Something fun to do in Tarvisio? Rent a rowboat with your family at the Fusine lake.

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There are many activities that can be done in Tarvisio (Friuli Venezia Giulia) like hiking, cycling along the Alpe Adria Trail, taking the cable car to Monte Santo di Lussari and also boating on Fusine lake.


^^^ We arrived at Belvedere bar to the Fusine Lake just in time to drink a coffee on the repaired terrace  ^^^

^^^ Fortunately, the weather quickly fixed and we were able to rent our boat for 8 euros for half an hour  ^^^

^^^ Simone struggling with the oars that .. if you followed the stories on my instagram @theitaliansmoothie .. it’s not for him 😀 ^^^

^^^ The beautiful lake of Fusine Inferiore and the view of the massive Mangart group  ^^^

^^^ I didn’t think I would have liked this simple boat ride so much but I admit it is a lot of fun and seeing the lake from another perspective makes you understand better how big it is  ^^^

^^^ What peace! I’m sorry I don’t have a basket with something to eat, 2 glasses and a bottle of wine  ^^^


Monday was a really fun day.

Simone and I were invited by the Atrio shopping center in Villach for a morning of shopping – take a look at the post here.

It was really fun to go from one shop to another to choose the hike boots, and do some sport shopping for our walks (the boots department at harves is cool and also the various clothing stores).

We also had lunch there so when we went out around 2 p.m. we thought of taking a tour of the lakes of Fusine and renting a boat.


Until you place a foot on the boat, difficult to understand how much she dances! 

It is not at all stable as we thought!

It has just finished raining which means that all the tables in the Belvedere bar that overlooks the lake are full of tourists.

Obviously we are the only ones to go and get the boat and consequently you can imagine 50 eyes staring at you.

Nice, very nice!



I put on a foot and the boat start shaking.

I try to stay lower and practically catapult myself into the boat  and I don’t know how I sit without turning upside down: D

Simone unhooks the chain and throws himself into it, sitting down immediately so as not to risk other dangerous swings.

We both have a huge laugh.


With the oar we move away from the shore and … that’s it!

Simone has put himself in the “command” position, he has to row to go forward or backward or in the round but no matter how much he moves the oars, nothing happens.


We float to the side of the bar terrace while everyone stares at us.

Truly exhilarating situation 😀




After 10 comical minutes I say to Simone “Ohhh finally we have found something that is really bad for you! Rowing!”.

What the problem was: the boat has the “tip” on one side. Simone row to the other side. -.- ”


Maybe not.


With great effort we reach the center of the lake where we decide to switch.

Guys, changing places in those little boats seems easier but is not, you have to move slowly keeping as low as possible while the other person keeps everything in balance by shifting the weight. In short, drama.


The mission was successful and I start rowing.

I have the proofs on my instagram stories (indeed if you don’t follow me MALE @theitaliansmoothie), I’m very good!


I take the oars and one, and two, and treee and the boat moves.

Alessia 1 – Simone 0

The cost was € 8 every half hour, they marked what time we left and they asked us only € 8  even if we had exceeded the times. Better.


If you went to the Bar, the service is very easy, go there just for coffe or drinks.


The lakes of Fusine is always full of charm.


If you also want to go boating on the lake, I recommend 3 options to fill the day:

  • Trekking to the Zacchi alpine hut or walk around the lakes and after do the boat ride
  • Reach the lakes of Fusine by bicycle via the Alpe Adria cycle path and boat ride
  • Go and see the Raibl – Cave del Predil mine where you can enter the heart of a mine with a small train  and discover the history of that place and then reach the fusine lake for the boat ride.

If you’ve never been there, trust me, rent a boat!

You will see what fun : D



Price: 30 minutes 8 euro

Where: Fusine Lake, Tarvisio, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Where to rent: Bar Belvedere on the lake



The MAP for this hike:

My backpack:

Light backpack:

Hook for reflex for backpack:

Simone backpack:

Man hiking boots:

Woman hiking boots:

Baby carrier backpack:

GPS watch:

My camera:

My Power bank:




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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