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Do you want to bring your dog to the mountains?

Have a great time but here are some tips and some things should never miss in your hiking backpack.





TRACTIVE – The dogs GPS 

One of the first things that I would recommend to you if you are about to take a mountain walk is the GPS for dogs to be attached to the collar. In the mountains there are many dangers therefore have the possibility of knowing always where your pets is will make you live the day more peacefully

Every dog has its own nature and that of many is to follow the other animals such as rabbits or marmots. With this GPS and thanks to the APP that you download on your phone you can locate the dog and go in his direction. I dare to say FANTASTIC!

I have the opposite problem, we have a very scary dog that in case of ponies, horses, cows or ibex … run away! There was once in Trentino where he escaped from a pony fence and we spent 5 minutes looking for him … I do not tell you the anxiety.

This GPS also has also the “virtual” fence option. What does it mean? What it decides its motion area like the garden of the house, if it comes out the GPS immediately sends a message to our phone to inform us. We do not even need to say that we are thinking of taking it for our next holiday in Trentino.

I leave the link below for the tractive GPS. I think it’s one of the cheapest, different types of use and is lightweight, waterproof and with a very simple interface.


For our dogs are required at least 2 bowls for long treks, one for water and one for food. We always use those folding why take up very little space and with the hook we can hang the bag after being used. In this way the inside of the backpack remains dry and if we want to give more water to our dog it is easier to unhook and use.

There are also bottles with dispensers. I recommend them for short walks of an hour but not for challenging mountain walks as they are made of plastic and then heat up easily.


If you regularly go to the mountains probably you do not have a chiuaua. In possession of dogs of 40 lbs up it is possible to make them wear harnesses with side pockets in order to take charge of their water during long treks. I do not know about you but our Giorgino drinks at least 1 liter of water alone without counting the stops at the refuges, rivers and streams along the way to drink. With these backpacks even our four legs in full freedom of movement can help us bring small things. I selected one that I think is very good, waterproof, padded and very pretty. It also has a comfortable upper handle to block our dog in dangerous or alarm situations. Here is the link.


If you have small and medium-sized dogs the choices between carriers and backpacks are huge. If, like us, you have a four-legged from 45lbs up, well, you might have some problem finding a backpack on the market that is right for you. In addition, those that are most commonly occupy a lot of space and you know, in the mountains you have to have compressible material and reduced sizes.

When we plan our trekking we always build them thinking about Giorgino and not put him in danger, but sometimes it happens to have to change the route or having to get off the quickest route due to bad weather and in this case, if the path is impervious and you have to overcome a piece of via ferrata or some steps usually a big problem arises. If you do not have a backpack to hold your pet, the only solution is to harness it temporarily to take the dog out of danger and continue the trail. Obviously these harnesses are not so easy to find in fact or you go on American outdoor sites or you choose a rescue harness that still does its duty. Of course my advice is to choose paths that are also suitable for your dog and to think about shortcuts and alternative routes in case of problems. You still leave the  link HERE 



This is one of the best inventions they have made in the canine world. And those who are used to trekking but also running know it. Running or walking without hands free is uncomfortable. So here is something you really can not miss: the “Leash that binds to waist”. Did not you know him? Bad! But now that you’ve heard of it, trust it, you can not live without it.

With the reflective band you can be visible during jogging  and with the extendable leash with shock absorption you will not be subject to continuous pull. Also equipped with a pocket for crunches and a bag for keys and other documents you will be comfortable to not be able to do without. Did I convince you? I love it. I also leave you the link. 


Every dog loves snow and water. Running, getting wet and rolling freely is the beauty of going to the mountains so do not stop our beasts but rather let’s bring back the right equipment. A collapsible microfibre cloth that takes up little space is, for example, on sale at the decathlon at a really ridiculously low price. It occupies more or less the space of a pair of winter socks but when you stop to eat you can dry your dog or let it spread over in case of rocks or cold ground. I leave you the  link HERE. 


Ticks are a problem for both us and the dogs. In the summer it is normal to come back from a walk and find them on our four legs. I always carry the pliers to remove them on the spot. I recommend you always have them in your backpack.


The dog passport is very useful. First of all, without you can not leave the country and also because it contains all the vaccinations of your dog. In case your dog get hurt and have to go to a vet, at least you would have all the useful information on the spot. Let’s not forget that the mountain paths often cross over into foreign countries, and without the dog passport the police could decide to kidnap the dog and keep it in quarantine for several days. We live in Friuli and often we trek in Austria or Slovenia so we decided to do it and we always carry it around. For info ask your local health authority.




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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