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Discover the beauty of the highest route of Villach.

16 km where you can enjoy the view of the italian and Slovenja Julian Alps and the Karawanken and you can trek until the top of the Dobrosch.

^^^ The view of  the triple border. From this terrace you can see Tarvisio, the Lussari, the Julian Alps, Slovenia and the 3 borders.^^^

^^^ This is the last rest area. Here there is a large park for children with slides, swings and paths where to play right next to the Aichingerhutte restaurant and is also the starting point to reach the top of the Dobratsch ^^^

^^^ Simone walking towards the Gams – und Gipfelblick platform ^^^


Some time ago, while we were coming back from our weekend on Lake Millstatt ( very charming place! ) we decided to stop in Villach and make this “famous” alpine road.



Villacher Alpenstrasse is located in the Dobratsch nature park which is also the oldest protected area in Carinthia.

To enter the motor vehicles pay entry, the cars pay 17.50 and the bikes 11 euros.

Once you enter you will find yourself in front of a beautiful road that climbs up to 16.5 kilometers and a map in hand, you can stop at various stopping points to observe the landscape, take walks, eat in huts or discover the characteristics of 800 plants in the Alpine garden.


A different Sunday especially with children that between scenic spots, run in the car and time spent playing in the playground that is located at 1732 meters above sea level are sure to have fun throughout the day.

The Villacher Alpenstrasse is an experience a stone’s throw from Friuli Venezia Giulia where you can discover with the whole family the beauty of the mountains that surround us and if you love hiking and walking starting from the last rest area, the Rosstratte 1732 m you can get there by an easy hike to the summit of the Dobratsch at 2167 m with a view of the triple border.


Along the Villacher Alpenstrasse or the alpine path of Villach there are 11 rest areas.

Even if you are not a fan of ski jumping, do not be enchanted by seeing the trampolines from above that are also used in summer.

At the second rest area you can have a nice view of Villach and its lakes while going up a hairpin bend you can relax a bit in the woods and discover the ruins of Finkenstein Castle.


You start to climb and with the fifth rest point we have already arrived at 1307 m (without making a big effort I would add ..). Hence the view on my beloved Friuli Venezia Giulia and on the Italian and Slovenian Julian Alps.

At 1483 meters you will discover the variety of the 800 alpine plants of this garden and the “red wall” platform will make you shiver because suspended at 400 m in height on the Austrian Karavanke.


Finally you are coming to the top, you have come to the starting point for your excursion.

If you do not want to walk for long you can reach the platform Gams – Und Gipfelblick perfect observation point to see the chamois in freedom in the morning or relax in the observation station “Paths of the sun” where you will find maps and maps of the area and sunbeds where to relax.


If instead you are a walker you can reach the summit. The Gipfelhaus lodge is located at the top of the Dobratsch at 2167 meters and can be reached via 2 paths. The view, it does not even need to be said, is as enchanting as the typical Austrian dishes that you have rightly deserved.



I, Simon and Giorgino (our dog), we had a lot of fun on this day.

I advise you to go on a sunny day because you pay the entrance and it would not be nice to spend some money and not be able to do all the excursions.


The Villacher Alpenstrasse is open all year round but the huts are not so I think summer is the best time for this trip out of town.


One thing that amused me a lot is then having made walks in Tarvisio and surroundings and being able to see well the top of the Dobratsch and be able to say “I was there!”.

If you have children and want to spend a day in the mountains this is the right place.


^^^ The platform Gams – und Gipfelblick ^^^

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^^^ Piano piano la neve si sta sciogliendo anche quassù ^^^




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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