Trekking in Alta Val Resia in the Julian Prealps natural park | Malga Coot, bivacco Costantini, Infrababa Grande Pass and mount Guarda Infrababa Grande

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A challenging hike in Friuli Venezia Giulia among Italy and Slovenia where you can admire very different panoramas, from the verdant southern ridge of the Val Resia to the surreal lunar landscape of the Canin plateau.


^^^ Today we wake up early to avoid the summer heat. We arrived at Malga Coot above Coritis, in Alta Val Resia in the Julian Prealps Natural Park  ^^^

^^^ Before leaving, we stop for a coffee in the Malga (Rustic construction of stones and wood used as a dwelling for shepherds in the summer, also including the stable for the animals and the dairy for milk processing) . Look at the view! ^^^

^^^ At Malga Coot you can come and eat, buy cheese, butter and ricotta and you can also spend the night here ^^^

^^^ We start along the CAI 642 where we meet a young cow … immediately notice Giorgino’s terror and how he is escorted by Simone  😀 ^^^

^^^The walk begins through a pleasant forest.  ^^^

^^^ And where thanks to a branch we all become deer 😀 ^^^

^^^ The coolness of the woods and calm are replaced by first challenging climb. Now we follow the path CAI 731  ^^^

^^^ Intorno a noi la rugiada del mattino ^^^

^^^Just outside the woods, go up this path, towards Bivacco Costantini ^^^

^^^ From here the view over the Resia valley is spectacular  ^^^

^^^ The climb becomes more demanding  ^^^

^^^ Here we are finally! The Costantini bivouac under the beautiful Mulac tower ^^^

^^^ After an hour we arrived at the small red bivouac in sheet metal at an altitude of 1960 m  ^^^

^^^ Inside there are also mattresses and blankets useful when you decide to spend the night here. ^^^

^^^ Now we have an hard hike to the Infrababa Grande Pass following the CAI 731st  ^^^

^^^ This part is very sloping, if you do not want to take this path you can go directly to Mount Guarda from the Costantini bivouac  ^^^

^^^ Satisfaction when you finally reach altitude  😀 ^^^

^^^ Arrived at the Infrababa Grande pass in the beautiful and rocky Canin plateau ^^^

^^^ At this point we are on the border between Italy and Austria.  ^^^


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^^^ Love Love Love ^^^

^^^ Selfie with Giorgino ^^^

^^^ Behind me mount Polaris and mount Lavara ^^^

^^^The beautiful southern ridge of Val Resia, look how well you can see it from here, enchanting!^^^

^^^ Now we go down the same path from which we come up ^^^

^^^ Let’s go back to the Costantini bivouac and take the path that you see in this photo, the CAI 731 up to Mount Guarda ^^^

^^^ Direction mount Guarda at 1720 m, middle peak between Italy and Slovenia ^^^

^^^Here is Mount Guarda 😀 ^^^

^^^ Last ascent of the day.^^^

^^^ Going up to Mount Guarda on our right we can admire the Soča valley and some paragliders dancing in the sky  ^^^

^^^ Arrived at the summit! ^^^

^^^ Happiness ^^^

^^^ Now we go down to Malga Coot following the CAI 741. P.S. I’m hungry!!!  ^^^

^^^ After 6 hours of walking (with relative photo breaks and sandwich breaks) we arrived at Malga Coot ^^^

^^^ We have lunch with a nice platter of cheeses of their production, Resia garlic canapes and gnocchi with nettles. All exceptional, service included!  ^^^




Finally the holidays!

This year Simone and I will spend our holidays in Friuli Venezia Giulia for the first time in our life.

I admit.

I am a vacation-lover that is, as soon as I have a few free days I book somewhere and run away (you know I have visited more than 22 countries so far !?).

But this year for a series of commitments and impediments we had to stop in Friuli and I’ll tell you the truth, I wasn’t sorry at all!

We made a tight planning of one walk a day, a few nights in Paluzza, 2 days in an alpine hut, then Trieste and Slovenia with friends and other walks again.

It was very funny!



At 8 A.M. we arrived at the parking lot below the Malga that if you don’t know what “malga” means is a rustic construction of stones and wood used as a dwelling for shepherds in the summer, also including the stable for the animals and the dairy for milk processing.




To reach Malga Coot you have to take the Udine-Tarvisio state road (if you are using the highway, choose the Amaro exit and then turn onto the Udine-Tarvisio state) and upon reaching Resiutta follow the simple signs that point towards the road which, following the course of the river, leads to Val Resia. Goes beyond the village  of Stolvizza and Coritis and after 15 eternal minutes of uphill hairpin bends (if you suffer from car sickness .. wishes!) you arrive at destination.


From the parking lot to the hut a comfortable – joke – steep ramp makes the start of your day amazing. : D


I need a coffee!

I trudge up to the outside tables of Malga Coot where a nice gentleman, in addition to having a chat, also prepares us coffee with the mocha.

We drink coffee immersed in a surreal silence with a breathless view of the Val Resia while the sun that is rising fast turns everything yellow.

Legs on the shoulder we have to leave.




The CAI 642 path starts behind Malga Coot where a friendly little cow looks at us next to the trail.

Giorgio our dog starts pulling like crazy to go in the opposite direction.

He is terrified of cows.


But this cow is very young and very sweet. You can see that it is just curious and when Simone finally manages to pass over with Giorgino by taking him in his arms, I manage to get closer and cuddle it.

We go up fast and we plunge into the woods, also meeting some stavolo.




The stavolo is a rural mountain building, typical of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region and indicate a shelter for animals.

They were originally built in wood and stone and used by shepherds to lodge their flocks or herds in case of bad weather, which they brought to pasture in the summer. They are also used to store hay made from the mowing of alpine meadows.


We continue on the CAI 731 which keep more decisively through gravel and stones.

In an hour and 10 we reach the beautiful Costantini red bivouac and we decide to eat the sandwich immediately, before the toughest climb.



The view from here is an enchantment.


We are pleasantly immersed in the shade thanks to the Mulac tower which is located just behind the bivouac and in complete relaxation we enjoy the view over the Val Resia, on the southern ridge where we recognize Mount Plagne Briniza, Mount Cuarnan, Cjampon, Plauris that stands out in the distance and of course the Zuc dal Bor that you can almost always see!




Since I did the Uccea – Mount Guarda walk and I found myself practically in front of the Babe, I have remained a bit obsessed to climb the Baba Grande.


But you know, not all wishes can be fulfilled especially with a dog and a boyfriend who does not like hikes like these so we have found a compromise and we have decided to only reach the Infrababa pass.


The climb is steep and uncomfortable, then yesterday it rained a lot and then there are stones and gravel that makes you slide continuously.

We must be very careful, especially in the first part.


From the second part of the climb, however, both Simone and I found the path a little easier and the landscape finally arrived at the summit is priceless. 




After an hour of ascent and sweat we arrived at the Infrababa Grande Pass.


Hundreds of huge boulders are scattered everywhere and the spectacle that awaits us is one of a kind.

It almost seems that a giant had fun throwing boulders, as if they were marbles, from mount Kanin up to here and that they got stuck on the ground in the grass.

A karst scenario absolutely worth seeing.

Very beautiful. 


We have fun jumping from one stone to another until we find some shade and we stop for a moment.

On our right there is the Isonzo valley where dozens of paragliding people float in the sky. Above us the Baba and in front the Lasca Plagna.




While we were going up the Infrababa pass, Simone was a little worried about the descent but instead (his words) “it is easier to go down than to go up, incredible”.

Probably because from the top the path is well identified and also because the heat has dried the ground and is less slippery, however in half an hour we are back at the Costantini bivouac, we took the CAI 731 to reach the top of Mount Guarda.

This stretch of path is enchanting, even if we thought a little shorter.

I don’t know about you but I deeply love walking on the ridges, looking from one side of the mountain to the other, studying the valleys below us.

I find it to be a unique emotion!

Finally we arrived on the top at 1720 meters high, below us on one side the Isonzo valley and the Val Resia in the other side.

In front of us the Julian Alps and behind us the Julian Prealps.

A breathtaking landscape wherever you look.

After a quick break we going down with the  CAI 741 path.


We order a plate of cheeses of their production, the Resia garlic canapes (a delight !!), a plate of nettle gnocchi and finally peach pie.

A few beers because the heat is scorching today and … we would never have left!

Needless to say, it was all very good, great service and all delicious.

To finish with a flourish, we also took away a piece of ricotta and one of cheese since it is produced by them and in our home cheese is never enough!

Then consider that it was Friday and it was just us. In short, the first day of vacation was fantastic … hopefully the others will be too!


If you want to do this walk in a easier version, you can do the loop “Malga Coot – Bivacco Costantini – monte Guarda” and return via the path CAI 741 without going through the Infrababa pass. It is a 4 hour ring of exciting beauty. Absolutely recommended!




Start: Malga Coot, Resia, Natural Park of the Julian Prealps, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Arrival: Bivacco Costantini, Infrababa Grande pass and Mount Guarda.

Time: 6 hours (with many breaks, however).

Path: CAI 642 – CAI 731 – CAI 731a (ascent and descent via the same path) then from the Costantini bivouac again CAI 731 – CAI 741

Difficulty: medium-high.

Suitable for: adults and older children used to hike.

Tips: beware of those who suffer from vertigo because the climb to the infrababa (which one may not do and go directly to Mount Guarda) is quite steep and demanding.



The MAP for this hike: 

My backpack:

Light backpack:

Hook for reflex for backpack:

Simone backpack:

Man hiking boots:

Woman hiking boots:

Baby carrier backpack:

GPS watch:

My camera:

My Power bank:




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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