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Autumn in Italy has arrived and fortunately is the perfect season for trekking on the sea paths.

The temperature in this months is mild and the winter wind has not yet risen.
In addition, the incredible phenomenon of foliage has begun, which in contrast to the crystalline waters of our sea will make you trail an unforgettable experience.

Although many people think that the sea in Italy is only sand and beach and, in reality this is not so. Our coasts are covered for most of reefs and rocks that become hills and  mountains  where harrowing treks with breathtaking views.



Here are the 6 most beautiful sea treks in Italy:

1. Rilke Trail – Friuli Venezia Giulia – NorthEast of Italy

This is one of the most fascinating trails in the northeast.

This 2 hours path that connect Duino to Sistiana is totally built on the  Adriatic Sea shore.

This trail is close to a very important location: Trieste, a city that rises on the border Italy – Slovenia and therefore a neuralgic spot during the Middle Ages and  the big Wars.

All this trail scents of history like the arrival. You finish the trail in a real 1400 castle still inhabited from the real descendants of the principles that founded the castle builded on the sheer cliff that faces on the blue sea. You can visit the castle and the anti-war refuge, now a museum and enjoy the panorama from the garden that overlooks the sea. Amazing!



2. Trail ring through Camogli Portofino – Liguria – NordWest of Italy

This incredible 5 hours trek pass through antiques forgotten villages built in small gulfs with no cars access.

In the past wast normal to stay in places like this, live just fishing and taking the boat to make kind of trades.

Portofino is also so famous for the incredible architecture that the city have. Is completely built near the sea and every building have a different color and shade. Stunning and incredible to see.

Liguria is a little region consisting of mountains that reach the sea and the inhabitants have been forced to build homes one above the other.  For this reason is very famous for the tourists and beautiful to go trek in the paths.


3. Positano Trail – Sentiero degli Dei – Campania – Southwest of Italy

The “Path of the Gods” connects Agerola, a small village on the hills of the Amalfi Coast, to Nocelle, a small hamlet of Positano, lying on the slopes of Mount Pertuso.

Just the name to let you guess the spectacularness of the trail.

The front of the panorama of the Amalfi Coast and Capri is like a 60s movie that gets to life. Even for an Italian an holiday here this is an ambitious goal. Anyway we are talking about trails and this one I’m quite sure that is one of the most breathtaking trails of Italy!

Always sunny and famous for the incredible quality of food, this region is perfect for a trekking+food adventure! Bring a slice of pizza with you ( like I usually DO ) and enjoy your trail up and down from the beauties of the south Italy. Ready?


4. Il percorso delle Ginestre – Abruzzo – SudEast of Italy

I’ve been in holidays here something like 5 years ago and I’m still thinking about this magic place. Not so famous  overseas but Abruzzo have thousand of kilometers of national park that touch the sea and is full of trekking trails.

The Itinerary allows you to cross the beautiful Regional Nature Reserve Punta Aderci where the earth meets the sea and the green of nature ’embraces’ the blue of crystal clear waters.

Another amazing thing you can see during a trek here are the “Trabucchi”. Trabucchi are the old fishermans house builded in total wood on the sea, like palafitte. Now are real summer houses or very cool restaurants. My advice is to stop your trail here and have a clams spaghetti and a main with fresh local fish!

Not a real outdoor break? Hey, you are in Italy!


5. Excursion to the Zingaro Natural Reserve – Sicily – Island in the south of Italy

At one hour west of Palermo there are numerous wonderful promontories leading to incredible wild coves: it is the Zingaro Reserve. The first natural reserve of Sicily since 1986 is one of the most beautiful places to discover on foot. Starting from Scopello for a 5-hour trip, which lasts 15 kilometers.

Here you will find 700 species of plants and 40 species of animals and a small museums about the traditional life of the island.

The sunrise is the best part of the day, looking the sun coming up from the horizon is something magic.


Italy is a small country but has great views and thousand of adventures for everyone.
For the fact that is almost totally surrounded by the sea, the outdoor lovers can enjoy all kinds of trekking from hard climbing to simple family walks.

I love my country and I am happy to be able to share some of the good things you can do here. If you have any questions or curiosity to let me know, I will reply asap.




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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