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Mount Cuarnan is part of the Julian Prealps chain and reaches 1372 meters. You can walk a beautiful ring starting from Montenars (above Artegna, Udine) and enjoy an incredible view over the entire Friuli.

^^^ Here is my adventure partner Giorgino! ^^^

^^^ The first obligatory stop is at the pascut fountain. They told me it is good luck to drink from there so I always stop! ^^^

^^^ Once the road is over, the path in the woods begins. Finally a little green begins to come out! ^^^

^^^ Here is the wild garlic along the Cuarnan path. Delicious to be frozen and used in soups and pests.  ^^^

^^^ The first part of the path in the woods ^^^

^^^ After half an hour we arrived at the Zuc de Cros  ^^^


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^^^ To my right the Tagliamento river, the Ragogna mountain and the Friuli plain ^^^

^^^ If you have children, you can hike up to here and have a picnic sitting comfortably in this beautiful table with a view  ^^^

^^^ My goal ^^^

^^^ Various paths intertwine on Cuarnan, today we follow 715 and we will return to this point from 716  ^^^

^^^ Here is another nice glimpse of the path and the panorama during the ascent  ^^^

^^^Find the toe of the Pischiutti hut. ^^^

^^^The path I did ^^^

^^^ Hi Pischiutti hut! ^^^

^^^ Also the church is close!^^^

^^^ Here is the only human being I met who leaves ^^^

^^^Welcome ^^^

^^^ Moment of reflection before reaching the finish line ^^^

^^^ Here is the church of the Redeemer on Mount Cuarnan at 1372 m ^^^


^^^ The view ^^^

^^^ What colors guys! The high street CAI of Gemona winds up there  ^^^

^^^ Here is the Kanin, the Lasca Plagna, the Baba Grande and the Triglav in the middle ^^^

^^^ Giorgino ^^^

^^^ Sandwich time! ^^^

^^^ Now is the time to go down this path all on the ridge  ^^^

^^^ Giorgino also appreciated the Cai 714 ^^^

^^^ The beautiful colors of today left me breathless  ^^^

^^^ The view during the descent ^^^

^^^ Interweaving of curves to reach the villages above Montenars  ^^^

^^^ I return along path 716^^^

^^^ We were there ^^^

^^^ End of the day! ^^^


On Monday I had organized a walk with a friend who, due to work commitments, had to cancel.


I did not lose heart and with my adventure companion Giorgino I left for Cuarnan alone.

But with Giorgino!


Cuarnan is a beautiful mountain where I have climbed many times.


The last one was on New Year’s Eve, at night, with Simone and Giorgino. From the top, at midnight, with a hot soup in hand and a glass of wine, we enjoyed the sight of thousands of fireworks in the Friuli plain. I never imagined so many fireworks. Seeing them from above was strange and beautiful at the same time.





At 9.30 I had already arrived in Montenars, exactly at the parking lot of Borgo Jouf (find it in google maps).


Since Simone was not with me I decided to take the tripod with me and finally inaugurate my photographic backpack where I was able to cleverly fit both the equipment for the photos and everything necessary for the excursion. Backpack promoted!


We begin to climb the CAI 715 starting from a height of 598 meters.

First goal: table with a view and wooden cross!


After half an hour you will arrive at the Zuc de Cros where the first thing you will see will be a wooden cross, but in front of you expect a breathtaking view that sweeps from the Tagliamento, to Mount Cuar, to Mount Ragogna, the Friulian plain, the mount of Buja, the mount Faeit right in front of you, the mount Bernardia, the mount Matajur and on the clearest days even the sea!


What better place to make the first stop and some photos.

Giorgino and I recharge the batteries, drink water and start again knowing that the best is yet to come.




The ascent of the Cuarnan is not so difficult (at least for me), but it doesn’t give you a breather.

The path is always clean, in fact it is a walk that we have done in every season.


I love to walk alone. You can keep your pace and stop when you feel the need. The bad thing is that you don’t have a “motivator” who forces you to keep up with his pace.

I try to get moving also because today it’s really hot. Giorgino also turns every 2 seconds to see if I move or not.




If you will do this walk after reading this article, let me know if it is true: the hill to reach the Pischiutti shelter does not remind you a bit of Holly and Benji’s football camp ?!


Where do you see the end but you never get there?

Well let me know.


With the image of the sandwich waiting for me printed in my mind, I continue for the last few meters that separate me from the goal.

I decided to go to the church and have lunch there.


For those who have never been there, it is worth making a stop inside. In winter there is often high altitude wind and having lunch inside the bivouac is always a pleasure. Sometimes the fire is lit and we have often had lunch in the company of strangers around the large bivouac table.




The church was destroyed by the 1976 earthquake and rebuilt in my year of birth in 1985.

The impact is remarkable when you see the church for the first time. In addition to the size of the structure it immediately affects the panorama and the many peaks that stand out behind the church.


To my left stands the Mount Cjampon, a mountain that I have not yet had the pleasure of climbing and from which the Gemona high route starts. Immediately afterwards follows the mountain range of the Gran Monte. Its walls today reflect beautiful colors. I can also locate Kanin and Triglav in the distance.


It is just a perfect day to admire the beauty of our mountains.


Giorgino and I eat each other (in the following order): a sandwich, crackers, a bar that was also a bit disgusting and a chocolate  bar (me).

Satisfied and happy, we stroll a little on the top of the mountain enjoying this beautiful view.




Behind the church I see the entrance to path 714.

I have never done this before.


I put everything in my backpack and we start this beautiful path that winds its way along the ridge.


While I go down I have to stop several times to look at this incredible panorama that surrounds me.

A succession of mountains as far as the eye can see. The colors are magical, they do not seem to me almost the same mountains as a few months ago.




I really enjoyed  the walk on the ridge, I am almost sorry when I enter the wood following the path 716.

I reach the crossroads that takes me back to the Zuc de Cros following the CAI 715.


I admit that after 4 hours of walking I was quite tired.

And Giorgino as well.

It was such a beautiful day in the mountains just with my lovely dog! 

To do again!




Start: Borgo Jouf, Montenars

End: Ricovero Pischiutti, church of Redentore and back to Borgo Jouf in Montenars.

Path: CAI 715 /CAI 714 / CAI 716 / CAI 715

Suitable for: adults and kids used to hike

Time: 4 ore

Tips: If you make the loop I recommend going up from 715 and going down with 714. If you have children you can go up to the Zuc de Cros in 1 hour and stop there for lunch.



The MAP for this hike:

My backpack:

Light backpack:

Hook for reflex for backpack:

Simone backpack:

Man hiking boots:

Woman hiking boots:

Baby carrier backpack:

GPS watch:

My camera:

My Power bank:




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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