Beautiful snowshoe hike immersed in the Carnic Alps to the Malga Lavareit hut in Cleulis | Paluzza

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Challenging snowshoe hike to Malga Lavareit with breathtaking views of the Carnic Alps.


^^^ It starts from here, from above the town of Cleulis near Paluzza and it seems that it snowed tonight ^^^

^^^ We parked in the first available place for fear of getting stuck in the snow and we arrived at this crossroads with snowshoes on our feet  ^^^

^^^ In summer this road is covered by car so it is not a CAI path, you just have to follow the road (very easy) ^^^

^^^Giorgino loves the snow so much that he spends all day eating it  haha 😀 ^^^

^^^During the climb there are many signs that will not make you lose your way  ^^^

^^^ No Simone is not real cheese !!! Drop the piece !!  ^^^

^^^ The climb begins in the fresh snow … a lot of effort but also a lot of fun! ^^^

^^^ How nice !!! Lot of snow!! ^^^

^^^ P.S. qui ero appena caduta nella neve haha ^^^

^^^ The sign obviously means 25 minutes in summer … it took us 2 hours and a half to arrive at Malga Lavareit ^^^

^^^ We meet not 1 but 3 avalanches covering the path. We overcome them with a little difficulty and apprehension. ^^^

^^^ Here is the other avalanche that covers the path  ^^^

^^^ Finally we have passed the most delicate part. Last ascent before arriving at Malga Lavareit ^^^

^^^ Ugh the weather is spoiling .. we have to hurry. ^^^

^^^ The Hut! ^^^

^^^ I love u ^^^

^^^ What breathtaking views guys! The Carnic Alps are always a sight !!! ^^^

^^^ The entrance of Malga Lavareit at 1470 m  ^^^

^^^ Happy Giorgi! ^^^

^^^ We are ready to go down ^^^

^^^We absolutely must come in the summer, this hut has an incredible view !! ^^^

^^^ Simone 🙂 ^^^

^^^Above Simone and Giorgino the Monte Terzo from which avalanches are used to break away. BE CAREFUL ^^^

^^^What a view even as we go down! ^^^

^^^ Help but where’s the car!?! We did not seem to have come so far! What a pain!! 😀 ^^^

^^^I think it’s time to take off your snowshoes! ^^^

^^^ Look who we crossed with the car ?! (if you follow me on instagram you have already seen the videos haha @theitaliansmoothie) ^^^

^^^There was someone in the car rather dismayed that they didn’t let us pass  ^^^

^^^ But the day went great! Bye bye everyone!^^^


Last Sunday Simone and I decided to finally go to Malga Lavareit “above” Cleulis in the Paluzza area.

*** I immediately tell you to be very careful if you decide to do this excursion in winter because the last stretch is subject to avalanches that detach from Mount Terzo therefore, if you do not know how to read the bulletins or you are not a mountain expert, SEARCH ANOTHER SNOWSHOE HIKE HERE


( I leave you HERE the link to the folder “snowshoeing in Friuli Venezia Giulia” so you can choose another one ).




In our area it has been raining for weeks but today, luckily, the weather is beautiful everywhere so .. let’s go!


We had already tried to get up to Malga Lavareit with snowshoes two years ago but, a local gentleman, had advised against it because of avalanche danger and so we had deviated to Casera Tierz Bassa (Here the post and the crazy view from this hike ).


Today the weather and temperatures are perfect, the bulletin puts everything ok so we load snowshoes, backpacks and Giorgino and off we go.

We arrive in Cleulis, take via Aip and go up towards Faas.


We find the road dirty with snow, probably it snowed tonight. We have snow tires so we climb up the hairpin bends without problems and stop in the first available space.

Since the road have some snow and the edge is even more full, we decide to wear snowshoes immediately and start our climb starting directly from the car.


Along the road we find at some point the sign “Lavareit hut” which mentions 1 hour and 35.

We took 2 and a half hours and a not indifferent effort.


The trek is very beautiful and relaxing along a road overflowing with snow.

After the  wooden sculptures  we continue the snowshoeing in full fresh snow.

We are the first to walk it and the whole mountain is for us.

We haven’t met anyone all day.





After an hour of snowshoeing we are in the last part of the excursion, immediately after the metal gate of the hut.


We thought that the last stretch was fairly flat but instead even here we have another nice climb.

While I am already dreaming of sandwiches and hot tea, on the way we meet 3 avalanches, now covered with fresh snow, which have completely buried the path.

We tie Giorgino and start walking on these very hard piles of ice which, I admit, impress me a little.


Even the sky is covering so without saying a word we overcome these ugly obstacles and go running to our destination.

Here it is at last: Malga Lavareit hut.


The mountain hut is beautiful as the view.

Unfortunately, the weather is rapidly deteriorating and I don’t like the fact that I have to overcome avalanches again.

In the midst of a lot of clouds we still manage to study the profiles of Mount Floriz, the Coglians, the Gamspitz and the Pal Piccolo and we head towards the table, we place the backpacks and pull out what we need to eat.




Simone yesterday went to get a special loaf of bread from our favorite baker shop, Celestina, and today he surprise myself with the lunch he prepared.


Milk bread sandwich with egg salad, mayonnaise and pickled gherkins (my food obsession).

Obviously Giorgino also appreciated.




I can’t wait to be on the way back, I don’t like these clouds at all.


We walk fast and thanks to the footprints we have left, we are much less time crossing the 3 avalanche heaps and returning to the car.

It took us quite a while to redo the whole path in reverse as there are various ups and downs in the fresh snow and tiredness was beginning to be felt.


This it was our longest and tiring snowshoe hike.




If you want to make a beautiful snowshoe hike immersed in the Carnic Alps with a crazy view this is perfect but BE CAREFUL!



Departure: Take the road to go from Cleulis to Faas and park in the first free space on the right as soon as the trees start or in the hairpin bend a little higher. Follow the road uphill walking or snowshoeing to the Faas / Malga Lavareit crossroads. Malga Lavareit, Paluzza, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Arrival: Malga Lavareit.

Times: 4 hours.

Difficulty: HIGH.

IMPORTANT INFO: Pay attention because the last section is subject to avalanches so consider carefully whether or not to do this excursion. Be careful, ask for information, read the avalanche bulletin. 



The MAP for this hike: 

My backpack:

Light backpack:

Hook for reflex for backpack:

Simone backpack:

Man hiking boots:

Woman hiking boots:

Baby carrier backpack:

GPS watch:

My camera:

My Power bank:




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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