Winter trek in Val Bartolo and too much snow going towards the mount Goriane

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An easy hike suitable for all above Camporosso(Tarvisio) where you can discover the beautiful Val Bartolo huts.

^^^ Simone, myself and Giorgino in Val Bartolo ^^^

^^^ The central road of Val Bartolo, suitable for everyone that is covered in snow in winter and allows you to make a beautiful snowshoe tour ^^^

^^^Our friend Sonja decided to come with us, at the end of the tour she was not so happy!  ^^^

^^^ Us ^^^

^^^ There are many huts in the Bartolo meadows, all particular and very characteristic ^^^

^^^ Here I just told Sonja of climb that awaits us now, but she thinks it’s a joke  ^^^

^^^ Simone and behind him the Val Bartolo ^^^

^^^We begin to climb towards Mount Goriane  ^^^

^^^ 2 hours and a quarter to mount Goriane. We never got there. ^^^

^^^ The climb is quite long and tiring  ^^^

^^^ In the middle of the woods ^^^

^^^ Giorgino is not very happy to remain on the ground  😀 ^^^

^^^ We have reached altitude. The hike is finally over ! ^^^

^^^ Here it is. We were told yesterday “There is no snow on the Goriane”  ^^^

^^^ From up here we can see the Dobratsch mountain, a bit covered by clouds  ^^^


^^^ We decide to continue the same a bit. It’s a pity that we left snowshoes in the car .. ^^^

^^^ Giorgino happier than ever. It’s been all day running and rolling in the snow  ^^^

^^^ We have arrived in front of Mount Goriane. We dedicate a heart to him and go back  ^^^

^^^ Walking in so much fresh snow is hard work. For today we are content to see it from here ^^^

^^^ Bye bye^^^

^^^ We always return along the same road, only that we now have frogs in our boots ^^^

^^^ Sonja very happy after finishing all the descents  ^^^

^^^ Return to the car along the asphalt road along the river ^^^


It often happens that friends ask us to go walking together.

Sometimes we can’t match everyone’s schedules while sometimes, it’s us who don’t want it, especially if we don’t know the path and, like in this case, we don’t know if there is snow or not.


When Sonja, one of my best friends, asked me to come with us I was very clear “ok, come but we don’t know where we will go and if there is snow or not. Are you sure you want to come?”


Suffice it to say that at the end of the day he said he will never come walking with us again.

In my defense I can say that I had warned her.





I always went to Val Bartolo in summer, so I wanted to see her with the “winter dress”.


We arrive in Val Bartolo and go up the road by car until the access ban, park and start the walk with 25 other people and many many other dogs.

It seems that today all decided to come here.


Unfortunately there is no trace of snow anywhere so we decide to leave the snowshoes in the car.

Val Bartolo is a perfect excursion for the whole family, in fact, as soon as you arrive at the meadows of Bartolo, you can have fun reaching various huts and barns and notice the differences.




In the past this area was used only during the spring-summer period, when families came here to make hay.

Now, thanks to all these well-kept private huts, it is one of the most characteristic areas of our mountains.


We reach the meadows of Bartolo in an instant and here, a long straight road cuts the valley in half. Once, the road was not so straight but it touched every hut or barn in the valley.


After the simple walk along the Val Bartolo and after taking some photos of the huts, we decide to go up to Mount Goriane. The other week Simone’s parents went up the other side and told us there was no snow.

Trail 403 starts in a characteristic beech and spruce forest, not even the time to admire the landscape that in a second we find ourselves sweating along a very long climb that we didn’t expect in the least. 


About halfway there are 4 gentlemen who tell us that it is full of snow and wish us well. We do not understand if they are taking us seriously then we continue.

They were serious. 


When we reached altitude we found an expanse of snow extends as far as the eye can see in front of us.

We didn’t want to believe it.


And snowshoes are in the car!

Arghh !!!!!




We decide to continue the same and see what the snow is like.

We went a little way walking in the fresh snow, a little we can walk but very often we sink to the knees.

What a struggle guys!


At the end we enjoy the view of the Goriane from the opposite mountain, we take two photos and retrace our steps, sinking into the snow for another good 40 minutes.


Poor Sonia was cooked. But an adventure is an adventure.

Going back on our steps we stopped to eat sitting on cut logs.

With the frogs in our boots we quickly redoed the downhill path.


In short, a rather fun day for me and quite tiring for Sonja, but sure we will remember for a long time: D



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This post is also available in: Italiano

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