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A sunny day to discover the enchanting Lake Barcis, a walk along the old Cellina road and also a visit to the famous alpine villages Poffabro and Frisanco.



It’s Sunday morning, we’re still in bed. We do not know what time it is. April sweet sleep, also because now the snow is melting, but not fast enough to start with the great walks, so here we are. To decide where to go to the last, starting slowly and a cup of coffee under the duvet.

Welcome sunny and spring Sunday. The days are longer even if the wind is sparkling. I had heard that during this weekend they open the old Valcellina road. It can be passed on foot or by bicycle, just have a protective helmet. Well, let’s go!




We arrive at the Antoi Bridge and find parking. A photo on this bridge is a must. From here you can enjoy all the surrounding peaks still dirty with snow. It seems to be in Colorado instead of in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

With 3 euros we take tickets to access the old Val Cellina road. It was inaugurated in 1906 and before that time the ten thousand inhabitants of the area were totally isolated. Only a small impervious path, the Val de Crous, connected Val Cellina to the plain.

When the work began to build the hydroelectric plant that would have given energy to both Veneto and Friuli, it also began to create the road with dynamite blows. The old Val Cellina road can be traveled from Molassa to the Antoi bridge (or vice versa), but due to landslides and stones that often fall from above, it is quite dangerous and therefore can only be visited on pre-established days (check when HERE).



A slow walk along the road that winds alongside the gorge that hosts the Cellina stream. This one of an exceptional blue, runs slowly and thanks to the sound of the waters and the birds, takes you directly to another era. You walk under tunnels and protruding boulders, you can even make a small via ferrata that leads to the Tibetan bridge of Barcis. From here you can see the river’s waters right under your feet. Enchanting.

I have made ferratas, and much more adventurous, while Simone does not like to be hung anywhere then, we continue straight and after our ride back to the lake of Barcis.



A comfortable walkway allows you to go around the lake while on the other side various paths will take you up to enjoy the view of the water from above or down, towards the shore, and in this way see the lake in all its length.

Halfway there we were already stuck in that beautiful wooden kiosk overlooking the lake to gorge ourselves with cheese and smoked ricotta of their production. The only misfortune of the day “we only serve water!”. Not even a good glass of white to accompany those delights and then we go, let’s go, let’s go and try to drink something!





We left early and as a result we finished the tour early. Today we do not want big adventures, hours of walking, muddy boots or packed lunches. What we do?

It was quite a while that I heard about Poffabro, the village of the villages but also the enchanting Andreis and Frisanco, which from Barcis are very far away, a pity not to get us a run away.

Poffabro is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and rises 525 meters high on a side of the Carnic Pre-Alps. Thanks to its unique architectural features it is a jewel to be discovered. The courts are made up of houses built on several floors all made of cut stone, rich in stairs, balconies and wooden balconies with an ancient flavor that create a game of movement leaving the tourist in a magical enchantment. Although the buildings are close to each other, the wealth of pillars, stone arches and wooden walkways has a harmonious feel that fits perfectly with the surrounding landscape.


Frisanco is just as beautiful and characteristic. Located at the foot of the imposing Mount Raut in Val Colvera with its narrow streets we have literally kidnapped. The simple and central church gives way to dozens of cobblestone streets and the enchanting buildings stand before us framed by the mountains. The famous stonemasons and their techniques created a masterpiece of craftsmanship creating a real open-air museum that survived the 1976 earthquake.


Finally Andreis, also here a lot of cut stone and wood in an indissoluble embrace. Two hard but beautiful materials just like the landscapes around here. Places rich in history that have made me spend a Sunday between walks and trivia on our small region.

And you? Have you ever been there?







Kiss, Alessia


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This post is also available in: Italiano

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