Walk from the breathtaking view over Braulins | Monte Brancot, Monte Palantarins e monte Tre Corni

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Wonderful walk from Braulins to Monte Brancot, Monte Palantarins and Monte Tre Corni with a beautiful view of the Tagliamento river and the surrounding peaks.

^^^ We park in via Castello in Braulins (which is located near Gemona to be clear) and we reach the turret from which the CAI path 837 starts  ^^^

^^^ The path starts along this beautiful stone staircase and my walking buddies are Simone, Giorgino and my friend Sonja  ^^^

^^^ We left late and there is a strong beating sun. So lucky! ^^^

^^^ Before doing the real walk we came to see the church of San Michele dei Pagani built in the thirteenth century and partially embedded in the rock  ^^^

^^^The view from the church is an enchantment. You can see the Braulins bridge, the Tagliamento and the plain  ^^^

^^^The hike begins. Get ready because it takes 2 hours to climb to get to the top.  ^^^

^^^ We are finally at the top and we start immediately with a beautiful view!  ^^^

^^^ Behind me the Cjampon and in front of me the plain which with a day like this is a beauty! ^^^

^^^ Tagliamento river ^^^

^^^ In this photo you can see Cjampon on the right while Plauris on the left. ^^^

^^^ Dream team 😀 ^^^

^^^ Another bit uphill to reach the top of Mount Plantains ^^^

^^^Here we are on the top of Mount Palantarins 1049 m ^^^

^^^The view from Plantains mountain ^^^

^^^ Ospedaletto di Gemona from above and a beautiful blue lake on the other side of the Tagliamento river ^^^

^^^ What a view ! ^^^

^^^ What I indicate is the famous Mount Cjampon  ^^^

^^^ Giorgino thief of leaves!  ^^^

^^^And now relax!^^^

^^^ After having eaten Simone’s fantastic sandwiches, here we are again on the path towards Monte Tre Corni ^^^

^^^ In less than 15 minutes we reached the top of Mount Tre Corni and from here we can also see the lake of Cavazzo  ^^^

^^^ Selfie ^^^

^^^ And now it’s time to get down! ^^^

^^^ From Monte Tre Corni, besides the lake, you can enjoy the view of Tolmezzo and the peaks that surround it ^^^

^^^ On our right we can see Venzone, the Cima dei Larici, Cima Somp Selve, Mount Plauris and Mount Lavara  ^^^

^^^Behind us the Tagliamento river ^^^

^^^Afterr walk with this scrocchiarella of the “bar la fenice” in Gemona  ^^^

^^^ Yum Yum!! ^^^

Last Sunday after a week of rain we opened the windows and the sun was shining!


I immediately wrote a message to Sonia to see if she was coming with us and ..Let’s go!


We meet in a Gemona bar and after an excellent breakfast we leave for Braulins.

We decided to come here because I had been aiming for some time to go and see the red church perched on the rock above the village of Braulins.

It’s 10 am.

We start very late  today, a bit because today’s walk is not very long, a bit because last night was long and demanding.

We park in front of the former Braulins dairy and follow via castello and we reach the turret from which the CAI path 837 starts.

We decide to go immediately to visit the church of San Michele dei Pagani because, on our return, I’m sure we would only like to find a bar and drink a beer and not make another climb even if only 5 minutes.


We found the small church partially embedded in the rock and with a very particular color after just 10 minutes of walking.

This was also the place where the Bragolino castle stood, destroyed in 1300 after the nobles Almerico and Giovanni di Bragolino sided with the counts of Gorizia.

From here the view on the Tagliamento river is beautiful but now we have to go.


I admit.

I wasn’t expecting such a climb. And neither Sonia or Simone.

I don’t know why but in my head it was an hour of hiking  and instead we made 2 hours of very hard ascent immersed in the woods.

We finally reach altitude and for a broken sign we do not climb to the top of Mount Brancot but we turn around it and go directly to the top of Mount Palantarins.

The view is crazy!


In front of us the mount Cjampon,  the mount Cuarnan, Gemona, the boundless plain and the Tagliamento river that shines illuminated by the midday light.

What a show!

We eat the sandwich, take some photos and continue the walk.

Giorgino is very happy, a bit because he likes the grassy peaks and enjoys running around like a madman, partly because Sonia is there and he can also jump towards another human. : D

Another 15 minutes of walking and climbing and we reach the top of Mount Tre Corni at an altitude of 1048 m.

The passage between the peaks is all on the ridge so you can imagine the view to the right and left while walking.

From the top of the Tre Corni I can also see the lake of Cavazzo, Tolmezzo, the snow-covered Amariana and the mount Coglians in the distance.

In short, in front of us there was truly a sea of ​​peaks.


We don’t have much time today because we have other commitments tonight so we start our descent.

As we walk in growth we see a griffin fluttering above us. It comes from Lake Cornino and it is not uncommon to see them flutter over these mountains.

With the lookout above us we continue our descent which in an hour and a quarter takes us back to the car.

The descent was really fast so we take the opportunity to go for a meal of pizzas and some spritz aperol before returning home.


This walk is perfect for the winter seasons and if you love beautiful views or even if you simply don’t want to go too far from Udine.


Departure: Turret of Braulins, Braulins (near Gemona), Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Arrival: Monte Brancot, Palantarins peak and Tre Corni mount

Time: 5 hours

Path: CAI 837

Difficulty: medium.

Suitable for: adults and older children used to walking.





The MAP for this hike: https://amzn.to/2BJT0AA 

My backpack: https://amzn.to/2IMp2iB

Light backpack: https://amzn.to/2X3ERvn

Hook for reflex for backpack: https://amzn.to/2InGxH5

Simone backpack: https://amzn.to/31GyLPU

Man hiking boots: https://amzn.to/2FlMYIz

Woman hiking boots: https://amzn.to/2IMMKeI

Baby carrier backpack: https://amzn.to/2RyBo1z

GPS watch: https://amzn.to/2FgkcJt

My camera: https://amzn.to/31CewmD

My Power bank: https://amzn.to/2J1Efwv




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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