25 medium difficulty hikes to do all year round in Friuli Venezia Giulia

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There are very beautiful hikes in Friuli Venezia Giulia that you can do in any season. Let’s find out which ones.



Friuli Venezia Giulia is rich in mountains and paths to go through in every season of the year.

Here are some very beautiful and medium difficulty walks, which every good lover of the Friuli mountains has already traveled at least once.


I remember that in winter it is always better to have in your backpack, because the peaks could be covered with snow and therefore become dangerous.


  • Mount Cuarnan. Mount Cuarnan is located above Montenars (near Artegna, UD) and can be reached either from Montenars or from Gemona. This mountain is part of the Pre Julian Alps and the summit reaches 1372 meters where you will first find the Pischiutti Ricovero and immediately after the Redeemer Church. On Mount Cuarnan you can make a beautiful ring and admire the 360 degree view.


  • Mout Faeit. The nature trail of Mount Faeit starts from the center of Artegna (UD) and through well-maintained paths and dirt roads allows you to reach the summit at 734 meters. From here it is possible to extend the tour to the Cjampeon mountain and reach a beautiful waterfall. It is a well signposted walk suitable for everyone.


  • Mount Matajur. The Matajur or Monte Re is a mountain of the Julian Pre-Alps and is located above Cividale (UD). There are many paths to reach the top of the Matajur at 1641 meters. The easiest and most suitable for everyone starts from the Pelizzo refuge and is also perfect for families with children. For those wishing to take a longer tour the ring that starts from Montemaggiore allows, going up, an incredible 360 degree view.

  • Mount Joanaz. A very nice and easy walk is on Mount Joanaz starting from Bocchetta di Sant’Antonio above Canebola (UD). With an easy walk you will reach 1167 meters and you will have a spectacular view of the Matajur and beyond. If you find this walk too easy you can extend it thanks to the many paths that cross the Bocchetta di Sant’Antonio.


  • Malghe di Porzus and Farcadizze. The walk from the Bocchetta di Sant’Antonio (above Canebola, UD) to the Malghe di Porzus is a classic to combine with other paths. You can do the usual tours like Mount Joanaz – Porzus or Clap – Malghe di Porzus – Porzus. Instead I point out that they have recently opened a new tour and it is the one that continues up to Farcadizze, where the delicious Zaro Agriturismo is located, and goes back to the Bocchetta di Sant’Antonio.


  • Old castle tour in Attimis. Another nice tour that can be done all year round is the tour of the castles starting from Attimis (UD). Area rich in history and interesting views to discover. Along this route you will touch the remains of the lower and upper castle of Attimis and the castle of Partistagno to then reach Canalutto, Porzus and borgo Pradaroncs.


  • Tour of Val Grivò. If you love lost villages and beautiful views this is the itinerary for you. A nice tour that starts from Canal di Grivò (Faedis, UD) and touches the beautiful villages of Costalunga, Valle di Soffunbergo, Pedrosa, Canebola, Stremiz (where you can visit the Roman bridge and the ancient mill) and return to Canal di Grivò . A really lovely ride.


  • Tour of Faedis. There are many paths that intersect above Faedis. Here is another always very beautiful, simple and with super views. You must leave from the S. Anastasia di Faedis (UD) district and reach the Zucco castle first and then the Cuccagna castle. With a detour you can visit the Masariat cave and the Bus des Aganis (Hole of the Witches). Once back on the first path you will finish the ring by touching Porzus, Clap, Gradischiutta, the small church of Santa Maria Maddalena, Canal di Grivò and Faedis.


  • Mount Cuar. The walk on Mount Cuar is very beautiful and panoramic. From the top you will have an enchanting view of the Tagliamento river up to Lake Cavazzo. It starts from the Cuel of Forchia which is reached by car from Avasinis (UD) and you walk along following the CAI 815 to the Malga di Monte Cuar where you can stop and eat something. If you want to continue (and I recommend it), reach the Cuel dai Poz and through a path all on the ridge and with a breathtaking view you will reach the top of Mount Cuar at 1478 m. A really lovely walk.


  • Monte Prat. Starting from the center of Forgaria (UD) it is possible to reach the Monte Prat plateau on foot. An easy walk that starts in the village with a staircase and continues through the woods. Follow the CAI 816, reach Mount Prat where you can also eat in the restaurant of the same name, do the troi da l’ors and return along this path. An easy walk for everyone.


  • Monte di Ragogna. The historic path of Mount Ragogna is part of the “paths of the great war”, it is well signposted and does not have large differences in height so it is suitable for everyone. Here starting from “La Tabina” under Villuzza (San Daniele del Friuli, UD) you can make a very interesting journey through the history of the First World War, visit fortifications, trenches, cannon pitches but also the castle of Ragogna, the bridge of Pinzano and ex German ossuary. Through this path you will make a real plunge into history as well as enjoying beautiful views of the Tagliamento river and beyond.


  • Monte Cumieli e sella di Sant’Agnese. An easy and pleasant walk suitable for the whole family. The trail starts from Ospedaletto (Gemona, UD) and offers beautiful views of the Tagliamento river, Venzone and Osoppo, on Mount Festa and San Simeone up to Mount Cuar. The walk follows a wide dirt road where it is impossible to miss the direction! During this trek you will touch the Minisini lake, the Ercole fort (absolutely to visit), the Cumieli mountain, the Sant’Agnese saddle from which you will see the famous fan of Sant’agnese (or a formation formed by layers of rock that overlap with stop a huge stone fan) and then return to the normal road to your car. An easy but beautiful and scenic ride.




  • Mount Festa. The “Monte Festa” is a simple walk along well-marked paths that offers an incredible view of Lake Cavazzo. It starts from above Interneppo (UD) and through the CAI 838 reaches the summit of Mount Festa and its fort that rises right on the top at an altitude of 1039 m. Admiring the colors of the lake from that height is something wonderful.


  • Subit. The Subit trails are lovely, very well kept and well marked. In Subit you can take 4 different paths of 1 hour / 1 hour and a half perfect to do even with children. If you are an adult you can join 2/3 paths and practically go around the village. The maps can be found in the church square in the center of Subit under the map and you will find the history and legends of the town indicated in addition to the paths. -> Full post here. 


  • Ta Lipa Pot. The Ta lipa Pot or “the beautiful road” of Resia, is an easy loop trail that starts from Stolvizza (UD). Here you can have a nice walk in the woods that really suits everyone. (There is the possibility of making the short lap and the long lap of the Ta Lipa Pot. I, in this case, refer to the short lap).-> Full post here.


  • Tour of Venzonassa. In the Venzonassa valley it is possible to do both a short tour and a very long one. The short one starts from Borgo costa and in an hour it makes it possible to make a simple but very nice ride along the waters of the Venzonassa stream before returning through the 704 and then on the road. The long lap is very long but does not present any dizzying height differences. In 8 hours you will follow the path that always goes down from Borgo Costa and you will follow the CAI 704 along the Venzonassa stream, at a certain point you will go up the valley and take the CAI 708 and you will touch Casera Gleris, Forcella la croce, Casera Navis, borgo Prabunello, village Maieron and finally Borgo Costa from which you started. A definitely tiring but beautiful ride.


  • Malga Confin. Another classic that many know is the tour that starts from Venzone and reaches the first casera ungarina at 1296 m through the 705 and then Malga Confin at 1331 meters where you can also stop to eat something. A very nice ride that I recommend to everyone.


  • Monte Kolovrat. Mount Kolovrat is located in the municipality of Drenchia, on the border with Slovenia. Area affected by many battles during the First World War is now home to an open-air museum and the Peace Path. In this area you can do various long or short walks. A classic is the Rifugio Solarie ring, Zanuso bivouac and Monte Colovrat, a beautiful and interesting tour from a historical point of view and with enchanting views.




  • Val Rosandra. A few kilometers from Trieste, on the border with Slovenia, there is the Valrosandra nature reserve. Here it is possible to do more or less long walks suitable for everyone. Find all the itineraries on the Valrosandra website or by clicking  HERE.
  • Sentiero Rilke. The Rilke path is a beautiful scenic walk overlooking the sea. It starts from the Sistiana campsite (Trieste) and reaches Duino. It is a very beautiful path rich in history. Done at sunset it will give you great emotions. Full post here.
  • Moggessa di quà e Moggessa di là. The forgotten villages of Moggessa of Quà and Moggessa beyond are a beauty and certainly an itinerary not to be missed. Some houses built to perfection by the stonemasons who once lived here have been preserved and give the visitor an atmosphere of times gone by. Start from Moggio Alto and continue to Moggessa, follow the “Troj dai borgs” through the CAI 418 and 420 paths.  ->  Full post here. 
  • Path of the Musi valley. In the Julian Prealps natural park (above Tarcento, UD) it is possible to follow an easy path that crosses the entire Musi valley. There are no big climbs in this walk, indeed! You can also take the children on this delightful walk and have fun with them reading the educational tables found along the way. Start from the guesthouse of Pian dei Ciclamini and reach Simaz, a small well-kept village where its inhabitants often meet.
  • Tour of Pinzano. The Pinzano ring is a beautiful panoramic tour suitable for everyone that starts from the center of Pinzano al Tagliamento (PN) following the CAI 822. It allows to reach the castle (or what remains of it) of Pinzano, the bridge of Pinzano, the Germanic ossuary, the Pociut source and the «Sflunc» waterfall with a spectacular view of the Tagliamento river.
  • Bordano butterfly trail. The entomological path of the Bordano butterflies starts from the center of Bordano (UD) exactly from Via Sella Piccola and winds along the slopes of Mount San Simeon where various educational signs illustrate the flora and fauna of the area and you can enjoy the wonderful view on the lake of Cavazzo. Following the CAI 838 you will reach Interneppo and then return to Bordano.  All paths HERE.
  • Val d’Arzino. The Val d’Arzino is located in the Carnic Prealps (PN) and is crossed by the Arzino stream that flows into the Tagliamento. There are countless walks to do in this area so check out the official website of the Val d’Arzino where you can find them all here www. valdarzino.info.


  • Stavoli di Orias. The Stabili di Orias are located in Carnia and more precisely in Val Pesarina. To reach them you have to park in Pieria and follow the signs for the stavoli. You will have to cross the beautiful village of Truia and reach a perfectly restored stavoli through a mountain road. Don’t forget to also visit Pesariis, a famous village of watches since the 1700s.  ->  Full post here.






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