Discover the Ramandolo Club: Private SPA, B&B, wine and stories of local traditions

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In Ramandolo, near Nimis, in the province of Udine, there is a private SPA surrounded by hills and vineyards where you can spend an afternoon in total relaxation and then finish the day by drinking a glass of wine in front of the lit fireplace.


^^^ Welcome ^^^

^^^ Me and my friend ready for the experience  😀 ^^^

^^^ At first let’s get to meet the horses of Ramandolo club ^^^

^^^ Look at his face 😀 ^^^

^^^ Say cheese! ^^^

^^^ While Dayana and Erica take a picture, the horse ate her jacket O_O ^^^

^^^ Ah ah ah ^^^


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^^^ Beautiful ^^^

^^^ 2 real models  😀 ^^^

^^^ Sonia is scary to give bread at this giant horse  ^^^

^^^ Love this pic of my friends ^^^

^^^ The Ramandolo Club behind me ^^^

^^^Me and my sister Erika ^^^

^^^ The entrance of the  Ramandolo club ^^^

^^^ My girls are ready to jump in the Jacuzzi of the Private SPA at the  Ramandolo Club ^^^

^^^ Erica and the Jacuzzi  ^^^

^^^ You want to book now eh !? ^^^

^^^ I think I came out of the jacuzzi maybe 2 minutes in all. So relaxing!! ^^^

^^^ Here are lovers of saunas and steam baths ^^^

^^^ On the left there is the sauna at 81 degrees while on the right there is the Turkish bath at 40 degrees. Both to be alternated with cold showers. ^^^

^^^ Dayana ^^^

^^^ Erica^^^

^^^ When I still had my hair in order 😀 haha ^^^

^^^ Selfie ^^^

^^^ Sonia so happy ^^^

^^^ I know, wine is not detox but a special day should be celebrated!^^^

^^^ The host, Ferruccio Dri makes us taste a glass of Ramandolo, accompanied by “Uesus of Nimis” (bones of Nimis) and meanwhile tells the story of these typical cookies ^^^

^^^ The bottle of Ramandolo produced by his brother Giovanni Dri ^^^

^^^ We also visit the cellar dated 1903 that saw the ramandolo born from the hand of the grandfather of Mr. Ferruccio ^^^

^^^ Even the ceilings in this house have a story, and we did not miss one! Really beautiful! ^^^

^^^ The fireplace room that is turned on when there are guests in the Spa so they can conclude here the day of relaxation, drinking something around the fire.^^^

^^^ Ramandolo and “Uesus di Nimis” perfect to soak in wine as tradition dictates ^^^

^^^ And after the summer dining room we come to the winter room with huge “spoiler” where cooking polenta and stew (you can not imagine the heat) ^^^

^^^ Here we are with Mr. Ferruccio Dri that I want to thank for the beautiful day and the interesting stories of family and tradition that he told us. It was a wonderful day!^^^


In the town of Nimis lies this delightful hamlet, Ramandolo, famous to most people, to be the area where Ramandolo wine is produced, a verduzzo that becomes even sweeter and more special thanks to the unique properties of the land in which it grows.



Arriving in Ramandolo, before attacking the ascent, there is a sign for the “RAMANDOLO COUNTRY CLUB” that will lead you to a finely restored 19th century farmhouse that now houses an enchanting structure surrounded by vineyards, hills and fences with horses.

I, my sister Erica and our friends Sonia and Dayana arrive at 15.30 at Ramandolo Coutry Club.
The landlord, Mr. Ferruccio Dri, welcomes us with a smile and a contagious joy.


It takes us immediately to see the horses and tells us that in the future they would like to use them to carry around tourists, which in this area abound thanks to the excellent restaurants and of course the wine cellars.

The choice of the name “Ramandolo Club” was made with the intention of making known and valued this prestigious wine area and Mr. Dri, who has always worked in tourism, knows that unique and special places like this with many stories to tell are loved by tourists near and far.


Hailed the horses we are immediately accompanied on the back of the B & B, where is the spa overlooking a hill of vineyards that gives total privacy.

The SPA is recommended for 4 people at the most but Ferruccio, told us, that have been held inside bachelorette party of even 20 people commenting “I do not know how they did to stay there”:D

The wellness center consists of a sauna at 81 degrees, a turkish bath at 40 degrees, hot and cold shower and jacuzzi where you are comfortably in 4.


After alternating saunas and cold showers you can relax on the deck chairs, let yourself be lulled by soft lights and lounge music while sipping a hot detox tea and having a snack with protein and antioxidant dried fruit.


But now let’s get back to us.




It’s a Thursday afternoon in January, yesterday it snowed and even if today the day is sunny it’s really cold.

We follow Mr. Ferruccio behind the B & B where, under a hill covered with vineyards, is the entrance to the private Ramandolo Spa.

Entering the heat, beauty and cleanliness of this place immediately strikes us.


They gave us slippers, towels, soft bathrobes and after the info to start the whirlpool and the showers we remain alone.
We get comfortable and wear only bathrobes.


The nice thing about a private spa like this is that, in the hours you’ve booked, nobody can enter.


Whether you are with your boyfriend or your friends, privacy is absolute and therefore even the most shy can make naked saunas and steam baths!

Erica and I started immediately among the bubbles of the giant Jacuzzi, to say FANTASTIC is reductive, while Dayana and Sonia started to make sauna and cold showers.


For those who are inexperienced in the use of saunas and Turkish baths, within the SPA there is an easy table that explains times and methods of use.




After our 2 and a half hours my friends and I went to reception where the owner was waiting for us to tell us the story of the estate.



First, he took us to see the cellar dated 1903 where barrels and antique tools bring us back to the times when Mr. Ferruccio’s grandfather discovered the wonderful ramandolo wine.


At the end of the nineteenth century the Tocai was fashionable, so every winemaker in the area with some land to grow was planting vines and producing Tocai.

After years of working on his Ramandolo hill, grandfather Dri produces the first bottles of tocai that were … sweets!


The winemakers understood that the soil had clays and special properties that made each wine sweeter and so it was decided to create a “unique” and inimitable version of Verduzzo.

Now the ramandolo is a DOCG known and appreciated everywhere with its sweet and ancient flavor full of stories and traditions.


Leaving the cellar we passed through the bar that could be very well at 1600 meters altitude in any place of Austria.

To create the counter and the custom-made furniture of the bar corner, an Austrian architect has been called who, through the use of antique wood with light colors and perfect joints, has created a wonderful corner bar where you immediately feel at ease and where you would spend hours listening to Mr. Ferruccio’s family stories.


Beyond the bar there is the room that perhaps could interest you more.

The fireplace room

The fireplace room is lit and made available to guests of the after-sauna spa.

After the hours of relaxation you can come here, sit around the fire and order 2 glasses of wine with a platter of San Daniele raw ham to finish off the day to the fullest.


We have also visited the dining rooms where the Dri family and sometimes even small groups of tourists eat.




To conclude in the best way, we were offered a glass of ramandolo that produces the landlord’s brother, accompanied by traditional biscuits known as the “Uusus of Nimis” that are soaked in wine and eaten.

 In this way the aroma of the wine and the taste of almond will be released at the first bite.


The “uesus di Nimis” or the “Bones of Nimis” are born during the construction of the Nimis bakery.
During the excavations the bones of the old buried cemetery were found.


You must know that the cemeteries were first in the city center near the church but, in 1804 Napoleon issued an edict where he said that the tombs had to be moved outside the walls and away from the city center.

The baker thought of making simple and auspicious bone-shaped biscuits and eventually became a tradition along with Ramandolo’s wine.

Unfortunately, the traditional recipe of these biscuits has been lost because the baker did not want to leave it to anyone.

Obviously the various restaurateurs of the area have their recipes of the “Uesus” but it is not the official one.

A real shame for the country and a tradition that has been lost.

Needless to say, the day at the Ramandolo Spa left us enthusiastic.Full of stories to tell, full of energy after a super relaxing day full of desire to make this place beautiful.


Mr. Dri with his whole family, for years, makes this little piece of land known to the most curious tourists who have the pleasure of discovering the heart of our Friuli Venezia Giulia.


Also I want to do my part to make known to you this property and this family that, to those who want to listen, has many stories to tell.









Where: Ramandolo Club country resort – Via del Borgo 12, 33045 Nimis (UD) Italy

Site web:

Facebook: RamandoloClub

Tel: 0432-878336


Schedule and prices: qui

Also: you can also contact this place for dinners by reservation, parties, booking rooms for events / birthdays.


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This post is also available in: Italiano

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