of Sistiana are a tradition, I like to stop them whenever I’m in the area, and also theymake food at any time (maybe I love them for these?). We take two medium beers while Giorgi sleeps under the table, we look at the photos of the day and also those of Simone and his bike ride with his teammates in Carnia. We continue for a walk along the harbor to watch the boats and the fishermen intent to organize and exchange hooks and baits as the sun goes down almost without anyone noticing.

I read that in Sistiana there is a small but excellent seafood restaurant. I do not eat meat for 5 years now but once I do not know how many months I give myself a plate of clams or little else (also because I have never loved fish a lot).


Small and intimate, in a modern style but with maritime details. The blue walls envelop you and make you feel instantly at home and the smell that comes out of the kitchen makes you want to never leave. I love Trieste and I love its restaurants. The service is always excellent and even here at the “Fish House” are not far behind.

The menu was immediately a problem. I would have taken everything. And also Simon.

I take a red shrimp tartare accompanied by fresh scampi and citrus spheres that explode in your mouth and fill your palate. Overall an explosion of flavors. Simon has preferred the “Pentolaccia”, a pot full of mussels, clams, shrimps, scallops and capelunghe. A delight! (Also for Giorgino … Yumh!)

Afterwards we opted for two first courses to be licked the mustache, clam spaghettini, zucchini and tomatoes (what a dish !!) and Cappellacci shelves of herbs and scallops. We divide everything greedily. It’s all too good. Even the mixed fried of my table neighbor seems to me exceptional. The house wine is perfect, for this evening we do not need anything else. I’m awake since 6, I collapse from sleep, oh no it’s true. Simon wants the dessert.

A tin of tiramisu with chopped pistachio and almonds. Delicious.

The waiter offers us two digestives, the coup de grace. It’s time to come home, thank you.



The day flew, as well as my spaghetti dish .. Sometimes it is right to pamper yourself to the end and do not give up anything. An afternoon spent well, in the family, doing the things that you love and ending up with everything that each of us loves more, eat well.

And you? What do you do when you take time for yourself?

Let me know, leave me a comment below or write me on my social or email channels.

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This post is also available in: Italiano

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