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Easy hike from Castel Valdajer in Ligosullo to the top of Mount Neddis at 1990 meters immersed in the beautiful Carnic Alps.


^^^ We park in Castel Valdajer in Ligosullo and follow the signs for Malga Valdajer by walk ^^^

^^^ We immediately take the CAI 404 path which branches off to the left and starts the walk  ^^^

^^^ We pass by the Malga Valdajer ^^^

^^^ We continue along the CAI path since there is very little snow ^^^

^^^ We reach a small wall and a wooden construction, it was probably part of the old ski lift. That’s right, you got it right, here was a ski slope! ^^^

^^^ We found fresh snow !! (note Giorgino’s happiness: D) ^^^

^^^ Snowshoes are worn! ^^^

^^^ We continue the climb no longer along the CAI path but heading straight to the top of the Val di Legnan ^^^

^^^ On our right we can admire Malga Zermula and Mount Zermula  ^^^

^^^ Here I am on the Val di Legnan at 1709 meters and around us we can already enjoy an enchanting panorama ^^^

^^^Now we leave for the top ^^^

^^^ Instead of following the CAI path, we immediately headed for the top, avoiding cutting the slope. Look where we started from ^^^

^^^Up here the snow is a bit frozen, we also have crampons in our backpack but we also climbed comfortably with snowshoes and we decided to keep them on foot ^^^

^^^ After 2 hours finally on top! ^^^

^^^ Family portrait with a Giorgino always in the middle of haha ^^^

^^^A 360 degree crazy view from the top of Mount Neddis. Here in front of us in the center is Mount Paularo while in the background Mount Coglians, Creta di Collina and Creta di Timau ^^^

^^^ Note Giorgino who licks the snow 😀 ^^^

^^^ Wind blows on top of Mount Neddis ^^^

^^^ The answer to all those who ask me if Giorgino suffers from the cold. Definitely no! ^^^

^^^ Note the beauty of the moon right above the Gerlitzen  ^^^

^^^ Simone and in front of him the Zuckerhutl, the Crete of Aip and the moon ^^^

^^^ Let’s go down! ^^^

^^^ And here is also the unmistakable Mount Sernio in front of us ^^^

^^^ Before we were up there! ^^^

^^^Here we remove the snowshoes and continue on foot ^^^

^^^ This time we pass near Malga Valdajer but unfortunately it is closed ^^^

^^^ We go down the road until we return to the car  ^^^

^^^ Hot chocolate in the center of Paluzza before returning home ^^^



We are always looking for snow to use our snowshoes andfor this Sunday Simone and I decided to take a hike over Ligosullo, along a classic of winter hiking in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


The excursion to Mount Neddis is well known among lovers of winter hiking and ski mountaineers.


As for EVERY WINTER EXCURSION we have brought with us the crampons, squeezable jacket e la tabacco map.




We leave home calmly enough to make the excursion to the hottest hours of the day.

Reached Ligosullo, which if you don’t know it was the smallest town in Friuli Venezia Giulia before joining Treppo Carnico and we stop at Trattoria Le Falene which also acts as a bar and we drink an excellent cappuccino.


The place is so nice that we even get the idea of not snowshoeing and staying here until lunch: D but then “duty” got the better of us and we headed towards Valdajer castle. 




Castel Valdajer was built in 1460 by Colonel Von Kreig, commander of the fort of Osoppo and Sutrio in the war between Austria and the Republic of Venice. In 1838 it was rebuilt in the German neo-Gothic style and in 1880 further enlarged and used as a holiday home by the heirs and their noble friends.


It was abandoned in 1915 by the Craigher counts due to the First World War and in 1917 it was set on fire by the retreating troops. It was renovated with funding for war damage and later in 1972 it was purchased by the nobleman Orgnani who transformed it into a castle-hotel.


Today, unfortunately, it has been closed for more than 15 years. 



We park in the parking lot of the castle, fix the snowshoes to the backpacks and follow the signs on foot towards Malga Valdajer.


After the first stretch of asphalt we immediately find the sign indicating the CAI 404 path and we take it.


We release Giorgino who immediately starts running up and down the path, all happy and excited for this new adventure.

In just 20 minutes of walking in the woods, we reach Malga Valdajer which we leave on the right and continue our ascent.

Finally we find the first patches of snow! 



We go up following the CAI markers until we find a small wall and a wooden construction. Here many years ago there was a ski lift so this is probably a piece of the structure.

Finally we sink well into the fresh snow, put on our snowshoes and abandon the CAI path.


We leave the wall on the right and go straight, there are already many traces of snowshoes and skis on the ground.


After a few meters we find a nice direct climb to the top of the Val di Legnan on the left and we follow it.


We make these 150 meters of altitude in peace with, on our right, the beautiful panorama of Mount Lodin, Mount Zermula, Aip’s Crete, and our gaze could go down to recognize Montasio and Jof Fuart.





We reach the Val di Legnan after an hour and a half.


It’s time for lunch so we snowshoe towards a rock and tear our sandwiches with a not bad view around us.

Meanwhile, Giorgino is running everywhere, he is crazy about open spaces, especially when there is snow.


We watch him run amused until he realizes that we have pulled out to eat .. I let you imagine the rest .. a dog that for 10 minutes can keep his eyes at heart and at the same time follow all the movements that the sandwich makes. Impossible not to give him half!


After eating, we leave immediately to the top of the Mount Neddis that seems far away.




To climb to the top of the Neddis we follow the ridge directly, avoiding cutting or passing under the snowy slopes.

Today the weather  is perfect.


The sky is so blue that it seems fake, it’s cold, there are few people and very little haze around us.

In less than an hour and I admit, without much effort, we reached the top of Mount Neddis.


What can I say, BUT WHAT A SHOW!

The Carnic Alps are all around us.


We look out from the mount Coglians, to the Crete of Timau, and also the mount Dimon, the mount Tamai, the mount Amariana, the mount Tersadia, the mount Sernio, the mount Grauzaria, the mount Zermula and the Crete of Aip.



Let’s just take those 3000 photos to capture the beauty of this moment and then we start the descent again along the same route.


We had crampons in our backpack but both for the ascent and the descent we decided not to wear them and keep snowshoes.




Given the controversies that are always read on social media, I want to tell you that we ALWAYS have crampons in our backpack from November to May.


In this excursion, for this day, in our opinion, the snowshoes were enough, in the pieces where the snow was harder as on the top, there was no risk of slipping and even downhill the snowshoes had a good grip so WE HAVE DECIDED NOT TO USE THE CRAMPONS.

It is up to you to decide what to wear at the time of your excursion so I recommend, take my excursion as a starting point but consider YOU if it is more appropriate to wear snowshoes or crampons.




In just an hour and 10 we arrived at the car passing this time through Malga Valdaier (which unfortunately was closed) and going down the last meters along the paved road.




To warm up and take a break we passed in the center of Paluzza, the largest city nearby.


There are a lot of nice bars and cafes so you are spoiled for choice.

We had an excellent hot chocolate with cream this time while a Giorgino slept happily under the table.

It always makes us laugh that EVERY time we stop in Paluzza we meet the same old man who keeps us talking for 3 hours.




This is a beautiful summer walk and winter snowshoe hike.

The views are breathtaking and above all, in my opinion, the climb is not hard at all.


Just be careful in winter to climb along the ridge and not along the CAI path which, going zigzag on the slope, could be dangerous.

Excursion strongly recommended for spectacular views. 



Departure: Castel Valdajer, Ligosullo, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Arrival: top of Mount Neddis

Time: 3 hours

Path: CAI 404

Difficulty: easy but you have to be careful and be properly equipped.

Suitable for: adults

Tips: always have crampons with you. Be careful from the Val di Legnan to the top of Mount Neddis to follow the ridge and NOT the CAI path, too dangerous in winter.





The MAP for this hike: https://amzn.to/38tW4iR 

My backpack: https://amzn.to/2IMp2iB

Light backpack: https://amzn.to/2X3ERvn

Hook for reflex for backpack: https://amzn.to/2InGxH5

Simone backpack: https://amzn.to/31GyLPU

Man hiking boots: https://amzn.to/2FlMYIz

Woman hiking boots: https://amzn.to/2IMMKeI

Baby carrier backpack: https://amzn.to/2RyBo1z

GPS watch: https://amzn.to/2FgkcJt

My camera: https://amzn.to/31CewmD

My Power bank: https://amzn.to/2J1Efwv




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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