the most beautiful house in the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia to rent | Holidays in Carnia ep. 4

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During our last summer holidays we rented one of the accommodations of the “diffuse hotel” of Paluzza and it was a real surprise.

^^^ Here is the house I found on and is part of the popular hotel in Paluzza  ^^^

^^^ It is located in Faas ^^^

^^^ Above there is the kitchen and the living room with this large window and below the bathroom and double bedroom  ^^^

^^^ Here there is no internet, there is a wifi that works poorly and even the power must be used sparingly ^^^

^^^The design of this house is crazy  ^^^

^^^ There is an electric gas and a small fridge. While each floor has a stove to heat the rooms during cold days  ^^^

^^^ Giorgino  ^^^


^^^The entrance and the stove on the upper floor  ^^^

^^^The view from the panoramic window of the living room ^^^

^^^ Outside the house we can admire the beautiful Crete of Timau  ^^^



^^^Here is the house nestled among the hills and the few houses of the village  ^^^

^^^ So happy time! ^^^

^^^The exit from the downstairs bedroom leads directly to the garden. ^^^

^^^ The double bed is located inside a niche with a very comfortable and gigantic mattress and 2 small windows for looking out ^^^

^^^ It is getting evening, we wait for the dark before turning on the lights and so we enjoy the sunset until the end  ^^^

A long time ago I had seen on this structure which is part of the albergo diffuso “Le Marmote” di Paluzza. 


We had never had the opportunity to rent it until this year, where we decided to spend our holidays in the Friulian mountains and more specifically in Carnia. 




But what is a “Albergo diffuso”?

Literally diffused hotel and are structures of different types, apartments or entire houses, distributed in a municipality that usually have a unitary management and in which you can stay having, as neighbors, the inhabitants of the village and not only other tourists.


Going to a diffused hotel allows you to live in a house full of history and to savor the true country life making your stay unique and unrepeatable. 




We rented this house and it was truly a crazy stay.


The first evening  it started raining and the ticking of the rain on the roof accompanied us until we went to sleep.

This house is located in the village of Faas, 20 minutes from Paluzza.


We went to Paluzza in the reception of the diffused hotel “Le Marmote” and the very kind girl at the desk accompanied us to our house explaining everything we needed.


In Faas’ house there is no television, the internet works little, the electricity  works very little and is low voltage so leave a hairdryer and various gadgets at home.

You can heat up with the stove and the bathroom has no door.


What a cool place!!!


However instead of the television you have a glass of wine in the living room with a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks, you can make the barbecue since there is everything you need.

Cars do not pass so relaxation is total.


The bed downstairs is crazy, giant and super comfy.

In the morning we woke up with the birds singing in the garden and not even a noise at a distance of kilometers.

A paradise.




We spent three spectacular days.

During the day we went for our hikes and in the evening we couldn’t wait to go back to this house to relax.


Giorgino also had a great time, in front of the house at his disposal there was a big garden and the fact that no cars passed allowed us to relax even when the dog was out sniffing around .


If you want to spend a special weekend I recommend everyone to think about this house but remember to do the shopping well because returning to the village is bit far! 😀




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Simone backpack:

Man hiking boots:

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Baby carrier backpack:

GPS watch:

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This post is also available in: Italiano

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