7 best treks of Sardinia

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The walks the most beautiful of Sardinia that will make you discover the highest peak on the island, the largest forest of oaks in Europe but also to local creeks known only to relax and swim after the trek. What are you waiting for?

Add one of these routes on your next trip.


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Maybe you do not know it but part of my family is Sardinian. They live in Macomer, in the exact center of Sardinia.

This means that since I was a child, my parents and I often went through epic Friuli-Sardinia crossings with friends in tow and usually also with the boat with which we explored hidden coves.


I admit that these adventures are still some of my sweetest memories as well as travels that I remember very long and slow but always with a funny unexpected, a song, an impromptu game.

There were no cell phones, we did not book anything, we arrived in Civitavecchia to take the ferry that would take us on a night of navigation in Sardinia, we got in line and expected. I remember the “parents” study maps while traveling and we little ones who escaped in the game room when there was. The ferry was an adventure in the adventure.

I loved my childhood.

We always started with another family who had a baby of my age, Alex, then there was me and my sister Erica.


The ship was our playground for the whole night. I remember we could go EVERYWHERE without being followed by parents, which I admit, they let us grow up very free.

We wandered from one bridge to another for what seemed to us all night, I remember that once we met a lady who was traveling with 2 ferrets!

At a certain time we fell asleep exhausted on our seats and woke up in the middle of the hustle and bustle that only a ship that is mooring can do.


What memories..

Hundreds of people who recovered their belongings and jumped in their cars, the smell of saltiness everywhere. I was always afraid of the sound of the ship that docked. But then finally it went down and left, and here it is, blue that you can not bluer, the sea of ​​Sardinia. A daydream.

And the holiday began.



When I plan a holiday I like to immediately understand the costs I have to face.


To go to Sardinia it is natural for me to use the ferry in order to have the car to move freely.

Online it is easy to find sites or portals where with a few clicks you can choose the port of departure, the dates and compare the prices of the various shipping companies and buy the ticket in a moment.


Starting from Friuli Venezia Giulia or from the north-east, the most convenient port to reach Sardinia is that of Civitavecchia in Lazio.


If you are thinking that a trip to Sardinia would be ideal from a quick glance at the list of ferries departing from the port of Civitavecchia to Sardinia by clicking HERE.

How much I love to book the holidays: D



In short, the other day I thought that Simone has never visited Sardinia and that it would be too nice to visit my relatives with him and Giorgino and maybe do some trekking.

After careful research I found some places to say the least FA-VO-LO-SI in which I would like to go for a walk immediately!

My desire for adventure does not weaken even with the 40 degrees of these days so here it is for you




1 –  Punta la Marmora | The highest peak in Sardinia

Punta la Marmora is located in the Gennargentu massif and is the highest peak in Sardinia with its 1834 meters. From up there the view can range up to the heights of Corsica and of course through all the seas that surround Sardinia. The climb is facilitated by the CAI trailers that are not so common in Sardinia. The trekking starts from the refuge (closed) s’Arena in Desulo (NU) and continues by making a ring that first reaches the second highest peak of the island, the Bruncu Spina of 1829 meters and then continues until you reach the Marmora peak. A top that you must absolutely conquer if you are an experienced walker.


2 –  “Is Cannoneris” |The largest oak forest in Europe

The “Is Cannoneris” wildlife oasis is a paradise for hikers and covers 4800 hectares in the territory of Domus de Maria, Pula, Teulada and Villa San Pietro. Here you can walk along dozens of trails and through forests of oaks, Mediterranean scrub and conifers and you will surely see some specimens of Sardinian deer and fallow deer. A place full of magic and mystical stories that come from the past. Think that it is said that this wood was home to witches and brigands where they hid their treasures. A fascinating place not to be missed if you love nature.


3 – Monte Tiscali | The discovery of a nuragic site

Tiscali is one of the best-known destinations for trekking in Sardinia. Through a walk in a fairly wild environment of almost 2 hours, you will reach a prenuragic settlement still in excellent condition. Dozens of stone huts built in a sinkhole, or a deep cavity created after a sinking. To get to visit this show you have to start from Dorgali nel Nuorese and follow the signs, the path is fascinating and will lead you to the discovery of a hidden valley in the Sardinian hinterland. Unmissable.


4 -Path of the coast of Alghero

Starting from the beach of Porto Ferro it is possible to take a charming panoramic path that will lead you through beautiful beaches, but also on hills that will thrill you. Walking is not difficult at all, just be careful not to go during the hottest hours of the day. The trek ends at “Prigionette”, a coastal forest just after Cala Viola. If you are on holiday in the Alghero area do not miss this walk to discover dream coves.

5 – Cala Gonone

The Gulf of Orosei is the wildest and most unspoiled area of ​​Sardinia. Here you will find various trek to really do “between sky and sea”. With over 40 kilometers of cliffs, caves and cliffs to explore, this is also the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. Starting from Cala Fuili you can visit the Grotta del Bue Marino and the Grotta Oddoana. The walk is 12 kilometers but not too tiring. Once in Cala Luna do not forget to take a swim in its wonderful waters and before continuing to the vantage point do not forget to also visit the beautiful Cala Luna Cave. An unforgettable place.

6 – Chia | Cala Cipolla

Have you ever heard of Cala Cipolla? Well, the site of the region describes it like this “An enchanting tongue of fine golden sand, enclosed between two pink granite promontories that stretch towards the sea to form a natural pool”. You want to go there just for the description itself. In Chia area as well as having beautiful beaches you can make your own trek discovering many hidden coves. Starting from Cala Cipolla continue to Capo Spartivento where you can enjoy the view of the Tuerredda island and Capo Malfatano. Continue the walk and you can cool off in a cove that forms a natural pool, impossible to not want to immerse. Continue along the coast until you reach the characteristic Sa Calarza port. Superb.

7 – Punta Sardegna | Palau

A simple and very nice itinerary in the Palau area. Depart from Punta Sardegna to the vantage point, from here you can see the archipelago of La Maddalena as far as the eye can see. Breathtaking. Cross Porto Rafael and Cala di Trana, where you can obviously stop for a swim and reach your destination or the military fortress recently renovated by the FAI the “Talmone Battery”. Returning do not forget to stop and visit the port of Porto Rafael which is delicious.

If you have any questions or want more information on Sardinia,

you can find them here!




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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