5 Fall foliage treks in Friuli Venezia Giulia

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  5 easy treks in Friuli Venezia Giulia for the Autumn season

Autumn is an intense emotion.

The first cold, the chestnuts on the fire, hot tea after dinner.

An aura of nostalgia, thinking over the summer, comes over me.

But there are still the latest village festivals. So we hope for good weather and we come out, we want to stay outdoor trying to prolong the summer. A little more. And then go to the last grill night, to the last trips to the sunny beaches. But what is missing?

Well certainly the leaves. Their colors that surround us during a mountain walk.

The yellow and red in all their shades make us feel lucky to live in this paradise.

And then discover the maple, the ash and our huge beech forests, the black pine and the chestnut trees that this season fill our paths. And then the Mugo with its roots, who knows how many climbers helped during an hike or the spruce, amazing.

With these beautiful autumn days, it’s a pleasure to indulge in the woods or along a path for a few hours, so here are my 5 favorite walks to discover the autumn colors in Friuli.


1 –  Fusine Lake and  Zacchi hut

The Fusine lakes are connected by a beautiful trail that continues to the Zacchi hut in just over an hour. This walk is beautiful in any season, but when the thick forests of spruce are tinged autumn colors are lovely. The red leaves contrast to the crystalline waters of the two Alpine ponds behind the imposing Mangart mountain make Fusine a magical place.


2- Val Resia: trekking from  Sella Canizza to monte Guarda ( cai 731) 

The Val Resia is a mix of colors and emotions, and if you go for a walk in the right season, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful shows that nature reserves for us: assisting the deer courting ritual. It is really exciting to listen, immersed in the silence of the woods, the deer brambles. Vocal races to conquer the females of the pack in a combination of very colorful autumn colors and smells.

The walk towards Mount Guarda is very simple but after a simple climb you will have a wonderful view of the valley, as it proceeds on crests discovered. The top view of the Resia forests is delightful, and after finishing the tour, you will have the best homemade red fruit jam Omelette you want to have ever eaten. Trekking unbeatable!


3- Bordaglia Lake

The walk to the lake of Bordaglia is wonderful but it is even more the show that stands out before reaching the casera. From this point you can appreciate the beauty of the Lake of Bordaglia surrounded by coniferous woods and larches that this season take every kind of shade, from yellow to red that contrasts with the green blue water of the alpine pond. Take your breath away.


You might also like to know more about the Bordaglia Lake ” Trekking of Bordaglia lake” 


Where to trek in Friuli in Autumn to see the foliage


4- From Pian Merluzzo to Casera Bregolina Piccola ( chi 370)

This trail is in the park of the Friuli Dolomites and starts from “Pian Merluzzo”, near the Pordenone refuge in the beautiful Val Cimolaia. This trekking is gorgeous in the fall because it crosses different types of landscape where it is also possible to spot several animals. You will overcome the colorful woods of fir, larch and beech alternated with pastures and highlands until you reach Casera Bregolina Piccola where it is possible to stay overnight.


5- Trekking through Bosco Cansiglio 

In the middle of Veneto and Friuli lies this ancient forest belonging to the Doge of Venice. In the Cansiglio woods there are beautiful hiking trails for families and children as well, while if you are looking for more demanding trekking there is Mount Cavallo ready to settle for you. With its 7,000 hectares of forest you will discover the difference between beech, white and red fir trees and discover an area not too much visited by Friulians.

Obviously, there are many other hikes to recommend, Friuli offers dozens of beautiful treks in the middle of fairy woods and forests, but you could not list them all. But if you know some less well-known walk write me a comment or a message on Facebook I would be happy to go get it. In the end, the advice of those who have been trekking is always the best!


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Have you ever done any of these walks? Would you advise others?

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This post is also available in: Italiano

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