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In the area of ​​Boscoverde in Tarvisio, in my beloved Friuli, it is possible to walk along an alpine stream with a color so pure and blue that you can not believe it.



The stream Slizza during its hundreds of years of activity has created a real canyon in which it flows and where we can admire it to the maximum of its color. The Slizza starts from Sella Nevea, another border town and after having crossed the Rio del Lago valley reaches Tarvisio before finishing its run in Austria.

Last Sunday we had a few hours free so I, Simon and our dog Giorgino left for Tarvisio to enjoy the show of the Slizza surrounded by snow. Going down the gorge along the footbridge full of snow was not too easy but the show that we opened under our feet has repaid every effort made. The contrast of colors is incredible in every season but in winter with ice along the catwalks and in the caves makes you feel inside a fairy tale.

I suggest to do this walk from spring to the fall season because in winter could be dangerous for all the snow and ice on the footbridge.


During our walk I made some video with the DJI OSMO. It was more like a test because I bought this camera recently and I do not understand all the features yet. At home I created the video and with much effort of my internet line, I uploaded it on my youtube channel. Not even a week later, a journalist  of udine contacted me to share the video on their channels with reference to my site.

This obviously made me very happy, even if with hindsight … I could do it better and commit myself a little more, but as I said before, it was a test.


In any case, the video had more than 11 thousand views and more than 100 shares. You can imagine my mixed happiness surprise. In this way I was able to make myself known above all in my province and get in touch with many people who love the mountains and the adventure like me.


HERE THE VIDEO (watch it in HD):

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This post is also available in: Italiano

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