Spectacular walk from the Rifugio Marinelli hut via Monte Floriz to the Monte Croce Carnico pass | Holidays in Carnia ep. 3

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The story of the second day of trekking from the Marinelli refuge to the beautiful Mount Floriz and back to the Monte Croce Carnico pass in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


^^^ Good morning Giorgino! Your first night in the refuge went great you were very good !!! ^^^

^^^ This morning we woke up at the Marinelli refuge at 2120 m with just 5 degrees, not even Giorgino wanted to leave the refuge!  ^^^

^^^ The clouds cover everything, hopefully it will open and a spectacular day will come out today! ^^^

^^^The beautiful Marinelli refuge very quiet in the early morning ^^^

^^^The middle peak that we can see today with this clear and cloudless sky  ^^^

^^^Now we start making the CAI 143, we pass under the walls of Mount Coglians and we return to the Marinelli refuge through the CAI 145 ^^^

^^^ So cold! ^^^

^^^ Along the 143 there are also two pieces of cable to hold on to for safety ^^^

^^^ Simone in the middle of the limestone rocks under the Coglians ^^^

^^^ And look at that view returning to the Marinelli refuge following the CAI 145 ^^^

^^^We can also find Mount Floriz from here. We are coming! ^^^

^^^ Here below you can see the road that goes up from the Tolazzi hut ^^^

^^^Beautiful view with Monte Tuglia in the center  ^^^

^^^ We go past the Marinelli refuge and head towards Mount Floriz  ^^^

^^^ Surely I have already told you but I love the paths on the ridge. ^^^

^^^ Can you see the sheep? ^^^

^^^ Here we are on the top of Mount Floriz 2184 m  ^^^

^^^ A 360 ° view . ^^^

^^^ Wow! ^^^

^^^ Yummy!! ^^^


^^^ Now the fun part begins, we leave the CAI 174 and follow the ridge that we find on the left going down from Mount Floriz ^^^

^^^ There are simple stretches on the ridge and stretches where you have to help yourself a bit but the path in the first stretch is clearly visible.  ^^^

^^^Here is the path that can be glimpsed and Giorgino who glimpses a dirty pool where he can’t wait to run ^^^

^^^ Mud Giorgi ^^^

^^^ After 20 minutes at random in the bushes we came out on the CAI 148 path (which we saw from above) and now we continue towards Casera Val di Collina  ^^^

^^^We find a stream that Giorgino obviously could not avoid  ^^^

^^^Wellness moment for Giorgi, 2 minute break and we start again because today we are in a hurry! ^^^

^^^ We ran into a viper! Fortunately Giorgino didn’t see her and he went straight ahead and we realized he was already running away. Brr! ^^^

^^^ Here is the Val di Collina dairy and immediately after we take the CAI 148 ^^^

^^^Here are dozens of marmots as big as cats that whistle every time we pass, I can even take a photo of one of these! ^^^

^^^ We are almost there!  ^^^ ^^^

^^^ Last stretch in the woods and last climb, the backpack starts to be felt and also the desire to get to our next destination for the night.  ^^^

^^^ But noooo !!!! We got distracted for a second and obviously Giorgino dived into the water again, this time we are less fortunate and when he comes out we immediately realize that we should wash it as soon as possible .. It stinks in an incredible way and now we have to keep it in the car wet and smelly :I  ^^^





Second day of trekking and also second day of holidays!


We emerge from the Marinelli hut where we have sleep, which is freezing cold.

The thermometer shows 5 degrees and we are is August!


We wear all the clothes we have in our backpack and we go on an adventure but not before having breakfast, of course.




Sometimes walks are born like this.

We decided to go to Floriz for a photo we had seen. That right now I don’t even remember where but, when I saw the path that climbed zigzag all over the ridge in the middle of this green green mountain, I couldn’t not go there.

So we organized a 2 days in refuge simply to do this piece of trail.




Since we are with the dog we cannot climb to the top of the Coglians (sadness) so we decide to make a ring on its slopes.


We gonna take CAI 143 and return to CAI 145.

However, this path is very beautiful and allows you to touch the limestone rocks of the Coglians and meet many runners who come here to train.

From here we were able to see the view from another angle and above all to do some warming up since it is early in the morning.




We pass again in front of Marinelli hut, it is too early otherwise I would have ordered again polenta and mushrooms of last night -YUM! -.

We follow the path 174 and arrive in a second at the top of Monte Floriz from which the view is spectacular!


It is so beautiful that we decide to eat here our only sandwich of the day and to watch the peaks that surround us at 360 °.


Behind us the mount Coglians, in front of the mount Crostis and Col Gentile, to the right the Tuglia, Mount Creta Forata, the Terza Grande and in the distance even Sauris, mount Peralba and mount Lastroni. Really incredible !!!




Now the not marked path begins.

We go down from the top of the Floriz and find on the left a path that goes down to the ridge and on the tabacco map it is marked in black.

We follow it and it is truly an enchantment.


We reach a pond where Giorgino throws himself in and comes out with completely brown legs, thank goodness only the legs ..

We go around a fence for the sheep that are now grazing everywhere and we see the white road of the CAI 148 in the distance below us.


Let’s not waste too much time finding the right path and go down a little  between brambles and cut saplings.

We go down the whole hill and we are on the right path that leads us to Casera Val di Collina.


We can’t relax a second that a viper does FFFFF !!!! as he runs away and I really take a good fright. Fortunately Giorgino didn’t notice anything and went straight.

It went well.


We are in a hurry because we have to go and get the keys of the house that I rented for a few nights in the Paluzza area (and it’s really cool so I can’t wait to go there) so we pass the Casera, we continue on the path 148, we dribble the dozens of marmots that make us the verse and we dive into the woods.




The last climb.

In 20 minutes we do the last stretch in the woods and we are finally at the parking lot.


Do you want to see the craziest house we rent in the mountains here in Friuli Venezia Giulia???

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Departure: Marinelli hut (if you want to read the walk I did to get to the marinelli you can find it by clicking here), Paluzza, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Arrival: Monte Floriz, Monte Croce Carnico Pass

Time: 4.30 hours

Path: CAI 174 then not marked path up to Casera Floriz Alta then CAI 148

Difficulty: medium

Suitable for: there is a part without a CAI marker, therefore suitable for those who can read maps and are well oriented.




The MAP for this hike: https://amzn.to/30TfcT5 

My backpack: https://amzn.to/2IMp2iB

Light backpack: https://amzn.to/2X3ERvn

Hook for reflex for backpack: https://amzn.to/2InGxH5

Simone backpack: https://amzn.to/31GyLPU

Man hiking boots: https://amzn.to/2FlMYIz

Woman hiking boots: https://amzn.to/2IMMKeI

Baby carrier backpack: https://amzn.to/2RyBo1z

GPS watch: https://amzn.to/2FgkcJt

My camera: https://amzn.to/31CewmD

My Power bank: https://amzn.to/2J1Efwv




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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