Want to start hiking the mountains, but you’re alone? Here are some useful tips

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Many times I hear you ask  “I would like to start hiking in the mountains but I am alone, how can I do?” 

Here are some tips for you beginners who want to start approaching the beautiful mountain world. 




1. Subscribe to the local CAI.

The CAI, Club Alpino Italiano is an association with the aim of spreading the mountain attendance by organizing hiking initiatives and courses, aimed at promoting safe mountain attendance.

By signing up to the CAI as well as being insured in the event of an accident in the mountains and having various benefits, you can participate in all the walks that your CAI organizes.

The walks are scheduled at the beginning of the year.

You are given a calendar with all the hiking trips so you can organize yourself. There are walks of all kinds, from easy to very difficult.

During the week before the excursion, a day is chosen where there will be a meeting where the itinerary, difficulty and duration of the excursion will be explained. This way you can decide whether to participate or not.

Usually day trips are free.

The thing that I think is the most beautiful of these trips is that you can make friends and meet the same people even at other walks until you create a group or friendships that inexorably lead you to go out with them.

Moreover, walking with the other CAI members allows you to learn how to handle the maps, to understand how to follow a path and learn more about the area.

If your goal is to start walking consistently in the mountains, signing up for CAI is the first thing to do.

2. Take part in walks organized by certified guides

There are lots of guides that organize walks, just follow them on Facebook or take a look at their websites to learn about all their organized trips.

Here are some sites to look for organized walks: 

3. Take part in village walks during fairs

The nice thing about the village festivals, besides the possibility of tasting the local products, is being able to participate in organized marches or walks to discover the beauty of the area. Here you will not be afraid of getting lost and in the end you will also have lunch included!


On facebook these walks are often advertised in groups of mountain enthusiasts and walks like “amanti della montagna friulana”, “trekkingmania”, “Friuli Venezia Giulia: camminate e luoghi da scoprire” and many others. If you follow some of these groups the posters of the walks organized by the municipalities during the festivals will also come to you.

5. Join a “walking group”

Do you prefer to have a few kilometers in the legs before venturing into the mountains?

Then sign up for one of the many Nordic walking or walking associations in your area, which will allow you to start this sport in company and participate in the organized hikes. Usually the activities take place not too far from the headquarters of the association but with good weather and with the support of specialized guides are often organized trips in the mountains.


I personally know the Friuli Venezia Giulia Fvgnordicwalking non-profit association that organizes courses, individual lessons, walks and events related to Nordic walking and wellness and is very active. Since I follow them, they have already covered the “cammino celeste” and “cammino delle pievi”.

If you know other associations, write them in the comments below or send me a message and I will add them to the list.

6. Do you want to go alone? Then start with easy and “family” paths.

The advice I can give you is to go step by step.

There are many “tourist” walks (marked with the letter T) or for families that are safe, very simple to follow and where it is impossible to get lost.

You can go to the information points of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region (find them in Forni di Sopra, Arta Terme, Tolmezzo, Piancavallo and Tarvisio) and get advice about some easy walks. Or you can search this type of walk on the internet (on my site I created a special section – you can find it here – ).

  • Doing your hikes alone going to a alpine hut could be a good goal because you will hardly find yourself alone, there are always people going up to the huts in the summer, and the paths are always very well kept and well marked.
  • Another thing you can do to feel safer in the future and maybe figure out what your difficulties are by walking solo, is to retrace a path that you have already made in company and then know and see, by doing it alone, that fears and difficulties encountered.

Random tips

Don’t forget to:

  • always have the map with you
  • dress in layers
  • always have a jacket in case of cold/rain
  • have the first aid kit
  • have the phone switched on and Want to start walking in the mountains, but you’re alone? Here are some useful tips.a powerbank
  • have a scotch roll to adjust boots or something else in case of breakage
  • always bring enough water and food plus a few “emergency” bars
  • leave early so as not to be caught in the dark
  • always tell someone exactly where you are going, path and itinerary
  • check the weather ALWAYS before leaving
  • bring the tweezers with you to extract the ticks. You never know.
  • bring your CAI card with you and if you go with your dog your canine passport (if you risk ending up in Austria and Slovenia).





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This post is also available in: Italiano

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