A walk suitable for young and old in the beautiful Cansiglio plateau in Alpago area.


^^^ It is our first time at Pian del Cansiglio so we park at the (closed) Albergo San Osvaldo and take the road that leads us to the woods ^^^

^^^ There are not yet all the colors of autumn but we are close .. ^^^

^^^ The departure of the path. Here you can see various people but don’t worry during the ring we met very few people. Most of them come to Cansiglio to drink and eat in the mountain huts, then they go to the woods a few meters and then they go back.   ^^^

^^^Today outfit Move’on LS Tee trousers Wayfarer and backpack Salomon Out Night 30+5 ^^^

^^^ Let’s go! We decided to make the Pian del Cansiglio ring as the day is not exactly the best and it is the first time that we come here.  ^^^

^^^ We enter the woods  ^^^

^^^wow! ^^^

^^^ Here are the signs that we will follow today. I advise you to bring the map,there are signs but not many. ^^^

^^^ Now we have come out of the woods and we have crossed the road ^^^

^^^ During the walk we find many farmhouses and huts where to eat ^^^

^^^The plateau with grazing cows and the wood that is changing its color  ^^^

^^^ We go back into the woods and the lights and the landscape create a fairytale atmosphere to say the least ^^^

^^^ We come out near the road that we have to cross again but first break and study the map because we don’t find where to take the last piece of the path  ^^^

^^^ We pass by the Ristoro Consiglio full of people. Let’s go straight  ^^^

^^^ A little mist is coming down .. it doesn’t predict anything good .. ^^^

^^^ We find the sign for this ancient oak. We also climb the hill and find another path that made us jump a piece of asphalt road  ^^^

^^^ And we came out somewhere else. We have made a mistake and taken another path but we remain positive. PIAN DEL CANSIGLIO BUT PUTTING TWO SIGNBOARDS MORE DOES YOU SUCK! ??! ^^^

^^^ Autumn vibes ^^^

^^^ We arrived at the Cimbro Village. The Cimbri were a Germanic tribe that descended to Italy because some feudal lords needed people capable of working with wood. In Cansiglio they initially arrived as seasonal lumberjacks but then brought families and built various villages like this  ^^^

^^^ The history of the Cimbri is very interesting. At the Cimbro village  you will find an educational table that tells you the story or you can read more  HERE or HERE ^^^

^^^Some Cimbri still live in the Cansiglio ^^^

^^^The name Cimbro derives from “tzimbar” which means wood craftsman  ^^^

^^^ We take the path in the woods to finish the ring  ^^^

^^^Once out of the woods we have a really nice time .. we wanted to go to the lake of Santa Croce, which is nearby, already from this morning so we go there anyway but between wind and cold we stopped very little ^^^

^^^ We folded up going to eat an excellent cheese plate and 2 beers at the “porchetta house” in via Alemagna in Santa Croce del Lago. Even if the name deceives here they have a huge cheese selection and they are delicious. I especially recommend the Cacioricotta .. very good !!!! ^ ^^


Brief review:



Beautiful and easy walk for the whole family.

The ring does not have hard ascent or descents, therefore it is also suitable for children.

There are short or long paths and you can also do many bike rides.

There are many huts and farmhouses with excellent products.

The panorama is spectacular.



Signage almost non-existent.

You spend a lot of time figuring out where you are and which way you need to go.

In the central road the cars run like crazy.

A lot of people.




In short, our day went great.

Since it was the first time we came here we decided to make the Cansiglio ring to enjoy the views, the forest and the colors of autumn.

We started from the San Osvaldo hotel.

When we got into the woods and started walking, however, we didn’t meet almost anyone.


The Cansiglio ring is quite easy to follow even if we “missed” some pieces of path because there are no signs in the crucial points.


The good news is that if you get lost, you are always in the area so just cut the wood and you come out on the road.

I really liked the forest because it had amazing colors and it seemed to be in a fairy tale.


We did not stop to eat because we wanted to do the whole tour which is more or less than 4 hours and then go to see the lake of Santa Croce.




The Santa Croce lake is huge.

I wasn’t expecting it!


Unfortunately the weather worsened in an instant and when we arrived at the lake there was a cold wind.

In the lake there were dozens of kite surfers and windsurfers who surfed but it was too cold to stop and all the bars were closed so we drove to Santa Croce del Lago by car and found this bar where to stop.


The ugliness of the restaurant is inversely proportional to how good their cheeses are and how kind the staff is!

We buy a nice chopping board at the “porchetta house” full of very good pieces of cheese.

I was particularly impressed with the Cacioricotta.

Guys, that’s good!


With our piece of cacioricotta we went home happy and excited to have seen a new place and to have tasted a specialty of the area. 




Departure and arrival: Albergo San Osvaldo, Loc. Pian Cansiglio 7, Farra D’Alpago BL, Veneto

Times: 4 hours

Path: signs “ring of Pian Cansiglio”

Difficulty: easy.

Suitable for: everyone

Tips: many poorly signposted points so bring along the tobacco map like this.






The MAP for this hike: 

My backpack:

Light backpack:

Hook for reflex for backpack:

Simone backpack:

Man hiking boots:

Woman hiking boots:

Baby carrier backpack:

GPS watch:

My camera:

My Power bank:




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