Trekking in Carnia: discover Pesariis the village of clocks and the mountain houses in Orias

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A day to discover the Valley of the Time, also known as Val Pesarina.

Famous since the ‘700 for the construction of clocks today is a beautiful village to discover with great taverns, a museum on watchmaking and a path that goes on throughout the village between clocks and sundial.

Welcome in Carnia.

The path to arrive at the mountain houses of Orias.

An easy walk in the middle of hills and woods with a spectacular view.

The typical village of  Truia.


Do you like the mountains?

Discover the Path of the forgotten village above Moggio Udinese. 

An amazing trekking along 3 abandoned villages where nature has taken over.

Here you are in Orias.


 ”Trekking in Carnia: discover Pesariis the village of clocks and the mountain houses in Orias ”

Trekking in Friuli.

Here we come to Pesariis, the village of watches. You think they built them from the 1700’s. Nobody knows exactly who taught watch art, but the fact remains that Pesariis watches have become famous all over Europe.

I still am surprised how many beautiful places there are where to walk in Friuli. Pesariis is one of these.

Sunday in the late afternoon, after I got back from work and Simo from the mountain bike ride, we decide to do some of our lives and have a walk with Giorgino (the dog).

After we see the show about  “the valley of the time” on Senteri e Natura, we decided to do this easy trekking above Pieria..

The path to Orias.

The starting point of the trail is well marked along the main street of Pieria, after the museum of the cinema machines where there is enough to phone and somebody come to open it. Only in Carnia. Superb.

You start the climb between stalls and typical houses overflowing with flowers, you go over a torrent and enjoy the first view of the valley. Climbs for a ridge on a small road that winds through meadows and woods until you reach the ancient houses of Truia, a very nice village all restored.

You get to the mountain houses all arranged in two circles to form an 8 where all the life of the township took place. The homes have been remodeled by many owners by creating a luxury lodge all envying but keeping the exterior just as in the past.

The clock village. Pesariis.

After getting off the trail, take the car and head for Pesariis to see the most famous Carnia village.

In addition to visiting the museum there is a beautiful downloadable map online too (qui) all to follow, to discover the clocks and sundial scattered along the streets of the country.

Giorgino also had a lot of fun and enjoyed the Luincis herbal teaspoons at Osteria INN PIK and the very good Radler and chili cheese. Super!


So, if you want to make a different day with some nice hiking this area lends itself to any kind of trekking. Make it as simple as what we did on an afternoon, or make some rings of hours in the mountains of the area. The country is really a wonder. Really recommended!




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This post is also available in: Italiano

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