Snowshoe in Sauris: from Velt to the Eimblateribn hut open during winter weekends

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A snowshoe hike through the fascinating woods of Sauris the highest municipality of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the northeast of Italy.

^^^ What a view! ^^^

^^^ The start of the snowshoe adventure from Velt, along the path 1B ^^^

^^^ Here is an example of stavolo, the typical architecture of the houses of Sauris ^^^

^^^ Moving on to the 1C path, it will not be a great idea ūüėÄ ^^^

^^^ My happy dog Giorgino that love to chill in the snow ^^^

^^^ Simone runs like a “duck” with snowshoes in the large snowy meadow of Velt ^^^

^^^ Giorgi what are you doing?! ^^^

^^^ The arrival at Sauris di Sotto through the path 1C ^^^

^^^ Here¬†I’m studying the stavolo from the lower floors ^^^

^^^ Enjoy yourself looking for wooden sculptures throughout Sauris ^^^

^^^ You can find them along the way but also on the first or second floor of some stavolo. Look also in the air! ^^^

^^^ In the center of the village there are beautiful miniatures made of wood of the typical buildings of Sauris, from the stavolo, to the hut, to the shelter of the woodsmen. Absolutely to see! ^^^

^^^ High altitude cuddles along path 2A to the Eimblateribn hut ^^^

^^^ Simone and Giorgino (look at his face ) ^^^

^^^ A panoramic point ^^^

^^^ Me and the mount Bivera at my back  ^^^

^^^ And here the Mount Bivera from another point of view and the  Cima delle Rigolanes ^^^

^^^ Giorgino is wainting ^^^

^^^ Here I am thinking about the frico that I will eat later .. ^^^

^^^Arrival at the Eimblateribn hut ^^^

^^^ Look at Miro, the owner, waiting for the last customers…us! ^^^

^^^ In this sunny day is amazing to eat outside ^^^

^^^ The view from the Eimblateribn hut at 1441 m ^^^

^^^ Let’s start with a frico shared in 2 … we immediately regret not having ordered one each! ^^^

^^^ We solve the problem by ordering frico, polenta and cheese x 2 ^^^

^^^ Also Giorgino enjoy the polenta ūüėÄ ^^^

^^^ Go back along the same path ^^^

^^^ I can not take my eyes off this enchanting landscape ^^^

^^^ Here is the most successful selfie of the day with the camera resting on the fence haha ^^^

^^^ Due to several fallen trees we have made several “off track” stretches ^^^

^^^ Arrived in Sauris di Sotto, we now return along the easy path 1B to the Bar C’entro (where there are also the thermal baths of Sauris) ^^^

^^^ Here is the entrance of the Bar C’entro … finally it’s coming an aperitif with beer and local products! ^^^

^^^ The goblin of the forest welcomes you … do not make him angry! ^^^

^^^ The famous local Zahre beer of Sauris ^^^

^^^ Here is the platter of local sliced Simone composed of Speck and Crudo di Sauris, Pancetta and local Salami …. delicate and with an incredible taste! ^^^

^^^ And here is my chopping board with a selection of cheeses from the youngest to the most seasoned and tasty. To say very good is little! ^^^

^^^ And this adventure is over too! Bye bye Sauris, see you soon! ^^^


It’s Sunday and there’s a heat out of the ordinary.

This year the snow was made to wait too much and now it also puts the anomalous heat.

We decide to do a snowshoe hike to Sauris, before the snow finally leaves us.


Me, Simone ad our dog Giorgi  wake up early, have breakfast and leave for the mountains.



Path maps are available in the various bars and hotels in Sauris, which can be used both in summer and in winter.


The many paths that weave around the village are the same ones that used the first inhabitants of Sauris hundreds of years ago to move and work. Today they are used by hikers like us, either on foot or by bike.


Unfortunately, with the catastrophe of autumn 2018, thousands of trees have fallen both near the center of the village and in areas difficult to reach.

Everyone worked to clean and cut as many trees as possible and make the trails accessible on time, but the work was too much and with the arrival of snow, the work was blocked.


Now there are trails you can go and some do not.

To know what to do, just follow the most beaten ones or, as we did, ask the locals for information.




We always park in front of the Bar C’entro where Flavio and Gianna, the owners are always available to give information and advice about the paths to do, especially in late season where the risk of avalanches is very high.


The Bar C’entro is located in Velt, between Sauris di Sopra and Sauris di Sotto and is a perfect point for each excursion, in fact, here are intersected three beaten paths that allow you to get anywhere and at the end of the tour take advantage of the Sauris SPAs that are located right next to the Bar .




You know that we are not people who go to look problems, we like walking and being in the middle of nature always in total safety so today, we decide to take the easy path that leads from Velt to Sauris di Sotto and then up to the open hut Eimblateribn,



We start from the Bar C’entro where the horses of the riding stables below are preparing for a nice walk in the snow.

We say BYE to the horses and take the beautiful beaten path that descends towards Sauris di Sotto.

As soon as the first trees have passed, an expanse of fresh snow is silhouetted in front of us.

And Giorgino throws himself into it.

What a fun moment!


Finish the games we decide to take the path 1C.

Probably overwhelmed by too many indications on where NOT to go we are confused and we took the wrong way.

Not even half of the trail we begin to find dozens of huge fallen trees. In most cases we manage to pass under it while towards the end we decide to bypass a large cluster of fallen pine trees passing from above.

It was not too complicated but we spend a good hour.


Arrived in Sauris di Sotto, we take off the snowshoes and we pass through the village and then up to the Wolf factory.

We take the road that climbs parallel to the ski slopes and follow the 2A path towards Rifugio Eimblateribn.

We do all the first ascent walking on the road, dying of heat and enjoying the sight of the children they are competing in a slalom competition. The ascent to the Eimblateribn hut it’s very simple.

It ‘a road covered with snow that then rises steadily and allows you to enjoy the view snowshoeing in tranquility.

Seeing the beautiful weather we expected many people on the path and instead we meet only two gentlemen with coordinated rackets and steps and moves always coordinated. What a laugh!

We arrive at the shelter and there were outdoor tables in full sun. Today it is really hot and all the customers have decided to eat outside. We are not far behind.

We sit outside after taking a couple of photos and in a moment comes Mr. Miro, the owner of the shelter for at least 30 years. Short-sleeved shirt, dishcloth on the shoulder, approached the table with a face rather annoyed.

It’s the mountaneer’s welcome!

We got used to it.

He probably thought he had finished for today but no! We have arrived : D




We ask for 2 beers.

Miro returns, puts them in front of us and leaves.

I’m almost afraid to call him back … I raise my hand, he sees me.


He¬†approaches slowly and not so happy, but I don’t care. My need for food is bigger than his¬†despotic face.

Simone falls silent like always¬†so’ I order a frico for two.

You know the frico made with cheese from malga (alpine place where the cheese is product) is super delicious.

At the first bite of Miro’s Frico my eyes were blowing.

How tasty and delicious guys!

We order another plate of frico, cheese and polenta and other 2 beers.

Such an happy moment.

We eat slowly with the sun in our face and at the end we had a friendly chat with Miro and wife. They just look serious but are very nice people and hard workers.




We were late between talk and beer and our good intention to get to Lateis is postponed to the next excursion.

We took the same path to Sauris di Sotto, we walk around the center of Sauris di Sotto pausing to look at the wonderful architecture of the stavoli and hotels that thanks to a regional constraint have maintained and enhanced the characteristics of the houses of yesteryear.

We take trail 1B which is completely cleared of trees and beaten very well and we return for aperitif time at the starting point, Bar C ‘entro.

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed at the spa so we pass directly to the bar counter.

Mr Flavio immediately asks us how the day went and starts to hurl our much loved and deserve, Zahre beer.

Flavio wants to tell and make known the products of his territory such as cheese, speck and ham but also honey and typical cuisine.

He sees that he likes to make the visitor experience a 360 degrees starting from the excursions on the territory up to the table, tasting the local products that I have to admit, they have an extra gear.

Sauris  is one of the most magical places in Friuli a bit for the unique architecture, a bit for the paths, a bit for the beauty of this place but also because every time you talk to a manager of some business is always projected to customer satisfaction, and make him want to come back again and again to try every single activity of Sauris .




After chatting a lot with the managers we decide to eat something.

Yes, again!

Simone takes the platter of typical cold cuts and I the cheese one.

Well, trying to describe it here is really tough.

Boys raw, bacon, ham, each slice taste exploded on the palate and the finely chopped slices melted in the mouth.

The cheeses were from the local malgas of Sauris, from Enemonzo and Ovaro.

Frant cheese was something indescribable!

A delicious, strong and spicy taste together … incredible!

To complete in beauty the evening I taste one of the grappa of their production.

I chose peppermint, elderflower and birch leaves.

Sweet and delicious.

Next time I will stay in Sauris for the night and I will taste them all: D




The day ended very late, we would never have left. I do not know if was better the Sauris beer or the stories about the village.

The fact remains that Sauris is one of my favorite places and when you drive down to the lake, you immediately think of the day when you could return.







Departure: Bar C’entro, locality Velt

Arrivo: Sauris di Sotto and then open Eimblateribn hut

Path: 1B and 2A go back and return the same  path

Info: Ask always informations for the conditions of the trails and if there are any areas with avalanche danger. You can find maps in the bars, restaurants and visitor center in Sauris di Sotto. Stop and eat at some bars and clubs in Sauris, you will not regret it!

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This post is also available in: Italiano

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