The best apps for trekking and outdoor adventures

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There are dozens of apps to trace our paths or to find out which peaks surround us.

Here are the most useful and used apps during trekking and outdoor activities:




Maps 3D PRO – GPS per mtb, trekking, ski, outdoor : 3D Maps app is perfect for those who want to plan ahead on your smartphone the path that will do. Thanks to the use of gps can also be used in high mountains and to understand immediately if you have left the trail. It works offline, so it does not consume a lot and tells you point by point how many kilometers are missing, the total length of the route and the speed at which you are going.


Peak Finder: Have you always wondered what mountains surround you when you get to the top? Even the farthest ones? with this app thanks to the gps and the fact that you understand how high you are with a very simple interface, it will show you the names of all the worlds you can see. Paying is worth every penny. It’s also possible to use it in “photo” mode where the mountain design can overlay it with what you’re framing with your camera. Very useful!

Tabacco mapp: If for decades you used a paper map Tobacco is difficult then to betray her, this is the homonym house app where you can download (for a fee) all maps you usually have in your backpack. It is one of the most popular apps, although many complain that it is a bit expensive and has no other functions besides seeing the map. But his name is always a guarantee and is therefore among the most downloaded.


motionX gps: Less than 3 euros for this app that is considered one of the best quality / price for the “tracker” category. You can download maps and open them offline, map your track and tell you times, distance and altitudes, save and download tracks in kmq and gpx (the most used formats), you can lock your phone by displaying only the map you are using and much more. Great compromise!


iForest: curious to discover trees and plants in the woods? With this app you can compare your photos with them and determine what plant it is. Great application but still many species are missing. Waiting to become the best of this kind of app.



Blawalk: Beautiful app that was born recently, but already with an active community and thousands of followers, now only available for android. With this app you can organize exits and meet new people during the walks. Great app for hikers who want to share walking and workouts.


Alpine Quest: available for Android only for now this completely free Lite app lets you download maps and use them offline in the mountains. It shows you heights and distances while walking and is also possible afterwards, save the kml map file and view it on google earth via the gps application. Average battery consumption.


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with this application you can find yourself in Carnia’s tobacco map and discover the points of interest around you, the trails, record itineraries, import routes and discover Carnia visiting countries, alpine huts and reading local traditions. All available for free.


Viewranger: a totally free app where you can download maps to your phone and use them offline. Truly well done especially if you do not want to carry various types of maps because you are facing a long trail. Well-marked CAI trails.


Fasi della luna – the moon calendar: This simple and well-made app helps night outdoor lovers to know when there are various lunar phases. In this way you can organize night trekking with the full moon. Free app.


PlantNet e Leafsnap: Both free and very similar, these apps can recognize and catalog many species of plants, leaves, fruits and trees that come along our hikes. To improve but very useful.


Dolomiti Friulane Sport: Looking for cycleways, routes and points of interest in the areas surrounding the park of Friulian Dolomit? Here are a lot of advice from Claut to Piancavallo, from Tramonti to Spilimbergo passing through Val d’Arzino to Val Cellina. App very useful if you live close to this area.


Asana Rebel – Yoga e Fitness: night in tents or bivouac at high altitude? Maybe some yoga exercise could help the tired body after a challenging ascent or to relax and prepare for one night under the stars. This free app with simple videos teaches the basic movements and exercises of yoga. Well done and perfect for beginners.


And you? Are you a paper map user or better a trekking app?

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This post is also available in: Italiano

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  • I’m a big fan of ViewRanger, and have not yet got into pay apps much (I like to pay for physical things like maps, I’m old), but I think I might investigate the Maps 3D Pro, sounds interesting.

    • Old maps never without but is cool to “map” on your phone the itinerary you did and know how many kilometers the track is and how many time you spent to do an hike. My favorite app now is peak finder.. is amazing to know the mountains around you!

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