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Hike and  snowshoe 4 hour loop above Ugovizza passing through the Nordio hut and going up along the CAI 507 to the slopes of the Osternig and passing through Malga Acomizza in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


^^^ We go up to the Ugovizza Valley by car and reach the parking lot with indications for the Nordio mountain hut  ^^^

^^^ We take the CAI 507 and in 40 minutes we reach the Nordio Refuge open also in Winter – read the post of the snowshoe walk to the Nordio alpine hut here^^^

^^^ A beautiful ice sculpture formed by a waterfall along the ascent  ^^^

^^^ Simone with the Jof di Montasio, Mount Piper and Due Pizzi behind him  ^^^

^^^ Here we are at the Nordio hut, we would like to stop for a coffee but it is better to go straight if there is no risk of not reaching the top  😀 ^^^

^^^ For the hike, since the snow is not frozen, we decide to stay with the boots and not wear the crampons that we always carry with us in this season  ^^^ 

^^^ Giorgino! ^^^

^^^ Here we are finished the main climb after an hour of walking uphill. Guess who is the happiest for fresh snow? ^^^

^^^ The way to the huts of Osternig ^^^

^^^Behind me the mount Osternig ^^^

^^^Arrived in Sella Bistrizza at 1720 m  ^^^

^^^ Well done to those 2 who decide to continue towards the top of Osternig. We stop below to eat the sandwich  ^^^

^^^ Mount Gozman covered in snow in front of Sella bistrizza  ^^^

^^^The beautiful huts of the Osternig  ^^^

^^^ The view^^^

^^^Mount Dobrash stands out in front of us and where you can have a nice snowshoe hike too ^^^

^^^ Now we head towards the church of the Madonna delle Nevi ^^^

^^^ And we leave the huts and the Osternig behind us  ^^^

^^^ Madonna delle nevi ^^^

^^^ Behind me the mount Acomizza ^^^

^^^Now we see the huts from above  ^^^

^^^Meanwhile Giorgino steals all the snowballs to eat them  😀 ^^^

^^^ Now let’s start going down to Sella Pleccia  ^^^

^^^ What a view from up here! ^^^

^^^ Bye Bye little church, surrounded by snow you are even more beautiful! ^^^

^^^ Down there is the Pleccia saddle and instead of going down we decide to go up to Malga Acomizza  ^^^

^^^ Want not to make one last climb to see a place you’ve never been? ^^^

^^^ WOW!!! ^^^

^^^And now we go up again!  ^^^

^^^ The other huts below Mount Acomizza overlook the Osternig and are beautiful! ^^^

^^^ Here is our final goal  ^^^

^^^ But first let’s take a look at the Acomizza hut which is located in a really windy spot. Just look at Giorgino’s ear! ^^^

^^^ The view from a Malga Acomizza ^^^

^^^ You don’t want to bother Giorgino a little in this snow-filled area !?  ^^^

^^^ Yay!! ^^^

^^^ Now we head to the cross  ^^^

^^^ And below us Malga Acomizza and Mount Acomizza  ^^^

^^^ And now we go down!  ^^^

^^^ Now we follow the CAI markers to the parking lot where we started ^^^

^^^ Hooray! We are very close to our favorite mountain hut, the rifugio Gortani. Do you want not to eat something here? ^^^

^^^ Let’s start with barley and beans ^^^

^^^Simone chooses the cheese and speck dumplings ^^^

^^^ And finally the delicious grilled cheese from the Gortani hut ^^^

^^^ And a chocolate cake..Gnam! ^^^



What a beautiful day!

This is the only way I can begin the story of this Sunday above Ugovizza (Tarvisiano) in my beautiful Friuli Venezia Giulia.


A well known area  for walking, cycling, hiking and snowshoeing.

We today decided to go for a hike under the Osternig because it was one of the places where we were sure that there was snow.




The sky this morning, opened the windows, did not promise anything good but we did not get discouraged and we left home anyway.

After passing the first gallerie, the sky turned blue and a wonderful day began.


Arrived in Ugovizza, we went up the Ugovizza Valley, passed the “locanda al camoscio” which now lies closed and parked in the last space before the access ban.

Giorgino, like every Sunday, is very excited and in a flash he had already launched himself into the water of the stream.

For now, under our feet, zero snow, but we expected it.


With the snowshoes hooked to the backpack we take the CAI path 507 which after a few meters makes us immerse immediately in the woods.


In 40 minutes we reach the Nordio hut (also open in winter) which we leave on the left and after passing the wooden bridge, we begin the ascent.

The snow on the path is soft and not frozen, so we decide not to wear the crampons that in this season we always carry in our backpack.


Equipped only with excellent boots, in an hour of climb we exceed even 300 meters in altitude and we reach altitude .

A white blanket wraps everything.


The light of the sun makes the snow shine and Giorgino run happy everywhere jumping in the powder snow.

The snow is really soft and it’s a pleasure to walk up here.

In front of us, the snow-covered Mount Osternig.




Dozens of closed but beautiful huts await us with their benches placed in the sun. We take out from the backpack the sandwiches, the hot tea, Giorgi’s food and we fill the belly after the hike.

Stop too long is not good in this season so once the delicious sandwiches that Simone made are over, we put everything away and leave.


We stop just for a moment to enjoy the view towards the Dobrash and the other Austrian peaks and we head towards the church of the Madonna delle Nevi from which you can see the view on the Italian side.


Meanwhile, the Gozman mountain that stands out on our right is completely submerged in snow. It looks like a round panettone filled with icing sugar. The snow cover is so beautiful and soft that I almost feel guilty to ruin it.


But not to take a handful of snow to turn into balls and then throw them at Simone from behind: D

For that I never feel guilty hahah.




In a moment we find ourselves in front of Mount Lussari, the Jof Fuart, Montasio and Due Pizzi. What a show!

On the left we also clearly see Mount Acomizza and its mountain pastures so we decide to go and have a look.


We arrive at the crossroads and instead of following the CAI 507 and returning to the parking lot we begin the climb towards Malga Acomizza.

We reach it in half an hour and here the wind is very strong.




The frozen snow is lifted and it crashes on us without many pleasantries.

We put on everything we have in our backpack, we reach Malga Acomizza, we admire the view from under the mountain Acomizza, we reach the cross there in front and we begin the descent.


We complete the whole tour with great calm in 4 and a half hours with lunch and photo breaks.



You cannot leave the Alpe di Ugovizza without going to the excellent Rifugio Gortani hut.

We are super fans of their Yummy grilled cheese plate but this mountain hut is also known for sensational desserts.


We took a slice of chocolate and ricotta cake which, guys …. it was the best I had ever eaten!

A beautiful day surrounded by breathtaking views and above all a super delicious lunch.

Hope that every Sunday will be so successful! 




Departure: Parking in the last parking lot  after the “Locanda al  Camoscio” , Ugovizza, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Arrival: Nordio Hut, Sella Bistrizza, Madonna delle Nevi church, Sella Placcai,

Time: 4.30 hours.

Path: CAI 507

Difficulty: medium.




The MAP for this hike: 

My backpack:

Light backpack:

Hook for reflex for backpack:

Simone backpack:

Man hiking boots:

Woman hiking boots:

Baby carrier backpack:

GPS watch:

My camera:

My Power bank:




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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