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Beautiful tour of the Sauris huts starting from Sauris di Sopra during the autumn season.


^^^The starting point is in this street which is located between the “da Fausto” bar and the “Speck e stube” bar in Sauris di Sopra ^^^

^^^ Walk along the road that climbs between these beautiful houses ^^^

^^^ Sauris is famous for being one of the most characteristic mountain villages of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Look at how beautiful this house is.  ^^^

^^^ Here is the beginning of the path. I advise you to go to the tourism infopoint of Sauris and take the map with all the paths and travel times (we had the map tabacco) ^^^

^^^ Here we are at the first ascent. Psychologically prepare yourself because it is tough and you have it for at least 45/50 minutes.  ^^^

^^^ We are in the right week where the trees turn yellow. How beautiful!^^^

^^^ Today I finally try the Salomon backpack designed specifically for women and in addition to other things there is a height-adjustable chest height hook. I have never found it in any backpack, good excellent idea! ^^^

^^^ Here we are at the first crossroads. We continue to follow the main road but we stop here for a moment to take a breath and look at the view  ^^^

^^^ Best friends ♡ in Sella Festoons ^^^

^^My Salomon supercross GTX  ^^^

^^^ What a view from up here and it will always be better! ^^^

^^^ Sella Festons 1860 m ^^^

^^^ Here we are at the Festons lakes. Now we continue along the path 204-3c  ^^^

^^^Cows … cows everywhere  ^^^

^^^ Behind me Mount Rivera  ^^^

^^^ Here it is beautiful, sorry not to have a decent zoom because the peaks that can be seen in the distance are spectacular!  ^^^

^^^ Wow ^^^

^^^ I miei gigioni 🙂 ^^^

^^^ And here is the view from the other side, Mount Siera, Piccolo Siera, Mount Creta Forata and Mount Cimon ^^^

^^^We go down another time. This walk is all up and down even on asphalt roads like this ^^^

^^^ Now let’s quickly go down this road and reach the road to the hut you see on Simone’s right  ^^^

^^^ Small piece of wood and then up again! ^^^

^^^ Look at how the path winds at this point  ^^^

^^^ I colori dell’autunno ^^^

^^^ Sauris is an enchantment in this season.  ^^^

^^^ Do you see the refuge from here?  ^^^

^^^ There he is! The refuge de Gasperi, look how well you can see from where we are!  ^^^

^^^ And now we go down towards Casera Vinadia  ^^^

^^^ Here various paths wind. Don’t get lost! ^^^

^^^ We pass to the side of Casera Vinadia and keep the “main road” and ready for another climb! ^^^

^^^ If there had been no clouds down there, one would have been able to see the mount Coglians  ^^^

^^^ And even today the bad weather has arrived. ^^^

^^^ But someone is happy anyway! ^ ^^

^^^ Quick passage to Casera Pieltinis in search of a way to rinse Giorgino who has just rolled on a carcass and literally smells dead..bleah!^^^

^^^Giving up on the evidence, we used all the water to wash the dog and we walk the last hour with the dog that smells less but without water. However, we follow path 218-3b ^^^

^^^ And here is Lake Sauris with its unmistakable color  ^^^

^^^ What a view guys! And who could have imagined that he could even see the lake with this walk! ^^^

^^^ Last piece in the woods  ^^^

^^^ Sauris in the distance, we’re almost there ^^^

^^^ But do you want not to make a last climb ??  😀 ^^^

^^^Arrived on the main road we head towards Sauris di Sopra ^^^

^^^ First of all drink and wash  ^^^

^^^ Then a nice stroll among these beautiful huts ^^^

^^^ And now we celebrate this beautiful (even if a little smelly) day with an excellent Zahre beer produced right here in Sauris  ^^^


At the beginning of October, Simone and Giorgino and I finally took a walk that we wanted to do all summer.

Our list of walks is always longer than our free Sundays so we find ourselves in October that we still try to “close” some summer excursion.


In retrospect, Sauris is so beautiful and colorful in the fall that I am happy to have postponed this walk until now.




The nice thing about Sauris is that there are dozens of trekking paths.


In each bar/restaurant you can find the map of the Sauris trails.

Basically, if you want to take a short or a long walk and if you are with kids you can choose the path that’s right for you. Very simple!


I should also add that they are very well signposted and on the same paths you can also go snowshoeing in the winter.


For our walk today we decided to make the “highest” tour of the alpine pastures and, now that I have done so, I can say, probably the most panoramic.

The tiring part is all at the beginning.

You are ready?




We arrive early in the morning because the trek is several hours long.

The sky is overcast and a little chilly.

Will we manage not to catch the rain today?


We have breakfast at the Speck & Stube bar as we left the car in the parking lot a little further on and after a cappuccino and a cheese sandwich we are ready to go.

We take the pedestrian street that climbs to the left which is located between the Bar / restaurant da Fausto and the Speck & stube.


We pass through this characteristic village of houses all in wood and stone with windows full of geraniums and in a moment we find the first path sign.


We take the 204-3c which in 50 minutes of very hard ascent on a paved road takes us from 1384 m of Sauris di Sopra to 1860 m of Sella Festoons 

In front of us the Dolomites and behind us the Val Pesarina.



We cross the lakes of Festons which in the end are two mud pools and we also manage to pass among the cows without being chased or gored.

We pass next to Casera Festons and made the little climb and we find ourselves in front of another spectacular panorama.

What a beauty guys, describing the views of this walk is impossible.


Each highest point you reach leads to an even more beautiful panorama than the previous one.

But how did I not come here so far!?!




Through a ramp with a percentage of absurd gradient we descend in a second 150 meters in altitude and at the bottom we continue our walk on a slightly uphill dirt road with a crazy view towards the Val Pesarina.


After 20 minutes of pleasant walk we arrive in front of another beautiful concrete ramp.

Up and down again and we pass Casera Vinadia very fast and it also starts to rain.

For a moment I hope for a lot of rain so at least we can wash the dog a little. Obviously it doesn’t happen, only 4 drops and the fog come down.




After another ascent and descent we reach Casera Pieltinis  and we took the path in front of the hut.

We make another climb following the path 218-3b and in the midst of the blueberry shrubs we see some fawns jumping happily.


By now the fog is slowly going down so we move on and in front of us appears the lake of Sauris.

How nice to be able to see it from so high.


From here we make a beautiful path in the woods that takes us first over Sauris di Sotto and then, after the last climb (very short fortunately) we arrive at Sauris di Sopra.




You never end a walk in this area without a good glass of Zahre beer produced right here in Sauris.

The bar is close to the parking in Sauris di Sopra so don’t miss a drink there! 




I really recommend this walk to everyone because apart from the initial climb, the rest of the tour is a feasible ups and downs for everyone.

The views are breathtaking, you can lengthen / shorten the tour at various points and throughout the journey there are many grazing cows and benches and tables for picnics.



Departure: Sauris di Sopra, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Arrival: sella Festons, Casera Vinadia Grande, Forcella Pieltinis, Sauris di Sopra

Time: 5.30 hours

Path: CAI 204-3c – CAI 206-3c – CAI 218-3b – Path 2e

Difficulty: medium.

Suitable for: adults and older children used to walking.

Tips: take the maps you find in Sauris but also bring the tabacco map with you because at certain points it could be useful.




The MAP for this hike

My backpack:

Light backpack:

Hook for reflex for backpack:

Simone backpack:

Man hiking boots:

Woman hiking boots:

Baby carrier backpack:

GPS watch:

My camera:

My Power bank:





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This post is also available in: Italiano

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