The most beautiful cycle path for families in Friuli: La ciclabile delle Rogge | From Zompitta to Molin Nuovo

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A beautiful bike and pedestrian path that winds next to the “canal of Udine” and allows you to see mills still in operation, perfectly preserved washrooms, locks and bridges in addition to the many animals that live along these waters.


The cycle path of the irrigation ditches is a path of discovery for everybody, in the midst of nature and along the villages of the Rojale in the province of Udine (Friuli Venezia Giulia). 



^^^ We start from the Zompitta dam where it is customary to bathe and relax in summer ^^^

^^^ We “preview” the new piece of the path that connects the dam to the Zompitta park. When you read this article it will already be paved and open to everyone ^^^

^^^ We reach the Zompitta park. I recommend you park here if you come from far away. In addition to finding space for the car and unloading the bikes in peace, the park has a river where you can bathe, football goals for children to play and a huge lawn where you can lay out the towels and relax after the bike ride. . ^^^

^^^ Keep the Zompitta park on the left and reach the stop sign. Turn right and you will find the cycle path on the left (above here the departure with the map behind Simone).  ^^^

^^^Let’s go! Tip: Bring water with you!  ^^^

^^^ The irrigation cycle path runs between the fields and the “canal of Udine”  ^^^

^^^ All the cycle path is paved so it is also suitable for walking with strollers ^^^

^^^ We reach the first mill that is next to the “restaurant at the Scus”  ^^^

^^^ If you have lunch in this restaurant you will have the waters of the canal that pass right at the level of the windows of the room, incredible to see!  ^^^

^^^ And here is the mill in operation!  ^^^

^^^ Now you exit the path for a few meters and reach Valle and the second mill  ^^^

^^^ On the left you will find the map and the cycle path again  ^^^

^^^ This is one of the most beautiful parts of the cycle route. There is the mill that is often in operation, the wash houses, the locks, the ducks and sometimes even the dwarf horses along the banks of the canal ^^^

^^^ Here are the once perfectly preserved wash houses. Do you think that in the 50s it was normal for children to bathe in the canal while the women washed their clothes.  ^^^






^^^ If you are not tired proceed to this side if you have children go to visit the animals of the Mulino di Giusto. ^^^

^^^ Here is the mill of Giusto di Valle, the only mill still active in Rojale, in fact they still use it to grind their flour. ^^^

^^^ They also created an area behind the shop where they could see the farm animals  ^^^

^^^ There is the horse, the donkey, a piglet, turtles, various birds and even dwarf horses. ^^^

^^^ If you have continued along the cycle path you will find a point where, once you reach the road, there is no signposting. Look to the left and go towards this shed. You will find the cycle path further on. ^^^

^^^ We go out again from the cycle lane and we pass in the center of Rizzolo finding the cycle path on the left  ^^^


^^^We come out again on the road and turn left at this point ^^^

^^^ We are arrived at the funny “parco per riflettere” ^^^

^^^ Here there are strange mirrors in which to mirror, parables to talk about and where you can feel 40m away and other gadgets to have fun with  ^^^

^^^ We have tried all the park facilities! Hilarious !!!^^^

^^^ Entry into the park is Adegliacco a splendor in summer  ^^^

^^^ I can tell you that the beauty has gone at this point, but if you want to go out of the park car park and go right and take “via della roggia”  ^^^

^^^ We still followed a piece of the path and at this point we came back because it was already late  ^^^

^^^ A beautiful Sunday afternoon in the midst of nature to discover one of the oldest and most important irrigation ditches in Friuli  ^^^




The other Sunday afternoon, Simone and I didn’t want to move the car, so we decided to go for a bike ride along the bike path.


It’s June but it looks like August.

It is very hot this year so we leave late and arrange 2 beautiful iced water bottles on our bikes.


We decide to start along the new piece of the bike path. In fact, while before reaching only the Zompitta park, now you can reach the dam.




The canal in these areas has been imported for centuries.


It is so important that both “Reana” and “Rojale” derive from the word Roja or “roggia” that means irrigation ditch.


In the past the irrigation ditches were of vital importance because they turned the mills feeding many activities, they were used to wet fields and vegetable gardens, to quench the animals and the houses.


This canal is called “canal of Udine” because it starts from Zompitta, where the waters were channeled as early as the 12th century and descends to Udine. Without its waters, Udine, it would not even exist in fact its development began intensely when the canal arrived in the city.




We live very close to Zompitta, so we reach it directly by bike.

Arriving at the dam we enter the cycle path and go.


We quickly pass the dam where dozens of boys and children dive from the walls. This is the first time I’ve been here and you can’t imagine how beautiful the houses along the canal are.


We arrive at the Zompitta park, which is also quite crowded since it is Sunday afternoon. There are families and couples on a walk while various little dogs run in and out of the water in the Torre river that runs through the park.

We reach the old start of the cycle route and begin to whiz past the canal.

The day is perfect, it’s hot but you feel less by bike, the best time for a bike ride is starting.

Slowly everything is turning yellow.




We pass Zompitta and reach the first mill of the restaurant “al scus”.


All you can do is pay attention to the building and the mill. The waters flow a few centimeters below the windows of the restaurant, and then plunge into the mill wheel that turns with power, while all around planters full of red geraniums make everything, if possible, even more characteristic.


We continue and reach Valle, where the second mill is waiting for us.

The Mill of Valle  is the only one still working in fact it is used to grind the flours that are sold wholesale and retail.




If you have children you can not go to greet the animals of the mill!

Arrived at the mill of Valle go to the agraria shop and then beyond the parking lot.


Here are all the farm animals, each with its own fence. You could also cross a piglet and a donkey that graze freely: D.

We greeted Sara, the mare and the 4 dwarf horses, a donkey, turtles and even geese and peacocks.

The animals are very docile and can be caressed.


Truly a nice idea to let the little ones spend a beautiful and educational moment!

If you are with children, you might think about finishing the tour here and maybe spending a few hours in the Zompitta park.



Evening is falling and we are accelerating, we cross the center of Rizzolo while the tall bell tower beats the 8 p.m.

We pass various bridges and also an overpass over the ring road until we arrive at the “park to reflect” which is located in front of the mill of Adegliacco.


This is a “scientific” park where you can try to make various games thanks to the installations. There are parables and mirrors scattered around the park. Each “game” has its own scientific explanation. I assure you it’s a lot of fun.

Simone and I tried them all, really a nice park different from the usual!


TIP: I think the beauty of the cycle route ends here. There are other nice features but the most beautiful part ends in this park. In short, feel free to go back if you are tired.


We continue doing the piece on the road and along “via della roggia” and then again along the cycle path for a few hundred meters.

Unfortunately here we found the tall grass so we decide to go back while the sun goes down and finally the temperatures  too.



Start: Zompitta di Reana del Rojale. Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia. If you need parking leave the car at the Zompitta park.

Goal: Molin Nuovo but stop in Adegliatto if you want.

Time: 2 hours

Difficulty: easy.

Km: 11






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This post is also available in: Italiano

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