Sleeping at the Marinelli refuge with your dog, our review | Holidays in Carnia ep. 2

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The story of our night at the Marinelli hut immersed in the enchanting Carnic Alps above Paluzza together with our dog Giorgino: a wonderful experience.


^^^ Good morning from the Rifugio Marinelli hut at 2111 meters high immersed in the Carnic Alps  ^^^ 

^^^ Giorginoseems to appreciate our room with a bunk bed  ^^^ 

^^^  After testing the bed below and the one above he decided that the one below was his favorite and that the height is not for him  ^^^ 

^^^ Arrived in the refuge in the afternoon we could not taste some excellent local cheese accompanied by two obviously deserved beers!  ^^^ 

^^^  Here we are in the bar room at the Marinelli refuge and our aperitif. P.S. Giorgino is sleeping under the table.  ^^^ 

^^^It’s time for dinner! Tagliatelle with venison ragout for Simone.  ^^^ 

^^^ Vegetarian dumplings for me  😀 ^^^ 

^^^ Polenta with mushrooms and formadi frant for me  ^^^ 

^^^  And frico with polenta for Simone. . YUM!! ^^^ 

^^^ 7 am, 5 degrees is VERY COLD !!! Here we are, taking the dog out and taking a cold! ^^^ 

^^^ Both dinner and night went very well, the Marinelli refuge is fantastic and our dog was pampered all evening! I recommend everyone an experience to come and spend a night with your dog in this refuge. Congratulations to the lady who manages and her collaborators. Very good !!! ^^^




It is only 4 p.m. and we have already arrived at the Rifugio Marinelli hut.

Usually if we decide to spend a night in a refuge we arrive much later but the forecasts today threatened rain in the afternoon hours and rather than taking rain we decide to leave earlier and have a few beers in the hut.


We are immediately greeted very well by the girl behind the counter who explains everything, gives us the tokens for the hot shower (6 euros each) and accompanies us to our room.




The Marinelli hut have a double room for those who want to stay with their dog.

Obviously it is often booked because there are very few shelters that allow you to bring your dog so book well in advance at 0433-779177.


The room is simple but very practical. There is a bunk bed, various hangers for hanging backpacks and it is very clean.


The boots are left downstairs so, knowing that, we brought our slippers.

Giorgino first sniffed the whole room then curled up in bed and took a good sleep while Simone and I went to take a shower.

An hour later we moved downstairs in front of the bar counter and between gamesand beers, dinner time arrived.




Guys,  how delicious is the food here?

They really surprised me!

Incredible flavors, a great menu’ choice  and really everything cured to the maximum.

We ate dumplings, tagliatelle with venison ragout, polenta and mushrooms, frico and even a slice of tart.

After this “shy” dinner: D they couldn’t make us miss a few grappa shots.



I have often heard people complain that the prices in this refuge are higher, but I reply that they deserve all the money they ask for.

The service is fantastic, the staff very kind, the refuge is super clean and hospitable and the food is super.


The stay with dinner included is 45 euros for CAI MEMBERS, the breakfast 8 euros, the shower 6 euros and the stay for the dog is around 7 euros.

For me the price is correct!




I recommend everyone to come for a walk to the Marinelli hut and to stay here one night whether you are with your dog, family or friends.

It is truly the flagship of the Friuli huts with high quality service and where the customer will surely leave satisfied and happy.



Tomorrow we will make the walk under the mount Coglians and towards Mount Floriz, you can find the post of our second day of trekking by clicking HERE.






The MAP for this hike: 

My backpack:

Light backpack:

Hook for reflex for backpack:

Simone backpack:

Man hiking boots:

Woman hiking boots:

Baby carrier backpack:

GPS watch:

My camera:

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This post is also available in: Italiano

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