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In Subit, above Attimis, there are 4 beautiful paths suitable for the whole family. Let’s find out together.


^^^ Here is the map of the Subit paths, you can find it in the town square in front of the church  ^^^

^^^ We happened to be in the season when the Crocuses and snowdrops are in bloom ^^^

^^^ A beautiful detail of a crocus ^^^

^^^ Giorgino and me ^^^

^^^ Cuddles ^^^

^^^ From this point I can see the Canin, the Gran Monte and the Musi ^^^


^^^ A beautiful view accompanies us along this path ^^^

^^^ The Mount Kanin ^^^

^^^ Arrived at the cross ^^^

^^^ Here is the country below us and the plain ^^^

^^^ Even Giorgi today wants to be photographed ^^^

^^^ Very happy to have done this tour, thanks to the Subit PRO LOCO that got me the maps ^^^

^^^ Too bad for the mist, you can’t see very far ^^^

^^^ Subit ^^^

^^^ How beautiful are? ^^^

^^^ Giorgi takes a bath in one of the rivers along the path of the elves ^^^

^^^ Waterfalls found on the path^^^

^^^ The return to Subit and in front of us you can see the road that goes towards Porzus (loved by cyclists) ^^^


Free Saturday morning, what do you want to do?

Go for a walk!



A month ago I met Dino, a gentleman born and raised in Subit who is part of the Pro Loco of the town and who also keeps the paths clean throughout the year.

When I told him about my trekking blog he gave me the “SENTISUBIT” map which contains the map and the descriptions of the 4 walks that can be done around Subit.

On the map you can also find the history of Subit, the fauna and flora that you will find during each walk and the legends of the village.
All the trails are easy, without large gradients and feasible even with children.
Indeed, they are the ones who will enjoy the most, along the paths, there are lots of educational tables to learn about plants and trees.

The paths are:

The path of the elves: 1 hour and 40 – 180 m in altitude.

The path of the witch: 1 hour and 15 – 100 m in altitude.
The Agane path: 1 hour and 30 – 150 m in altitude.
The overview of the peaks: 1 hour and 30 – 220 m in altitude.
Tip: If you are an adult join 2 paths directly and do a nice walk.



We park in the church square of Subit where we find a large bulletin board with the map of the paths and there attached, a drawer containing the maps for hikers (super organized in Subit! cool!).
We already have our map so we are moving towards the cemetery where the first of the 3 paths we will do today, the Agane path, starts.



The Aganas are mystical female figures sitting on large rocks near the springs. Dressed in white, they spin wool and offer riddles to travelers.
This path is dedicated to them, to these water-protecting spirits.

Along this route you can find food plants such as asparagus or nettle used to prepare delicious recipes right from the agane.

We begin our walk along an easy path in the middle of a hazelnut wood. The path is clean and clearly visible, signposted and well marked.

I did not expect it, really compliments to the volunteers of the Pro Loco of Subit!

We start to get up and continue along another path, the panoramic peaks that winds along the slopes of Mount Nagrad.
We walk in and out of the woods and stop at the viewpoints to enjoy the view of the Gran Monte, the Musi, the Cuarnan and the Canin, which stands out loud over the other peaks.

We continue our walk until we reach the cross placed on the summit of Mount Pcau and we note with awe that there is a lot of mist, even today we will not be able to see the sea!

Let’s raise our spirits with a nice piece of chocolate and hot tea.
Refresh ourself properly, we leave to make the last path.
After the descent we immediately find the sign of the path of the elves.



The Skret are the elves of the Friulian valleys with Slovene dialect and are little creatures dressed in red waiting for the shadows of the night to make jokes, open stables to let the cattle escape and kidnap the children to take them deep into the woods.
Great connoisseurs of medicinal plants, along this path you can try to recognize the mallow, the dandelion, the hawthorn and all the other wild herbs that grow in this area. But be careful not to get caught by these spiteful gnomes, they could lead you to the witch Juana, the most famous of Subit, which will take “care” of you by cooking the “Bloj” a terrible pot of minestrone made of herbs, mushrooms, roots, seeds and earth.

We walk fast following the dry walls walls that in the past served to delimit our land but also to create terraces and then be cultivated.
We cross the road and begin the descent towards Cancellier, the village under Subit and we pass a spring (much appreciated by Giorgino).

Always walking through the woods we cross streams, waterfalls and meadows covered with Crocus. Truly a charm all the way.
It’s late for us now, so let’s increase the pace and make the run uphill.

I regret a little about not having enough time to do the last path, the witch path.
The path of the witch is the most magical and mystical of Subit in fact it is here that the witch Juana is hiding and along this walk you can study the poisonous plants that the witch uses for the “Bloj”.


I was really struck by the beauty of these paths, how well they are kept and how well they are reported.

This are walks suitable for everyone, with educational tables and nameplates to discover trees and plants together with the children.
In the maps that you find comfortably in the square in Subit there are maps, descriptions of the routes and the legends of these places.









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This post is also available in: Italiano

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