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Above Moggio Udinese following path CAI 418/420, begins the trek called “Troj by Borgs”, a beautiful medium difficulty 4 hours trail that allows you to visit remote villages of the end ‘800th century, ancient inhabited by famous stonemasons of the area and shepherds.


So one morning of April, me and my boyfriend Simo, decided to leave home (not to early, because I looove to sleep, just to be clear) to visit this gorgeous track in the middle of nowhere (my land is exactly in the middle 😀 LOL ) .

So in spring I’m always absolutely out of shape and the mission was to do an easy walk to train legs.

We park in Moggio  in the monastery area, not even a minute, and we get lost, good start honey …

After a short wander down the village we see a lady with technical clothing so we understand immediately that she and her funny pail were our salvation and shrewdly we decide to follow her. We follow her following the right path and then from the fountain of Moggio High we find cartels for the town COSTA from where an easy mule track start.


I admit to follow this path that meanders gently in the midst of white spruce forests, beech and black pine is delightful. In an hour and a half without great difficulty ‘(and if ‘m telling you ..) passing waterfalls, streams and spectacular views of the  Glagno’ valley you reach the first  forgotten village: Moggessa di qua’.

Accessible only by foot and therefore completely in ruins except for its two houses in the center of the “village”, Moggessa di quà is a small show of narrow streets and dilapidated houses where now nature has taken over.


Mr. Raimondo, a talkative man who passes here his summers and only inhabitant that I met told me that this village until the early 900 was inhabited by shepherds and stonemasons families who used to travel for work for whole periods before returning here in Moggessa.  For that  you can see the beautiful workmanship of the houses built with stones cut to perfection.



After Rio Mulin where in summer you can stop to put your feet in the water or make a stop on his beautiful little beach, you reach Moggessa di La’.

The arrival it’s so cool, go in the midst of these abandoned ruins it makes you feel a bit Lara Croft, a little ‘Indiana Jones in “The Temple of Doom”.

Many houses have collapsed after the earthquake, in some it is only collapsed the roof and nature has taken over but at the end after hundreds of years it is amazing that they are still there, to tell their story.



Get ready to “spit bullets”

After passing Moggessa di La’ be prepared to “spit bullets,” as they say in Friuli.

A beautiful – haha – uphill, the kind that “now I turn around and I’m leaving”, leads (most dead than alive) to “Morolz” village at an altitude of 855 meters.

I admit that the village is so cute and well maintained to deserve all the effort. Here SUVs are able to arrive and in fact the houses are renovated very well each with its stone walls, kitchen garden,  garden view and the people were super friendly they seemed very happy in being able to make a chat and keep alive that maze of houses .

I do not know about you but to me the mountain air always makes me hungry ..

With a lung in less but a speck of pride more we reach the church and village of Borgo Morolz di Mezzobut you’re not hungry? – there was not even a second of uncertainty: it was the place to baptize the Simo sandwiches.


After we had eaten two of considerable size sandwiches, hot tea and chocolate, wearing a terrible sleep we resume the walk Zzz…


Go down and go up until you reach the Forca di Monticello 922 meters and down still following the trail number 420 towards Travasans and finally the much coveted arrival in Moggio, and subsequent arrival at the bar to celebrate with a beer. YUHUU!


In short, the ride is very nice, exploring the various villages, can watch and spy inside the houses is great fun. I wanted to write a post about this tour because this is the walk in “low altitude” that I preferred and I am convinced that many people of my region did not know of his knowledge.

If you decide to do it too, let me know if you liked it: D

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If you want to take a look of the map  “Troj by Borgs” that present on the site is clear and useful for both, cyclists and walkers. CLICK HERE 


Technical data sheet:

Path num. 418/420

Time: 4 to 5 hours

Suitable for: adults or trained personnel. The route is not difficult but there is a nice climb not suitable for everyone. If you decide to reach Moggessa di qua’ and backtrack it is also suitable for families with children.

Best season: spring, summer, autumn.

Tips: Bring to eat because there is no place to buy it. They are some sources along the way. If you go in summer you can ‘cooling off the riverside.

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This post is also available in: Italiano

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