Trekking in the Planica valley to the Tamar Alpine Hut

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Easy hike 10 minutes from the Italian border (after Tarvisio). Family-friendly trekking along a path that leaves Planica ski jumping and arrives at Tamar alpine hut in less than an hour. A walk in the woods of the “Triglavski narodni park”.


You wake up in the morning and hope it’s a good day. And ‘all week that checks the weather and you know that today the weather could be iffy. It’s better to have a coffee before opening the window and decide what to do.

It could have been worse. Gray everywhere but a sunshine comes from Tarvisio. Let’s go.


An hour later we are on the road. 4 humans and 2 hairy friends who adore the snow. Passport of the dog always with me and then easily overcome Tarvisio, Fusine in Valromana, the border and we reach Planica  ( Kranjska Gora).

To park you have to pay € 2.50 but beyond the walk you can also use the indoor facility of cross-country skiing where to train (even in summer), visit the museum or have a coffee overlooking the ski jumps.


Leaving the ski jumps on the right, where every year there is a world ski jumping stage, we find the beginning of the trail well marked by a sign and a small description of this beautiful valley of glacial origin. Destination Tamar.

A weak mist covers the entire crest of Ponc and with difficulty we can, along our walk, see the summit of Travnik and Jalovec. The easy path winds through pine and spruce woods, now completely sunk in the snow.

Along the way we meet many families. Children, with sleds on their hands, are already ready for this cold winter. Much more than us.



After less than 45 minutes we reach the refuge Tamar, unfortunately dogs are not allowed so we cover well and eat outside, but at least under a roof.

A nice meal there we just deserved so we start with kraut and beans soup (really delicious) and barley soup, fried potatoes of the house, local sausages and sauerkraut and finally, of course, the chocolate palacinka. I love her.

No time to finish my Lasko that the weather gets worse in a jiffy. Everything flies in the air. The rain or snow, who knows it, falls from the sky and the trees. I expect a very fast return.


As we walk past the trail I think how a day with such an horrible weather like this can be beautiful anyway. Just a simple day in the midst of nature makes everyone feel good. As I was lucky to take pictures on the go but I would have drunk another beer if we were just in the heat. Anyway..

The Planica valley has dozens of walks, all well-marked. In addition to trekking and mountain biking all year round, in winter it is famous for its cross-country ski runs 40 km long. If there isn’t snow you can train indoors or try the zip line a thrilling ride down a rope that descends from the highest ski jump in Planica at 85 km / h. Crazy!

To write this post I read many articles on the official website of Slovenian tourism and I admit that it really wants to visit this country more and is so close from my home. If you want to take a look


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This post is also available in: Italiano

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