Veg recipe: Rice with chestnuts

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Easy and quick recipe “Rice with chestnuts”.

It is also possible to use Japanese browns  in the rice are  goodness!


Living in the countryside has its positive sides like getting all kinds of food during the various seasons.

A few days ago a friend gave me a bag full of Japanese browns, but this year the chestnut season was favorable and I had collected and ate many, I decided to invent something new.

I knew that there was a recipe for rice with chestnuts, but I had never tried and the result was amazing! Me and Simone at the first bite we looked with their eyes wrapped, saying “Good!” …. I admit we could not believe it!

I also discovered that chestnuts can be frozen and eaten later, the important thing is to peel them and put them in the freezer without skin. And when you just want to throw them into bubbling water. You will have chestnuts all winter!


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Boiled chestnuts are very good and bake in much less than cooking on a plate.

Peel the hard skin and put in a pan with cold water and 2 laurel leaves. From the time the water starts to boil, leave it 10 minutes. Pierce with a fork to test the consistency. Drain and peel them from the second peel. TIP: While peeling, keep them warm. in this way they will leap more easily.

Le castagne bollite, sono buonissime e stanno molto meno della cottura fatta su piastra.


In a frying pan put 450 gr of rice, 250 g of chestnuts (or more if you prefer) and 70 ml of cold water.

Cover with a lid and bring to a boil. Salts and leave on fire always at idle for 10 minutes. Then turn off and leave for another 13 minutes the rice to rest with the lid closed. Taste and the rice is ready.

I assure you. It’s great!


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This post is also available in: Italiano

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