Top 4 Amazing Tree House Hotels in Italy

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The best treehouse where to sleep in Italy


If you’ve always wandered to sleep in a tree house surrounded by meters and meters of snow … it’s the time!
The United States has been the forerunners of this wonderful idea and even Italy in recent years has worked hard to make tourists and locals live a unique experience by spending a holiday staying meters high in the middle of our amazing woods.
I’m so happy to announce that one of the most beautiful and design tree house is in my area, the northeast of Italy, in the middle to Venice and Austria and this place is really magic.

1- The Pinecone of Malga Priu, Ugovizza in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) 

In a place where man and nature come together the Pinecone is a design treehouse built respecting nature and its environment. 3 amazing floors where you can see the woods around at 360°.
This is part of one of the many eco-sustainable projects to support the mountain economy even in the less touristic areas of Italy. It combines respect for the environment and design and aims to bring more people closer to the mountains and to eco-sustainable tourism. This is absolute not cheap but I assure you that the experience pay back the money spent.
At the main floor you can find the living room, the toilet and the kitchen all built with local wood from Italian artisans. At the top floor you can find in an amazing round room the bedroom with a window above you perfect to see the stars before sleeping and on the lower floor 2 hanging chairs wait you for your relax with a breathtaking panorama. Isn’t a magic place to stay?

2- Tree Village in Claut, Friuli Venezia Giulia

This is the biggest treehouse village of Italy. Here you can find more solutions and is perfect for families. Built in the middle of a National Park close to the most amazing mountains of the Dolomites, the memories of a holiday in this village will remain in the heart forever. Here the contact with nature is total. Breakfast is served under the leaves of the trees before going out to explore the park through well-marked paths or swim in the river.
The activities for kids are various and the parents have the time to relax and have fun.

 3- B&B La piantata, Arlena di Castro (Viterbo)

 The owner say: “At 8 meters from the ground, among 12 hectares of hills planted with lavender, in the thick foliage of an ancient oak tree, it has built the refuge of your dreams”.
This is the dream of any foreigner who comes on holiday in Italy, sleep in the country surrounded by rows of vines or cultivated fields and to feel this classic “italian atmosphere”. This place is a super luxury treehouse where you can have breakfast in your private balcony and smell the fragrance of the lavender all around you. This is a really love escape where you can appreciate the slow pace of time and being together.

4- Caravan Park in Alto Adige

If you love the mountains and the classic alpine style this area is what you are looking for. The Alto Adige is famous for the amazing mountains and for the beauty of their villages. During a holiday here you can opt for a sporty trip and do trekking, hiking, mtb and more or with their dozens of spas decide to take a holiday in total relaxation. If you want also to combine an unique experience the treehouse at the Caravan Park is the best you can find.  Here you have a flat all for you with an incredible view and bathroom with sensory shower, whirlpool and sauna. Not bad at all!




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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