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It’s Monday morning, the rain has given us respite, I put my earphones and I leave for a walk by the river.



I must confess a thing.

I’ve never been a great runner. I’m not even sure that mediocre is the exact term, perhaps more a “sucks but does not give up” is the best formula .. but in any case, I did not mind running.

I’ve never been a great runner. I’m not even sure that mediocre is the exact term, perhaps more a “sucks but not spring” is the best formula .. but in any case, I did not mind running.

A 3/4 times a week I went out, rain or shine was the same and I was doing my 6 kilometers. Always those. I had created my circuit between climbs and descents, dirt and asphalt. Then shower, endorphins throughout the body, happiness and pride.

Then it happened the bang!

I hurt myself.


But not while I was running, not while I was working or snowboarding  out track. Not while I was throwing myself off a cliff or climbing. No. I hurt myself by falling into a hole, behind the deejay, at a party in Canada.

Understand that loser?

Well, from there knee problems, stop for a year. Desperation and desire to do nothing (So, no race I mean).


Now after a year and a half that I have not run a mile, I decided to dedicate an article to my bad luck and my super headphones.

They look at me from the shelf, which are so pretty, that it feels so good and they connect to the iPhone in a flash, which never fall from the ear. Why? I don’t know. Probably to give me courage.

To remind me to take them and go. To start over even if I lost my breath and then start somewhere.


That was the only time where I could listen at full blast the music that I like, without anyone talking to us over or interrupting me. It’s that moment when you’re just there and your heart rate monitor that tells you how far you can push yourself and where to give up. There is only you, your fatigue and breath control. There’s your head emptied. There is the feeling good.

So I’m going to run in the street or in the gym? Damn weather sucks but who makes me do it ?! The gym!? 250 euros for 3 months? But do you know that with this money I go on vacation ?!

I’m temporizing. I know. I feel relieved only because when I decide at least I will continue in that direction.



Yesterday I went for a walk with my dog Georgie to Crosis Falls, above Tarcento (Friuli) and I took with me the headphones to listen to some music.

Apart from the fact that the path I wanted to do had collapsed due to a landslide and I had to go back, the day was just beautiful and relaxing. Without great distances, immersed in a peace that only one Monday morning in the hills can give you.

I also found the first crocus flowers and the last chestnuts that were kept company. I made few photos and return.



Sometimes it’s okay like that. In solitude with music in the ears. And even Monday has passed.

Good week everyone.


P.S. I think I’ll opt for the gym. I wrote it now. So I have to go there. But I call tomorrow it’s late now.




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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