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In my wanderings around the world as a vegetarian I think I’ve tasted all kinds of veggie burgers made with legumes or vegetables. One of my favorites is that of beet and chickpeas, better if a bit pungent.


Here is the recipe:



The funny thing is that I do not even eat beets, but blend with the other ingredients believe me, they have an incredible flavor. Delicious!

Everyone who has tried my recipe so far has been pleasantly surprised, reading the ingredients may not look like it, but it’s really a goodness. You’ll see!

To get to the final recipe I did various tests, both with and without eggs, with other types of vegetables such as potatoes and zucchini but in the end easier it is, the better it is.

It is a fast recipe because all the ingredients are already cooked so you have just to cook  to make the crust at the end.



For 4 people

1 pack of beets already cooked (in the fridge counter)

2 chickpeas cans

1 jar of beans (to your liking)

3 cloves of garlic

1 white onion

chilli pepper

salt, pepper, parsley

Grated bread to bind the compound




I love I love I love this recipe because it is fast and easy!

Take all the ingredients and blend them in the mixer. No need to blend too much, let me remain a little small pieces.

Moved into a bowl, put salt, pepper, hot pepper and fresh chopped parsley.
Incorporate 5 tablespoons of grated bread and roll.

Continue to incorporate grated bread until the mixture looks solid enough, like that of a meatball.

Shape burgers with your hands and place them on a baking sheet with parchment paper, or many small balls and leave everything at least half an hour in the refrigerator.

A little oil in the pan and cooked burgers on both sides, if you bought the milk bread pass it briefly in the oven and have fun filling your Veggie Burger with everything that comes to your mind!





If you choose to make the little beet polpette you can accompany them with a cream of peas and mint. Delicious and perfect as second for dinner.

Let me know if you liked it !!!

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This post is also available in: Italiano

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